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YouTube Planning Guide: Create Consistent Content for Quick Growth

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The road to success in YouTube is full of obstacles and hindrances. With rising competition from both corporate and individual creators, making a name for yourself in the world of YouTube has become increasingly difficult. However, the basic precepts of success in YouTube are still relevant. In our 2022 planner for YouTube growth, we will be going back to the basics. As any content creator would know, consistency is the key to long-term success. Viral content will only give you short-term and speculative attention. It is only through consistent quality content that you can make a mark for yourself in the world of YouTube.

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How to be consistent in YouTube

Being consistent is easier said than done. There are many factors that need to work in conjunction for you to be a consistent YouTube content creator. Putting in hours every single day is not the only thing you need to do. While that may help you with creating content in volume, it will not help with quality content. Consistency beings with planning, and you need to plan consistently as well.

How to plan YouTube videos

There are many steps to planning YouTube videos. Let us go through them one by one:

Brainstorming: The first thing you need for a YouTube video is an idea. You need to know broadly what you are going to create content upon. Even if you do not have a precise idea at this stage, you must still have a rough outline. When brainstorming for new ideas, make sure you have a mobile app to store all your ideas. Inspiration can come from anywhere at any time. It is important to note them down as and when they come. When you are sitting down to finalize, you can eliminate the bad ideas. The first step towards getting ready for YouTube is to brainstorm ideas.

Screenwriting and storyboards: In the second step, you need to clearly chart out what your video is going to look like. Start writing about everything from the opening scenes to the transitions to the ending. Once you have a neat and coherent video structure in front of you, then you can move forward with the next steps.

Get feedback: Before committing to a video, make sure you get feedback about it. One of the best ways to do so is to directly ask your viewers. You can host a poll where you pitch a few ideas for your next video and let the audience decide what they want. In most cases, your YouTube subscribers would be more than happy to suggest ideas. Going through these alone can do wonders for your YouTube growth.

Plan future content: Every YouTube channel has a theme. For most thematic channels, what video you upload on a daily basis has a huge impact. Before you start working on a video, analyze how ell it fits with the rest of your content. Stay away from making videos that are not related to your theme. However, there is no fixed rule here. One or two surprise videos can play a big role in winning new subscribers and getting more YouTube likes.

Learn from YouTube comments: Going through your YouTube comments might not be great for your ego since there would be a lot of negativity and hate. If you feel confident that negative comments won’t deter you, there is a lot you can learn from YouTube comments alone. You can see what people are talking about, why they like and dislike, and how they perceive you. The comment section alone can be a goldmine for new content ideas.

Learn from fellow YouTubers: In the YouTube world, competitors are not enemies. On the contrary, people benefit from each other’s success. No matter what your niche is, there are definitely other people out there making videos about the same. Instead of seeing them as rivals, learn what they do and how they do it. If you can take it a notch higher, consider getting help from another YouTuber who is willing to assist. If you can plan and collaborate with a prominent YouTuber in your niche, your channel’s growth will skyrocket in no time.

Market your videos: Creating content and marketing are two different ball games altogether. Making quality videos consistently is very important. Similarly, promoting and marketing your content will take it to a wider audience base. If you are ignoring this aspect of YouTube, steady and organic growth will not be possible.

Tips And Tricks For Consistent Youtube Growth

Tips and tricks for consistent YouTube growth

The internet is full of tips for quick YouTube growth. Let us tell you that those don’t work. There is no shortcut to anything in life, including YouTube. Instead of looking at them like easy tricks and tips to earn money and get free YouTube views, look at them from a strategy perspective.

Have a content calendar: A content calendar is a perfect companion to independent content creators who have to take multiple aspects of a video into consideration before posting it. To put it simply, a content calendar helps you with a systematic plan for when to post and what to post. You must customize your content calendar according to changing demands and circumstances. For example, many people got interested in home farming in the pandemic. If you are making videos in and around gardens, plants, and trees, videos, you would have benefited by switching to a more home-based garden approach to make the most of the excess viewers.

Mix and match YouTube content: The number of things you can do on YouTube keeps increasing. With the introduction of short videos on YouTube, you can now make small and catchy content. Alternatively, you can pair a website or blog with the videos to redirect audiences there. The aim is to diversify your content without going overboard. If you are staying true to the overall theme of your channel, bringing in a few innovations here and there would not make any difference.

Collaborate with people in your niche: When we talk about collaborations on YouTube, we usually restrict ourselves to other YouTubers. However, you can collaborate with experts from a wide range of fields to come up with great content ideas. Having a recognized personality over will only make your channel more informative. The audience will also want to know more about the experts and about what they have to say. With the advent of Zoom, collaborations on YouTube have become even more popular. There are many YouTubers out there who only go on live stream via Zoom with other YouTubers. Nonetheless, they work hard on creating fresh content every day, and that helps them get more subscribers and views.

The future of growth in YouTube

As competition in the YouTube space increases, many growth tactics are no longer relevant. Hashtags and YouTube SEO plays a very important role now. In the past, you could get away without putting effort into video titles, descriptions, hashtags, and so on. Now it is very important to take these factors into consideration to see quick growth in YouTube.

Collaborations are also the future of YouTube growth. It does not only mean collaborating with other creators. You can now collaborate with fans and viewers through video and live chats. It is a great way to boost audience engagement. There are many ways to collaborate, be it through campaigns or video series. Ensure that all collaborations are meaningful and they do not get redundant over time.

Common YouTube consistency mistakes

As we spoke earlier, consistency is the key to success in YouTube. However, being consistent can be very difficult if you do not know the right way.

Choose a frequency that is sustainable. If you cannot post five quality videos every week, there is no point in doing it for a few weeks and then burning out. If you are comfortable with only two videos every week but feel sure about their quality, they will show better results than five videos per week.

Take the help of tools that let you understand your subscriber demographics. If you know more about your subscribers and viewers, you can tailor content according to their preferences.

Many people fail to get subscribers and viewers despite posting consistency because their videos are very one-dimensional. Focus on making your videos interactive to get free Youtube subscribers and likes. The more stake viewers have in your content, the more they will engage with it. Organizing giveaways and contests is a great way to add interactive elements to your YouTube videos.

In the end, being consistent is the most important aspect. When you are consistent with your content, you will learn the tricks of getting quick growth along the way.


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