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How to Make a YouTube Video Your Alarm: Your Ultimate Guide

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Waking up to the same alarm sound every day can become monotonous. If you want to make your mornings more exciting, try setting a YouTube video as your alarm. This option lets you wake up to your favourite song, motivational talk, or any video that starts your day. This article provides a detailed guide on how to make a YouTube video your alarm.

Why Make a YouTube Video Your Alarm?

A Variety of Choices

YouTube offers a plethora of video options. You can wake up to the soothing sounds of nature, a peppy track, or even a news update.

Personalized Experience

Wake up your way. Making a YouTube video of your alarm lets you personalize your wake-up call, ensuring you start your day positively.

Motivation Booster

Starting your day with a motivational talk or inspiring music can provide the boost needed to kickstart a productive day.

Step-by-Step Guide on Setting a YouTube Video as Your Alarm

Follow the steps below to set a YouTube video as your alarm:

  1. Find a YouTube to MP3 converter: Search online for a reliable YouTube to MP3 converter. These services allow you to convert YouTube videos into MP3 format, which you can use as your alarm sound.
  2. Choose your YouTube video: Go to YouTube and find the video you want to set as your alarm. Copy the URL of the video.
  3. Convert the YouTube video to MP3: Paste the URL into the converter and convert the video to an MP3 file. Once completed, download the MP3 file onto your device.
  4. Set the MP3 file as your alarm sound: The process will vary based on your device.
  5. For Android users, go to the clock app, set a new alarm, and choose the MP3 file as your alarm sound.
  6. For iPhone users, you’ll need to import the MP3 file into iTunes, create an AAC version, then sync it to your phone. Afterward, you can select it as your alarm sound.
  7. Test your new alarm: Set a test alarm to ensure everything works as expected.

Remember to comply with copyright regulations when downloading and using video content.


Setting a YouTube video as your alarm is a great way to refresh your morning routine. Follow the steps outlined above, and start your day with your favourite sounds from YouTube. Remember, the right alarm sound can positively impact your mood and productivity for the rest of the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, most alarm apps don’t support direct YouTube playback. You must convert the video to an audio format, like MP3, that the app can play.

Yes, but only for personal use. Always respect copyright laws and only use downloaded content responsibly.

Technically, yes. However, it’s best to choose a video that’s not too long and will effectively wake you up.

Ensure the file was converted and downloaded correctly. Try setting the file as your alarm again, and if it still doesn’t work, consider using a different converter or video.

You can change your alarm sound through the “Clock” app. Tap on “Alarm” at the bottom, select “Edit,” choose the alarm you want to edit, tap “Sound,” and then choose your preferred sound.

Go to the “Clock” app, tap on “Alarm,” choose the alarm you want to edit, tap “Alarm sound,” and select your preferred sound.

Yes, you can. Repeat the steps above for each alarm you want to set.

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