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How to Increase Your YouTube Views and Subscribers in 2021?

How To Increase Your Youtube Views And Subscribers In 2021?


Video content creation is becoming a rage in today’s world. Moving on from blogs and articles, video content is the undisputed leader in the digital world at present. It has revolutionized the aspect of content creation beyond imagination. The option of bringing in more detail and the visual experience is captivating audience across the globe.
In a way, the rise of social media is a key factor that drives the growth of video content creation and sharing. The availability of high-end smartphones also paved the way for this. In any case, selecting the right platform for video sharing is very important. Yes, we are aware that YouTube is the perfect platform for the growth of your video content. Let us explore some unique tips for increasing your YouTube views and YouTube subscribers in this blog.

The Rise of YouTube

YouTube is the undisputed king of video content creation and sharing. As per the statistics in 2021, it has around 2.3 billion users across the globe. With 79% of internet users having a YouTube account, the total watch time is approximately over 1 billion hours daily. This massive appeal makes it a popular medium for entertainment and knowledge exchange. But beyond entertainment, YouTube’s growth as a marketing tool is the most interesting aspects. The influence of T.V commercials is slowly shrinking and making way for YouTube advertising.

The number of YouTube subscribers for a particular channel is very important from the perspective of video marketing. Similarly, the number of YouTube views for a particular channel is a key indicator of the growth of a YouTube channel. If you are an entertainer or a video influencer, understanding the secret for growing your real YouTube subscribers is inevitable for success.

YouTube Channel Monetization

The real success for YouTube creator comes from maximizing the reach across the globe. Nothing comes close to the fact that you are having fans and viewers from every corner of the world. But to leverage on this reach, you need to monetize your channel. This will attract advertisers and opens the door for earning income from YouTube.

For initiating monetization, the number of YouTube subscribers and video watch time are the two key parameters. The YouTube Partner Program (YPP) enables you to embark on this journey of monetization. But to become a part of YPP, your channel requires at least 1000 subscribers’ and 4000 hours of video watch hours. At this juncture, growing your YouTube subscriber base should a high priority. There are multiple pathways to achieve this, and we are more than happy to share that knowledge with you.

Creating the Perfect YouTube Channel

Nowadays, a YouTube channel can be considered as the most popular entertainment and education medium. So, as a YouTube content creator you should pay attention to the content and video quality. Consistency of video posting is also very important for attracting more YouTube subscribers. The major aspects for making your YouTube channel attractive are,

  • Always use a good quality camera
  • Use good quality sound capture systems
  • Make creative thumbnails
  • Create a professional logo
  • Invest in a paid video editing software

Tips for Increasing YouTube Views and Subscribers

Creating an attractive YouTube channel is only the first step towards your growth as a content creator. The real challenge is in actively growing your YouTube views and subscriber list. This is an area that requires both hard work and smart thinking. In today’s world there are multiple channels for prompting your YouTube content, thanks to social media. But that is territory with a lot of competition. Your channel need to standout for attracting maximum YouTube subscribers. Checkout some cool tips for increasing YouTube views and subscribers below.

Use the Potential of Social Media

Social media is free tool that provides endless connectivity with people across the globe. You should use the power of various social media platforms to the maximum. Every time you make a video, make customized quirky text that best explains the video. Different platforms have different audience and nature of content. You should customize the text content to fit this.

Additionally, sharing shooting location images, behind the scenes etc. through these platforms will create enough enthusiasm among people. This can be successfully converted into YouTube views. Also, personally encourage your top subscribers to share the details among their circles. This will create a multiplier affect exponentially increasing your YouTube subscriber base.

Create a subscriber community or fan page in these social media handles. Linking these handles to your YouTube account is also very helpful for creating automated posts. Apart from this, make use of paid promotion options on Facebook and Twitter.

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Solid Research for Your Episodes/Content

Your viewers love content that are unique and original. But creating such a content requires a lot of hard work. A solid background work makes a content stand out from the rest. This will create a positive impact among your YouTube subscribers prompting them to instantly share the content in their network. As a result, you can expect a sudden increase in your subscriber count.

Good You Tubers know their territory very well. Be it entertainment or news analysis, you should have deep knowledge in the subject you use. Doing a thorough research will be very helpful in creating nice content. Always compare your ideas with existing videos in YouTube. Analyze them to understand how you can create something unique without repeating the same content. Read through the comments below such video to capture popular viewer sentiment. Incorporating all these learnings will help you to create videos that your YouTube viewers want to watch repeatedly. 

Tips For Increasing Youtube Views And Subscribers

Consistency in Content Release

Initially, most people checkout videos randomly on YouTube. A key factor that converts casual viewers to your YouTube subscribers is consistency. A set of videos released consistently assures your viewers that you are serious about your content. This slowly builds up the subscriber community.

Most people fail in making a successful YouTube channel due to lack of consistency. In the beginning, it is difficult to be persistent at your efforts when the number of video views are less. But consistent effort slowly brings in more viewers to your channel eventually kick-starting your growth. Make a weekly calendar of topics/themes on which you want to produce videos. Allocate time based on this schedule and make sure to release video at the stipulated time. Eventually, this becomes a habit where your YouTube subscribers also wait for the video release.


In any aspect of growth –be it personal or professional, networking plays an important role. You can grow your YouTube viewers also with such collaborative efforts. It is also an intelligent way to use the existing competition to your advantage. Explore influential YouTubers and analyse their content. Pick a few such influencers and pitch the idea of collaborative content. Developing a collaborative content with fellow influencers will boost your YouTube views. There are high chances of new subscribers when the influencers themselves share the content in their network. This can prove to be milestone in the growth of your channel.

Another prominent method of collaboration is brand endorsement. You can create content that can highlight certain brand offerings. Such a brand campaign can also increase your viewership considerably.

Buy Real YouTube Subscribers

The normal method of growing YouTube subscribers is a time-consuming process. Instead, availing services of professional website will help you grow fast. There are multiple websites that offer real YouTube subscribers. As per the YouTube monetization policy, this a legitimate activity. But always make sure that you buy real YouTube subscribers instead of fake ones.

Always remember that obtaining fake profiles and chatbots are not going to help the growth of your channel. Also make sure that you buy the number of subscribers organically rather than purchasing in bulk. Make sure to take a step-by-step approach. Most importantly, due a proper due diligence of the website/agency that offers you the service.

Viewer Interaction and Feedback

All the famous YouTubers in the world has one thing in common. They all consider their subscriber base as family. Yes, a virtual family that fuels their growth. You should always carefully interact with your YouTube subscribers. Take time to read the comments posted under each video. Be open to both positive and negative feedback. Use the feedbacks to improve your future contents. Organize special giveaways and contests to constantly engage your subscribers. It is also advisable to create forums and fan pages in multiple social media handles.


Data is a very powerful tool. But it is of no use if we can’t decipher insights from them. The use of YouTube creator studio is very helpful for getting these data insights. It shows you the number of views, average watch time etc. These metrics are an important pointer towards the growth of your channel. Beyond this many analytic tools are available on the internet. From selecting your title to keyword placements, these tools can elevate your videos to the next level. They also make your videos easily searchable on the internet. This can increase your YouTube views exponentially. So wisely make use of this analytics and tools for growing your channel.


YouTube has revolutionized and indeed democratized video content creation. This naturally brings in a lot of competition also. But you can meet success by posting quality content regularly. Even then an organic growth in the number of YouTube subscribers and views might take some time. At this point, never hesitate to use the services of a trusted provider offering real YouTube subscribers. It is completely a legitimate process and can help faster growth of your channel.

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