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The Step-by-step Guide to Creating the Perfect BookTube Video on YouTube

The Step-By-Step Guide To Creating The Perfect Booktube Video On Youtube

BookTube refers to a community of YouTubers that consists of people who love books and love to discuss them in front of their respective audiences. Quite simply, if you’re a bookworm and would like to provide your thoughts and opinions on your favorite books on a public platform, there’s no better place than YouTube.

However, if this is your first time making a YouTube video, things can get a bit stressful. But don’t worry – we’re here to make things simpler for you. In this article, we’ll give you all the information and instructions you need to create the perfect BookTube video for your YouTube channel. So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

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1. Identify your niche

Before you create your first BookTube video, you need to pinpoint your niche, i.e. the genre of books your channel will be specializing in. Of course, you’re free to mix things up and hop from sci-fi one week to romance the next. But this will make it confusing for the average YouTube viewer to understand what your channel is all about.

Instead, it would be better for you to stick to one particular genre in the beginning – preferably one that you love the most. Once your channel starts to grow and garners a decent following, you can expand into other genres. Along the way, you’ll have plenty of help from your audience as they’ll give you suggestions regarding what kind of content they want from you.

2. Focus on a few popular video types

BookTube channels create a diverse array of content. From book reviews to reading challenges to book hauls to tips from reviewers and more – the variety is mind-boggling. During the initial stages of your YouTube journey as a BookTuber, you should focus on just one or two video types to keep things simple.

Also, before you start making BookTube videos, you’d do well to draw inspiration from other creators in the community who’ve already tasted success. Examples of successful BookTube creators include Claudia Ramirez (Clau Reads Books, 349k subs), Sasha Alsberg (abookutopia, 371k subs), Jesse George (jessethereader, 290k subs), and Fa Orozco (laspalabrasdefa, 355k subs).

3. Practice to make things perfect

If you’ve never done any public speaking before, you might struggle initially while creating your first ever BookTube video. Of course, when you record a YouTube video you have to talk to the camera, but this can still require a lot of confidence, which you may lack initially.

So, the most important thing to do is to practice. Keep recording yourself until you’re happy with how you’re presenting your views and opinions. Some of the things to watch out for when reviewing your recordings include your tone, your speed, and of course, your confidence. Quite simply, if you keep practicing, you’ll get better, and it would work wonders if you seem like an experienced BookTuber in your first video.

4. Invest in proper recording gear

Once you’ve picked your niche, selected a topic for your first video, and practiced to perfection, it’s time to focus on your recording gear. Of course, you can record yourself with your smartphone. However, the quality of the video and audio will be sub-par compared to what you would get through a DSLR and proper audio equipment, which would inevitably disappoint your average YouTube subscriber.

On the video recording front, we recommend investing in a DSLR camera. You don’t need the most expensive DSLR out there, but something mid-range should work fine when you’re starting out. Additionally, you should buy an audio interface and a microphone to ensure high-quality audio. You can find plenty of guides online that will help you to understand more about the necessary audio and video gear for YouTubing.

5. Record the final take and get to editing

So, you’ve got your recording gear in place. Now, it’s finally time to let all that practice come to fruition and record your final take. Once you’re satisfied with the recordings, start up your computer and transfer the recorded files to it and begin the editing process. Editing is arguably the most time-consuming process in YouTube content creation, but it’s also the process that you can use to enhance your final video and remove errors.

If it’s your first-ever editing attempt, you might get overwhelmed, but again, it’s important to remember the value of simplicity. Nowadays, there are many editing tools that have helpful features to take the workload off the editor. Read up about them to get a grip of the basics. As you continue on your BookTube video-making journey, you’re bound to get better at editing and more creative.

Booktube Refers To A Community Of Youtubers That Consists Of People Who Love Books And Love To Discuss Them In Front Of Their Respective Audiences. Quite Simply, If You'Re A Bookworm And Would Like To Provide Your Thoughts And Opinions On Your Favorite Books On A Public Platform, There'S No Better Place Than Youtube.

6. Upload your video and optimize it

After you export your final video from the editing software, it’s time to upload it to your YouTube channel. During the upload process, you’ll get to tweak various settings, and at this point, it’s important to optimize your video. For instance, you’ll need to do keyword research to come up with the right keywords to include across your video title and description sections.

Of course, you can proceed without optimizing your video, but if you’re really serious about YouTube ambitions, you can’t afford to ignore optimization. Quite simply, optimized videos are more discoverable. So, if you want your target audience to find your video on YouTube, you’ve got to spare some thought for optimization. It’s important to remember that YouTube videos aren’t just
discoverable on YouTube, but also on Google search.

When you are done with all these steps then it’s time to get maximum views. You can buy YouTube shares from us to stay different in the crowd.

7. Use YouTube Analytics to track your video’s success (or failure)

YouTube Analytics is an in-built analytics tool within YouTube that allows you to see how your videos are faring. Using it is fairly simple, and you can read plenty of guides on the internet that will help you to use the tool effectively. Some of the most important metrics to track using the YouTube Analytics tool include views, watch time, and most importantly when your audience is active.

Initially, when your channel doesn’t have a substantial following, YouTube Analytics won’t give you many insights. But as you keep adding videos to your channel, the tool will give you several insights that will allow you to tweak your YouTube practices. For instance, when you get to know the times when your audience is at the peak of its activity, you can schedule your content to be posted a few hours ahead of those times. This will result not just in more YouTube views, but also increase watch time.

8. Engage with your audience in the comments section

The comments section allows you to communicate with your audience, which is a vital part of your YouTube marketing strategy. Many YouTubers have seen the promise of their respective channels fade away simply because they failed to engage and interact with their audiences. You don’t want to make the same mistake.

You should remember that the BookTuber community on YouTube is one of the most vibrant and tight-knit communities on the platform. In all probability, the people who will watch your videos are actively involved in shaping the BookTuber community. So, the more you engage and interact with them, the higher your chances will be of becoming a priceless part of the community.

9. Achieve and maintain consistency

Without consistency, all your efforts on YouTube would be for nothing. The YouTube algorithm is known to promote channels that consistently post content. So, one of your major concerns on YouTube should be to achieve consistency. To do this, we recommend creating a content calendar, which is a plan to help you schedule your content and stick to your YouTubing goals.

Nowadays, many YouTubers are uploading a video every day for consistency’s sake. It’s not compulsory for you to do that. Quite simply, how frequently and consistently you upload depends on what you’re comfortable with. For instance, if you’re comfortable with making one or two videos every week, stick to it. When you put too much pressure on yourself to post more videos, the quality of your videos will inevitably suffer.


BookTubing is a growing trend, and book lovers around the world will do everything in their power to keep the movement going. So, if you have a penchant for reading books, you should waste no time and join the community of BookTubers on YouTube.

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