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How to upload video from Twitch to YouTube

How To Upload Video From Twitch To Youtube

Ah, Twitch; the ultimate destination for pro gamers and streamers to share their content and connect with the online gaming community. Twitch is great, but every Twitch streamer wanting to grow their influence needs to understand how to upload video from Twitch to YouTube.

Why? Even though Twitch is an excellent platform for content creators to reach a broad audience, engage with viewers, and grow their streaming communities, YouTube remains the biggest content powerhouse.

With 2.6 billion monthly active users and 122 million daily users, YouTube remains the leading platform for Twitch streamers who want to reach a wider audience.

Add that to YouTube’s monetization options, better search and discovery capabilities, and reliable video hosting options, and it becomes pretty clear why many Twitch streamers upload Twitch streams to YouTube.

So, whether you’re a pro esports player or an everyday twitch streamer, today, I’ll show you the easy way to upload Twitch streams to YouTube, make them stand out, and win more YouTube Subscribers.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done anything like this before.

Let’s dive in.

What is Twitch VOD?

Twitch VODs, or Video on Demand, are recordings of livestreams viewers can watch at any time. These recordings give viewers a fantastic opportunity to relive their favorite Twitch streamer’s best moments and even watch streams they may have missed.

With Twitch VODs, your viewers can see your reactions, hear your commentary, and even rewatch your gameplay to pick helpful tips to help them in their gameplay.

Twitch VODs are a great way to get more views and exposure because they’re available even after the live stream has ended. Sadly, VODs only have a short lifespan of 7 days for regular broadcasters, 14 days for affiliates, and 60 days for Twitch Partners, Turbo, and Prime users.

But unlike past Twitch streams, every video on YouTube is evergreen and will constantly generate views and attract fans decades after it’s published. That said, there are three moves every Twitch streamer must make to get the most out of YouTube.

  • First move: Set up Twitch VODs
  • Second move: Link your Twitch account to YouTube
  • Third move: Upload your videos from Twitch to YouTube

Let me show you how.

Setting up VODs

Setting up VODs on Twitch is a simple process that takes less than five minutes. So, be sure to follow these four simple steps.

Step 1: First, you’ll need to open the Twitch website, sign in, and click on your profile icon.

Twitch Website Screenshot


Step 2: Once you’ve logged into your Twitch channel, click ‘Creator Dashboard’ on the drop-down menu, and you’ll be taken to a new page

Twitch'S Creator Dashboard


Step 3: Go to ‘Settings,’ click on the drop-down menu, and select ‘Stream.’

Twitch Creator Dashboard 'Settings' Tab


Step 4: Find the ‘VOD Settings’ section and click on the slider for ‘Store past broadcasts.’ This will set your account to store past broadcasts automatically. From here, you can adjust the settings for your VODs. You can also toggle the slider ‘ON’ to choose if you want your VODs to be published automatically or manually.

'Vod Settings' On Twitch'S Creator Dashboard


Now that you’ve set up your channel’s VOD features, the next move you need to make is to link your own Twitch stream to YouTube.

How to link your Twitch account to YouTube

It may sound complicated, but linking your Twitch account to YouTube is super easy and takes only a few steps.

Step 1: Open your Twitch account. Once you’re in, click your profile icon and select ‘Settings.’ Once you’re in the settings tab, click on ‘Connections.’

Twitch Settings Page


Step 2: From here, you can link your Twitch account with YouTube. Next, click the ‘Connect’ button, enter your YouTube account credentials, and click ‘Allow.’

Linking Twitch To Youtube


Voila! You’ve connected your Twitch account to your YouTube account and made it possible for your video content to reach a whole new audience. All you need to do now is make the third move.

The Simple Guide on How to Upload Video from Twitch to YouTube

Uploading your videos to your YouTube account directly from Twitch remains the fastest way to get your VODs on YouTube. So, let’s have a quick walkthrough of what the process involves.

Step 1: Log into Twitch

Assuming you’re still logged into your Twitch account, click on your profile icon. In the drop-down menu, select ‘Video producer.’

Next, it’ll show you all your recent Twitch video content. Select the VOD you want to upload, click on the video’s three-dotted icon and click ‘Export.’

Twitch Homepage


Step 2: Adjust Settings

Once you’ve clicked on ‘Export,’ a pop-up menu will prompt you to input the title, descriptions, and tags of your Twitch VOD. It’ll also let you choose whether you want the video to be public or private.

Export To Youtube


Step 3: Start Export

The final step is to click ‘Start Export.’ This will start the upload process, and once complete, your Twitch videos will be live on your YouTube channel.

But getting your video on YouTube is only one side of the success coin. You must ensure every video you upload to your YouTube account has everything your audience is looking for.

Seven tips on how to make your videos stand out

The key to making your Twitch streams on YouTube perform well is to ensure it’s optimized and YouTube-friendly.

Here’s a simple breakdown of seven tips to help your videos perform better and win more YouTube subscribers.

Edit your videos professionally

Getting the best results from your Twitch video requires proper editing. Don’t just upload your entire stream; embrace your inner video editor; edit your Twitch videos down, trim the fat, and only keep the most relevant and exciting segments that enhance the story your video is telling.

Investing in reliable video editing software—preferably with Twitch integration—can help you take your video to the next level while establishing yourself as an amazing video editor and content creator.

With the right video editing tools and techniques, you can make your YouTube content look professional, captivating, and truly eye-catching.

So, cut down your VODs, polish them up, and get ready to wow your viewers with incredible and amazing content.

Optimize your metadata

Adding relevant metadata to your YouTube video is a secret weapon for success. Metadata enhances your video’s search performance so your channel stands out from the competition and gets your videos in front of the right audience.

So, don’t forget to research and add keywords to your video’s title, description, and tags to ensure your videos get the attention they deserve.

Record your Twitch videos with the right equipment 

Using the right equipment is essential for creating great Twitch streams and YouTube-friendly videos. But don’t worry; you don’t need to break the bank to get the perfect streaming setup. These three critical pieces of equipment will make your YouTube video look and sound amazing:

  • A good microphone: Get a high-quality microphone to ensure your audio is crystal clear with zero background noise. This is one of the essential pieces of equipment you need to get, as poor audio quality can make your videos hard to watch.
  • A decent camera: Investing in a good-quality camera and screen recorder is the best way to capture the action and ensure everything about your stream looks excellent. Remember, you don’t need an expensive camera or screen recording software.
  • Good lighting: Setting up good lighting in your recording room can take your videos to a new level. Poor lighting can shift your viewer’s mood, so invest in the right equipment to light your space.

Beware of your video’s length

To make your videos stand out, ensure they’re longer than 10 minutes. YouTube loves long-form videos, so feel free to devote extra time to making your videos shine.

This doesn’t mean you should make your videos longer than they have to. Check out other creators before deciding the perfect time frame for you.

This way, you can be confident you’ve got the right balance of length and quality that viewers will love.

Use unique thumbnails

Hogwarts Legacy Youtube Playlist


Great thumbnails are like the cover of a bestselling book. Your thumbnails are the first thing viewers will see when deciding whether or not to watch your video. So, you must create a unique and attention-grabbing thumbnail.

Your thumbnail should be eye-catching and creative while also conveying the message of your video. If you’re feeling creative, you can use your artwork or graphics to make your thumbnail stand out.

Once you’ve sorted your thumbnail, it’s time to make the most of YouTube’s features. Playlists, end screens, and annotations are great ways to help viewers discover your content.

These features are also great for cross-promoting your Twitch channel, so don’t forget to include links to your stream in the video descriptions.

Use powerful CTA

Make your call to action stand out and be heard. Use words like ‘Subscribe Now,’ ‘Share this with your friends,’ and ‘Don’t miss out’ to ensure that your CTA has a strong impact on viewers.

You can also add an element of fun by including witty comments in your CTA. No matter what you do, make sure your CTA is visible and easy to find. Place it at the end of your video, so viewers are more likely to take action.

With a strong, fun, and engaging Call to Action, you’ll be able to get your viewers to take the next step and interact with your channel.

Promote your video

Although your goal of uploading your Twitch video on YouTube is to reach more people, this shouldn’t stop you from getting creative with your promotion.

Sure, YouTube is an excellent platform for viewers to watch your content, but why not take it one step further? Promote your video on social media platforms like TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to get more exposure. After all, the more online exposure your video can gain, the more viewers you can reach.

Start Today!

Now that you know everything about uploading videos from Twitch to your YouTube account, it’s time you get started, put your VODs post twitch streams out there, and watch them go viral.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope, you don’t need any special software. All you need is a verified YouTube account and the ability to connect your Twitch account to your YouTube account. Once your accounts are linked, you can upload your Twitch videos to YouTube.

Sure, you can upload your Twitch streams to multiple YouTube channels. You only need to link your Twitch account to each YouTube channel you want to upload to. You’ll then be able to upload your Twitch streams to all the YouTube channels associated with your Twitch account.

However, remember that you’ll need to enable the automatic uploading feature in your Twitch settings for each YouTube channel you upload to.

Once you link your YouTube account to your Twitch account, you can upload your entire Twitch archive to YouTube.

Besides uploading your past broadcast, you can even enable the automatic uploading feature in your Twitch streaming settings so that all future streams will be uploaded to YouTube.

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