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Your Guide to Being a Socially Conscious Brand with YouTube Giving

Your Guide To Being A Socially Conscious Brand With Youtube Giving

Being a socially conscious brand is now more important than ever. Both on an individual and on an organization level, being socially conscious is no longer a luxury. Every human and organization should prioritize their duties as a responsible member of society. YouTube has come up as one of the major platforms from where brands can spread social awareness and establish their socially conscious brand image. With the introduction of YouTube Giving, doing so is easier than ever.

What is YouTube Giving?

To put it simply, YouTube giving is a set of tools and features that allow creators and viewers to donate to non-profits around the world. These donations go straight to qualified and legitimate NGOs who work in many areas of human and social development. YouTube Giving is a simple way to use YouTube for social change.

YouTube has always been a platform where people could come together, engage, and interact. In the wake of Covid-19, many parts of the world went through a humanitarian crisis. It was a heartwarming event to see people coming together on YouTube and trying to extend help in whatever way possible. More than ever, people felt the need for each other and what it means to live together as a global society. From creating fundraisers to running campaigns, YouTubers around the world made it a point to be more socially conscious.

These events also have a very pragmatic and business side. It is not an option to be socially conscious anymore. Lack of empathy will simply push away people from using your products or services. Every brand needs to have a cause bigger than business to be more appealing in the market. With growing competition in every sector, it often becomes the determining factor.

How does YouTube Giving work?

The great thing about YouTube Giving is that it is very easy to use, and can be set up by anyone. YouTube content creators and viewers don’t even have to worry about where their money is going. All transactions are done by Google with their top-notch security. The donation amount only goes to those non-profits which are registered, legal, and have a history of good work.

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How can creators make use of YouTube Giving?

If you are marketing content for your brand through YouTube, it is very easy to add the Donate button to a video or live stream. When someone makes a donation through your donate button, it goes straight to YouTube’s funds. From there, it is allocated to non-profits as and when needs arise.

It is a great way for your brands to have a socially conscious image. On a personal and ethical level, we know it is the right thing to do. Your viewers will also feel the same when they donate through your videos. The process is seamless and does not involve any risk of fraud or misappropriation of funds. Many brands have already made it a practice to donate to social causes every now and then. Now that it is becoming a norm, more people will get benefits and more brands will earn credibility. Let’s find out more about the different things you can do in YouTube Giving.

How Can Creators Make Use Of Youtube Giving?


With YouTube Giving, you can raise funds and collect money for a noble cause. Fundraisers are one of the most effective methods of raising money for any given cause. YouTube Giving makes raising funds easier than ever. All a creator has to do is put the Donate button on their video. Once the donate button is embedded, any viewer can click on it and donate whatever they can. You can spread the word about your donation with the YouTube sharing feature. You may even get free YouTube subscribers as more people get to know about your fundraiser. The YouTube money is then handed over to different non-profits by YouTube for working on social development. Fundraising without a good infrastructure and platform can be very difficult. YouTube has solved this problem by making an intuitive interface where anyone can donate without any hassle or delay.

In the following steps, we will see how to add the Donate button to a YouTube video.

First up, there are a few criteria your channel has to meet to add the donate button.

  • Your channel has to be based in the USA, UK, or Canada
  • You have a minimum of 10,000 subscribers
  • Your channel is not designated as a kids channel
  • Your channel has to be part of the YouTube partner program

Once you make sure that all these criteria are met, you can proceed to add the Donate button.

  • Sign in to your Google account, and open YouTube
  • Once YouTube is open, go to YouTube Studio
  • You will see a menu on the left side of the screen. From this menu, choose ‘Monetization’
  • From the submenu that opens, choose ‘Giving’
  • You will see a number of registered non-profits on their list. Choose the non-profit you want to donate your proceedings
  • If you cannot find the non-profit you are looking for, choose ‘Request a nonprofit’
  • Following selection, you will have to add details about your fundraiser. These details will include a name, description, collaborators, and any other relevant information.
  • Following basic details, you will be asked to set a fundraiser goal and duration. Completing this step is very important as it gives you and the donors a plan of action. The goal and duration can be changed later.
  • Select video or schedule live streams where the Donate button will appear.
  • Once everything is selected, click on ‘Publish’

With these simple steps, you can add the Donate button to your YouTube videos. You do not need to worry about the logistics of properly allocating this money. All of that is taken care of by YouTube payment mechanism. YouTube also does not charge anything in terms of processing fees. That means the entire amongst you raise goes straight to your chosen non-profit organization.

Community fundraisers

What you can do alone will not match what you can do with other YouTube creators and their YouTube followers. That’s why YouTube Giving’s community fundraiser is a great option for having more social impact.

The community fundraiser also makes it easier for you to network with other YouTubers, organizations, and brands. We do not need to reiterate the importance of networking for any brand. Networking opens up new opportunities in ways we could not think of. With community fundraisers, you get the perks of networking with the joy of donating.

Let us find out how to be a part of a community fundraiser or start one.

  • Login or sign in to YouTube
  • Go to YouTube Studio
  • Open the left menu, select ‘Monetization’
  • From the submenu, select ‘Giving’
  • Click on the ‘Get Started’ option
  • Select ‘Join a fundraiser
  • You will see a list of available community fundraisers for you to join.
  • Choose the one you want to
  • Select the videos where the Donate button will appear, or schedule live streams for the same
  • Select ‘Publish’

With these simple steps, you can a part of a community fundraiser. In a community fundraiser, you are collaborating with numerous other YouTube channels to donate funds for a cause. All the proceedings are transferred effectively to selected non=profit organizations.

Now that you know how to add the donate button and be a part of a community fundraiser, it is also important to know how you manage your funds. YouTube has a simple and intuitive interface from where you can keep track of all proceedings and see how much you are generating. To do that, follow the next steps.

  • Log in or sign in to YouTube
  • Go to ‘YouTube Studio’
  • From the left menu, choose Monetization
  • From the sub-menu, select ‘Giving’
  • You will your active fundraisers. To edit anything, select More > Edit
  • You will also have the option of deleting any selected fundraiser

As you could see, one of the best platforms to donate is YouTube. Money is very important, but donating it for a noble cause will earn your brand precious goodwill. It will reflect on how other people perceive your brand, and whether they will recommend it to someone else.


Businesses no longer operate the way they used to, and for good reasons. More and more businesses are moving away from exploitative practices and trying to have a positive impact on society. The ones failing to do so often appear in a negative light. Many people consciously avoid these businesses for their future needs.

If you try to break it all down to business, there are still positive aspects. Any successful entrepreneur understands that if a service or product is not adding value, people will not accept it. Being socially responsible and conscious is a great way of adding value to your brand. It will improve credibility and make your business stand out from those which are not socially conscious.

Building a socially conscious image used to be difficult. Now, with seamless YouTube donations, it is easier than ever. If you are not making the most of this feature, you are losing out on both personal and professional levels. If you would like to know about YouTube donations, are interested in buying YouTube subscribers, get in touch with the experts at SubPals today.

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