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When did I subscribe to a YouTube channel?

When Did I Subscribe To A Youtube Channel?

I recently scrolled through the list of YouTube channels I’m subscribed to, and the result surprised me. First, I’d subbed to more than a hundred channels. And second, they were dozens of channels I barely watched anymore, and some others that their creators seemed to have abandoned.

Maybe—just like me—you’re wondering, “When did I subscribe to a YouTube channel”? Or perhaps you want to know which YouTube channels you first gave your hard-earned money to?

Perhaps you’ve had a few channels that you subscribed to at different points in your life, and you want to know when you subscribed to each one. Or maybe you’re just curious about what your YouTube subscription history looks like.

In any case, if you want an in-depth study of your YouTube subscription history, this guide will show you how.

We’ll explore where to find information about when you subscribed to your favorite YouTube channels and the minor details of your YouTube subscription history.

So if you’ve ever asked yourself, when you subscribed to a YouTube channel ID, the answer is right around the corner!

But before we get into it, here’s a simple rundown of what we’d discuss.

Can you really check how long you’ve been subscribed to a channel on YouTube?

The simple answer is yes; you can easily check how long you’ve been subscribed to a particular channel ID on YouTube.

Every YouTube user can look back and view their entire YouTube subscription history, walk down memory lane, and revisit some old classic YouTube videos they’d forgotten about.

That said, here are two reliable ways you can check when you subscribed to someone on YouTube.

  1. Use Google ‘My Activity.’

Google My Activity - Youtube History


Looking back and seeing when you first subscribed to that particular YouTube channel you’ve been following for years is like a trip down memory lane!

I recently did this with one of my favorite YouTubers, Mrwhosetheboss. And trust me, it was pretty exciting looking back three years and reflecting on all the great memories I’d experienced watching his videos, especially the video on ‘How THIS wallpaper kills your phone,’ released way back in 2020.

That said, with Google’s ‘My Activity,’ you can view your YouTube channel subscriptions, explore the timeline of your favorite channels, and even rewatch and relive the videos and moments you experienced along the journey.

Google My Activity - Your Youtube Channel Subscriptions


All you have to do is open Google’s ‘My Activity,’ click on ‘Interactions,’ select ‘Channel Subscriptions,’ and Voila! You’ll get a complete summary of the exact date and time you subscribed to a Channel.

One of the best part of using Google’s ‘My Activity,’ is that you don’t need to make your subscriptions public.

  1. Use Youtube Subscription History


The second step is using This site performs external websites scan that lets you dive deeply into the fascinating world of YouTube channel subscriptions and view your personal YouTube subscription history.

With, you can quickly scan your YouTube channel and get valuable insight into your YouTube subscription history, find out when you subscribed to your favorite YouTube channel, and how long you’ve been subscribed to each of them.

Is safe to use? Secure Connection


Yes, is a safe website for exploring your YouTube subscription history. You see, uses state-of-the-art security measures to protect your data and information.

The platform requires you to log in with your Google account, then it performs an external website scan and accesses your personal YouTube subscription history, so your data is always kept secure.

Besides having an active SSL certificate, also has a strict privacy policy ensuring your data is never shared with third-party companies.

Some people get worried when they see’s domain. And that’s mainly because the site has a weird domain name and doesn’t use a ‘.com’ extension. But take it from me; with, you can be sure that your YouTube subscription history is safe and secure.

So, how do you use

Step 1: Make Your YouTube Subscription History Public

To get the most out of, you need to ensure your YouTube Subscriptions are public. Your subscription history is private by default, so it’s essential you make it public to use the website and get the most accurate view of your YouTube subscription history.

Once your subscription history is public, can offer valuable insight into your YouTube subscription timeline.

One pressing question we often get from folks is, “how do I make my YouTube subscription public?”

Well, to make your YouTube subscription public on your computer, you’ll need to first go to your YouTube settings.

Youtube Privacy Settings - Manage What You Share


Once you’re there, click on the “Privacy” tab. You’ll then see an option to make your YouTube subscription public.

Click the toggle button to the right of “Make my subscriptions public,” and then click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page.

Once you’ve made your subscriptions public, go ahead and start using to view your subscription history.

Stage 2: Copy Your YouTube Channel Link

Youtube Advanced Settings


You can get your YouTube channel link by going to your account settings.

Once you’re there, click on the “Overview” tab and scroll down to the end of the page.

You’ll see a field called “Channel URL,” which contains the link to your YouTube channel. Go ahead and copy the link.

Step 3: Paste the Link into

Finally, launch your browser, go to the address bar and search for history.

Paste your URL into the area under ‘Your channel,’ then press Enter or select the CONTINUE button.

Once you’ve done this, xxluke will display all your subscribed channels and the specific date you joined them. List Of Subscribed Youtube Channels


Yes, xxluke remains one of the best ways to check how long you’ve been subscribed to someone on YouTube. That said, don’t forget to make your subscriptions private once you’re done with the tool.

What if you’re on the YouTube App?

If you’re on the YouTube App, and wondering “how can I view all my subscriptions,” know that you can still check if you’re subscribed to a channel.

Simply click the three dots to the left to copy the link of your own channel. And just like on a computer, you can go online and paste your channel’s link into and get your subscription list. Just remember to make your subscriptions public.

That said, here are other ways you can check when you subbed to a YouTube channel.

Scroll back to the channel’s first videos.

This method isn’t very reliable, but you can open your subscriptions tab, click on the channel’s icon, and scroll back to the earlier videos of that specific channel to decide when you subscribed to it.

The YouTube app lets you explore the channel’s complete video history, making it simple to scroll to the very beginning of the video history timeline and see when the channel began. This way, you can estimate when you subscribed to the channel.

Get started today!

Following the methods in this article is like unlocking a time capsule! The only thing it takes is a few clicks, and you can take a trip down memory lane and explore your entire YouTube subscription history.

From my experience, scrolling through your subscription history is like indulging in all the fantastic moments you experienced while subscribed to your favorite YouTubers and getting an in-depth insight into all the channels you’ve subscribed to and supported over the years.

Remember, you can always view your entire YouTube subscription timeline easily. It doesn’t matter whether you choose to use Google’s ‘My Activity,’, or rely on your memory by scrolling back to the channel’s first video.

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