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Understanding How To Use The Youtube Trend Of “#Unpopularopinions” To Increase Your Subscriber Count

Understanding How To Use The Youtube Trend Of &Quot;#Unpopularopinions&Quot; To Increase Your Subscriber Count

Are you a YouTube newcomer or a struggling creator with middling success? If you are, and need some content advice, read on.

Every small and mid-size YouTuber knows that all it takes is just one viral video to skyrocket their subscriber base. Finding a topic for that one unicorn then becomes a major obsession for creators. Most YouTube studies show that an almost sure-shot way to improve your video visibility, ranking, views and subscriber base is by creating videos around trending content.

One such trend that has been around for a few years and doesn’t look like it’s going to go away any time soon is “Unpopular Opinions”. You may have even seen unpopular opinions being shared on other social media platforms like Twitter and Tiktok. There are many reasons behind the burgeoning popularity of this trend. Below we’ve listed some reasons why you need to jump on the YouTube “Unpopular Opinions” train and how you can use it to grow your subscriber base.

Trend Spotting

Any quick google search will show that trend spotting is an essential skill to master for aspiring YouTubers. The fact is that viewers follow the flock. And by creating content around a trend, you are basically ensuring that they will follow YOU. It just so happens that Unpopular opinions and hot take videos are killing on the platform. Not only that, they are also extremely easy to create.

Unlike videos around fashion hauls, interior makeovers, makeup, food vlogs, travel etc., “Unpopular Opinion” videos require zero investment. Since they are essentially the opinions of a single person, the research is also minimal. It’s your take on an existing opinion and therefore doesn’t need to be proven with graphs, stats, etc. The less time a creator needs to spend on his video, the more he/she can use to spend on the marketing, editing and keyword search.

Make use of existing tools like Google Trends, YouTube Trending and VidIQ to search which kinds of unpopular opinion videos are currently ranking higher. Play around with the trend to find your own take.

Social Proof

It is very important for any YouTuber with interest in long-term growth on the platform to master an understanding of subscriber psychology. This basically means that they need to research the triggers that compel people to click and subscribe. Social Proof is one such phenomenon that refers to people’s desire to follow what other people are following. They determine something’s importance based on how many people are doing it, watching, it and creating it. If you create content around trending topics like Unpopular Opinions, which many viewers have already indicated an interest in, you are likely to lure them in for more.


Trends basically show what a large section of the YouTube viewer base is interested in watching and is going to search for when they come on the platform next. Chances are that by timing your content just right, you may win some views your way. Unpopular opinions are spread across genres and niches. Once you have identified that sharing unpopular opinions is a trending topic, create a unique, untapped angle for your niche.

Say YouTube is saturated with “Unpopular Opinions” regarding fashion trends, don’t create yet another video sharing your unpopular opinions on that topic. Instead, use the broad theme of “unpopular opinions” to share your opinions around a niche that is relatively unexplored. For example, dark academia has become all the rage across YouTube and Instagram. If you are a chronic YouTube viewer or creator, you may have noticed modified versions of the trend gaining equal ground. People have been sharing their own riffs on dark academia in the form of grey academia, light academia and pastel academia. In order to stand out from the millions of videos on Unpopular opinions, make yours about a smaller niche. Since competition for that will be lower, people searching for unpopular opinions on that topic will be able to find your videos easier.

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In this somewhat dark post-Covid-19 world, nostalgia marketing and nostalgic content have become more popular than ever. People want to escape into a simpler time and simpler world. Similarly, by researching popular marketing or branding trends, you will get an idea of other content that consumers are being triggered by or yearning for. Use that information to create your Unpopular opinion videos. So, for example, cottage core has become a legitimate interior design trend that is almost ripe for mocking. Creating an unpopular opinion around this very popular trend is sure to get you eyeballs.

Doing research into other creators’ take on the trend will also give you an idea of what you can do differently. This is especially important for creators in the process of building their subscriber base. People with existing fan bases can afford to be lackadaisical and repetitive. However, when you are a small creator, you can’t risk being caught aping successful creators.


Stand out by delivering uniqueness

Even with unpopular trends, you need to bring something new to the table. Unpopular opinions and hot-take YouTube videos are a dime a dozen. Do your own riff on this over-exploited trend by sharing the reasons behind your unpopular opinion. Do a deep dive into the topic you are sharing an unpopular opinion on and use it to make your case. Just sharing a hot take sitting on your couch with some clichéd reasons won’t get you a tonne of love. What will, however, is a video that really goes into it, explores the topic in-depth and comes up with some indisputable reasons why.

Viewers love scandal and clickbait. But they also love a good fact sheet. Say you are sharing your unpopular opinions on the Kardashians. If you are not a fan and just share the opinion for the sake of a video, your viewers will definitely see right through it. Unpopular opinions on this controversial family will get you views without a doubt. But by adding receipts, statistics, proof etc., you’ll make your content fool-proof and evergreen.

Be a little controversial or scandalous

Don’t be afraid to be unlikable and push some buttons when creating unpopular opinion videos. By their very name, unpopular opinions aim to skewer popular conceptions and research shows that clickbait-ey, scandalous content gets eyeballs. Use this knowledge to make your unpopular opinion on a person or topic that has a huge fan base. You know what we mean – K-Pop bands and musicians like Taylor Swift have strong and vocal fanbases that are ready to fight for their stars. These are the ones you need to target.

Look, we realize this could backfire if fans descend on your channel en masse and create havoc in your comments. However, the potential for a windfall is equally great. There is no way the “army” will be unable to resist an unpopular opinion on K-Pop, neither can the Swifties avoid coming out in huge numbers to defend their queen. In addition, you are guaranteed sympathy points from non-fans. People love a good underdog David and Goliath story. And by taking on the stans, you will definitely get noticed. Just remember to be honest and not drag down people only for views.

Be sympathetic

Creating an unpopular opinion video about a popular opinion that isolates demographics or viewers is a sure shot way to get some love from these ostracized souls. For example, most people fear aging and irrelevance, introverts worry they are not cut out for success, and fat people think they don’t deserve love. Crating unpopular opinions that are sympathetic to the targets of popular opinions will get you some major props and views from said people.

So where Youtubers are busy creating content on how to combat aging, skincare advice for aging skin, losing pandemic weight, lend a sympathetic ear to your viewers. Go against the grain and create an unpopular opinion video around why aging is great, fat equals happy and introverts are actually the most successful in the world.


People can tell when creators are just jumping on the bandwagon, and that’s when trends get beaten to the ground. There is something to be said for topic fatigue. I mean, how many unpopular opinions can a person watch and for how long anyway, right? Sooner than later, people will wean themselves off and start desiring other content. Trends, by their very nature, are cyclical. To win real YouTube subscribers and grow your channel, be authentic when sharing your unpopular opinions and make sure it’s a subject you actually feel strongly about. Loving pineapple pizza is not an unpopular opinion worth expounding upon in a YouTube video. It’s a been there, done that opinion, and nobody is looking for a hot take on that.

Aim for evergreen content that is click-worthy

Sharing unpopular opinions about cliches will not get you clicks. The fact is you need a robust topic to sink your teeth into to qualify as a video topic. For example-an unpopular opinion about Pineapple Pizza is not substantial enough for a 15 minute or less video. I mean, how much is there really to discuss on the merits of pineapple pizza? Opinions like these are best shared on Twitter or short-form videos on Tiktok. Your unpopular opinions need to have more meat to attract subscribers on YouTube.

Make it interactive

Get your fans and existing subscribers involved. There’s nothing like the power of a chorus line. Use it. Ask your fans to share their most unpopular opinions or create a survey to get some data in place. And then do your take on their hot take. Another way to pique people’s interest is doing an unpopular opinion on videos shared by existing big creators. If you are a small creator looking to gain subscribers, try piggybacking off another creator’s success.

This is how tea channels and channels that discuss popular creators like Jenna Marbles, Logan Paul and PewDePie have gained such massive followings. Or fashion channels that recreate trends of other popular creators end up getting high views. Everyone loves a good catfight and, more than that, they love to see the little man win. Doing an unpopular opinion on X creator’s unpopular opinion might win you subscribers just based on the underdog phenomenon.


Even an unpopular opinion trend needs to keep up with trends. Sharing unpopular opinions on things that have already been discussed by other creators will not do much good for your channel. But by latching onto something in the zeitgeist, you can potentially gain virality. For example, the Friends reunion is highly anticipated.

Doing an unpopular opinion video on why the show is overrated when the buzz is at an all-time high could really work in a creator’s favor. The same goes for seasonal unpopular opinions. During Christmas and Halloween, YouTube videos will be filled with Halloween costume try ons and Christmas cooking content.

Using seasonal occasions to create unpopular opinions is a great strategy. Use popular holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s and Halloween to create content that is atypical. Instead of creating videos on Christmas gift unboxing, gingerbread house decorating, etc., share your seasonal unpopular opinion. In the middle of all the good cheer, sharing an unpopular opinion like ‘I hate Christmas – Here’s Why’ is sure to become click worthy. A scrooge-like figure is ripe for entertainment. And your followers will love the levity around all the seasonal cheer. After all, holidays aren’t fun for everyone. People may be away from families, from friends, single. These are the people you are targeting. Chances are you’ll win the merrymakers your way too.

Do a riff on unpopular opinions

Irrespective of niche, creators are sharing their unpopular opinions and raking in the YouTube views and subscribers. In order to stand out, you don’t have to do the tried and tested typical unpopular opinion trend where somebody gets on their soapbox and rants on a subject. You can modify the trend and still milk it for views. For example, share an unpopular opinion about unpopular opinions, explain the trend in a YouTube video and the psychology behind it. Rank unpopular opinions or react to people’s unpopular opinions about you. You can even share your opinions in real-time through YouTube live streaming. Go through unpopular opinions during a live stream and share your real, unedited, unfiltered thoughts. Maybe get your friends and community on it too, and get a group around to share their unpopular opinions debate style.
Unpopular opinions are undoubtedly a godsend for new creators who do not have many resources to create content. Much like the low production value vlog videos on YouTube, all you really need to create Unpopular Opinion videos is to have a strong opinion. That’s it. However, make sure not to jump in blind and make a detailed plan before creating unpopular opinion videos. Due to their ubiquity and ease of making, many people are jumping on the trend. However, to get real views and subscribers from your YouTube opinions, you need to be strategic. And finally, make sure to pepper in unpopular opinions with other kinds of content, so your channel doesn’t become stale. The idea is to keep your viewership guessing to get those YouTube likes. If all you share are unpopular opinions, viewers will eventually lose interest and may even unsubscribe.

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