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Your Guide To Starting A Youtube Live Video From Your Desktop

Your Guide To Starting A Youtube Live Video From Your Desktop

YouTube is the largest video hosting platform on the planet. With 2.3 billion users on YouTube, it is single-handedly the biggest user base to get an audience for yourself or your brand.

With most companies leveraging this user base to get traction drive conversion it makes sense to know some of the many features of YouTube. Growing in popularity exponentially YouTube is the perfect platform for anyone looking for brand awareness. 

In the article below, we tell you how you can go live on YouTube and interact with people in real time on video. Live Streaming has become really popular in recent times due to its informal and casual nature. It lets people know more about you or your brand and increase your reach.

Here is how you can live stream on YouTube

Enable the channel

You will need to be verified before you can go live on YouTube. Just go to and add your phone number. You will receive a verification code that you will need to enter on the screen.

After you have been verified go to the YouTube live dashboard and select the create button on the top right corner.

Select go live. One thing to be aware of is that it can take up to 24 hours to activate the YouTube account.

If you want to go live through your mobile then you just need to go to the YouTube app and click on the camcorder icon. It is located in the top right corner. After clicking that just tap to GO Live.

You will need to have at least 1,000 subscribers go live from your mobile phone.

How to record the live stream

The next step is to decide how you are going to record the live stream. Webcam, mobile cam, and encoder streaming are three of the most popular ways to record a live stream. An encoder is recording software that lets you use better audio and video gear. You can have a multi-cam setup and also have a dedicated mic for your audio. 

Starting to record

Before you start streaming it is important to get a few things in place first. Prepare the tile and a short description, also set select the thumbnail well in advance.

These things are important as it will give people a brief description of what the stream is going to be about. Think of it as the modern day posters for your business 

Here is how you do YouTube live stream on a desktop

  • Go to your dashboard on YouTube
  • Click o the camcorder icon that is on the top right corner
  • Then click on Go Live and select your webcam
  • Add the title and decide on the privacy settings for the stream
  • After all, this is done go to the more options and add the description for your stream
  • Decide whether you want live chat to be enabled or disabled. It is a great way to engage with users in real time.
  • Press on the show less icon and then select the Next button. 
  • When you are ready then Go Live
  • To stop the stream just click on the End stream button located at the bottom.

Live stream via mobile

  • Go to the YouTube app
  • Click on the camcorder icon situated at the top
  • Select Go live 
  • Add the title and decide on the privacy settings
  • Then select the More options so that you can add a short description
  • Now click on Show More to enable or disable the live chat, age restriction, monetization, and disclosures.
  • Press on Show Less and Next. now take a pic for the thumbnail
  • Select Go Live
  • Click on Finish and then press Ok

Here Is How You Do Youtube Live Stream On A Desktop

Using an encoder

A dedicated software has a steep learning curve in the beginning but when you get comfortable using it you will see its advantage. You can use multiple camera angles and a great mic to capture the audio. This gives you more control over the final product. Most of the big brands and YouTube personalities do this.

  • Download the encoder software
  • Select the camcorder icon at the top right corner
  • Click on Go Live and then select stream. You can copy and paste your previous stream’s settings easily. If you want a fresh start select the new stream option
  • Add the description, title and schedule your stream
  • Paste stream key into the encoder
  • Go to the dashboard and select Go Live
  • To end the stream just click the End Stream button
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Here are a few things to keep in mind before going live

Live streaming is a great way to build credibility among people and let them know more about you. You should decide beforehand what the goal of your live stream is. 

After you are done deciding the main purpose of the stream you can begin to plan. Whether it be to promote a product, address people’s concerns, or just to say something on a topic you will need to prepare beforehand. 

If a team is involved you will need to decide who plays which role. Not deciding these things and going in blind can cause a number of problems later on. You should have a clear vision and try your best to follow it on the live stream.

Timing is everything

There might never be the perfect time to go live but analytics don’t lie. You can go live anytime but you want the most user engagement that you can get. So it is best that you look at your video’s analytics and look for the time for the highest engagement.

This is the time that maximum people react to your videos. This way you will be able to engage with the maximum crowd on your livestreaming. You may also want to stream according to the demographics of the country. Because there is a chance that most of your viewers might just be from the same area. This way you will be able to schedule a stream best suited for your largest demographic.

You can ask the people what time is best for streaming on all your other social media handles. This way you will get a fair idea of what time the people are willing to watch your streams. 

Optimize your setup

Since you are going live there is no scope for error. There are no retakes and you cannot edit anything later on. Check the frame of your shot and adjust the lighting. You do not want any shadows on your face and check the audio too. Record in a place that does not have a lot of noise and the lighting is sufficient. 

Charge the batteries of your camera and try and not to have any distractions when streaming. Turn off the notifications and put your phone on silent. Any disturbance mid-stream can cause problems with the systems. A call ringtone will be picked up the mic so it is best that you silence your phone beforehand. 

Promote the stream

Going live is not easy and you may not get the turnout you want. But that does not mean that you should not advertise it. Put the link on all your social media handles and ask people to join in. YouTube videos and live videos work best when you promote them on all your social media.

This way the user gets to know about the stream and maximum people can join in when you stream.

Audience interaction

YouTube live can go for a long time so you should recap what you are talking about from time to time. This also means that you build certain anticipation towards what you want to do.

Shout out names and let the viewers know that they are appreciated. People have taken out valuable time to watch your stream. Live chat is another great way to get first hand feedback on things and address anything to the audience directly.

If you have more than 10,000 subscribers then you can enable automatic captions which makes it easier for people to follow what you are saying. It is especially useful for hearing impaired people or foreign viewers who might be versed in your language.

While streaming use simple and clear language that is easy to follow. Also, make sure to explain things in adequate length so there is no confusion later on. 

Check Analytics

When it comes to improving content, analyzing the statistics is a great way to see what is working for you and what is not. You can see where your largest demographic is and what time suits you the most. All these things can have a great impact on a stream.

Try to leverage all this for more YouTube likes and get the word out for your brand or yourself. In Today’s day and age, YouTube is a great platform for both small and big businesses alike. The internet is a great leveler and with YouTube Live you can close the gap between you and bigger channels easily.

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Your Guide To Starting A Youtube Live Video From Your Desktop

Your Guide To Starting A Youtube Live Video From Your Desktop

YouTube is the largest video hosting platform on the planet. With 2.3 billion users on YouTube, it is single-handedly the biggest user base to get an audience for yourself or your brand. With most companies…

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