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How to Encourage YouTube Subscribers to Comment on Your Videos More Often?

How To Encourage Youtube Subscribers To Comment On Your Videos More Often?


Today, we are constantly witnessing a surging demand for digital marketing. Traditional marketing methods are already becoming obsolete. Television-based advertisements are now making way for targeted YouTube and Facebook Ads. The unprecedented popularity of social media platforms is a major reason for this shift.

With the advent of data analytics, content marketing through social media is offering a higher conversion rate for companies. Unlike traditional media, individual influencers are spearheading this marketing revolution. This encompasses customized content and constant viewer engagement. In all major media platforms, the number of  ‘subscribers’ ‘likes’, ‘shares’, and ‘comments’ are key indicators of this engagement. It is not surprising that comment marketing is becoming a popular concept in the case of YouTube engagement. In this blog, we will explore the idea of YouTube engagement, especially through YouTube comments.

Content Marketing & Social Media

Content marketing involves the creation of targeted marketing material for attracting viewer attention. This form of digital marketing encompasses multiple formats of content including text, video, audio, and images, etc. The major focus here is on delivering customized content to viewers. Data analytics, location tags, etc. enable content marketers with capabilities to gauge viewer preferences precisely.

The success of any content marketing is inherently linked with its reach on multiple social media platforms. In fact, a well-thought-out digital marketing strategy is not only cost-effective but also impactful. This provides endless possibilities for a marketer to broadcast their content anywhere in the world. But this also points towards the need to design highly engaging content that prompts viewers to share it in their immediate circles. For successful content marketing, this multiplier effect created by the ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ of your subscribers/followers. Beyond this, other modes of viewer interaction such as comment engagement are becoming crucial. Let us check how this works.

What Makes Video Content Popular?

Do all types of content create a similar impact on viewers? According to content experts, people react to different content types differently. Among all content types, video content is considered to be the most powerful medium. It has the power to attract viewer attention more than any other form of content. The major reasons for the popularity of video content are,

Scope for Detailing

Video content has high scope for including maximum details about any product or service. This helps the viewer to make informed buying choices. Beyond images and traditional product explanations, this builds trust in the viewer. Apart from detailing, it provides scope for incorporating eye-capturing visuals using animation, special effects, etc.

Viewer Engagement

For content marketing, viewer engagement matrices are very crucial for gauging their campaign effectiveness. Viewers don’t bother to waste time reading long blogs, articles, etc. Similarly, they have very low attention spans. Short video content is very engaging and can capture viewer attention easily.

Multiple Streaming Opportunities

Today, there are multiple channels for the dissemination of video content. YouTube is undoubtedly the leader in this. This combined with the power of social media helps marketers in amplifying their content. In a way, YouTube subscriber base and YouTube views are key parameters of interest for content marketers.

YouTube- Unlimited Growth Possibilities

YouTube is the most prominent video content streaming platform in the world. The platform has more than 2 billion active monthly users and 31 million channels. It offers a wide range of options for content creators to popularize their content. Livestreaming, social media integration, subscriber management, etc. create an ecosystem for growth. According to statistics, YouTube advertising is fetching higher ROIs than TV ads for most companies. The YouTube partner program and other affiliate marketing opportunities are all part of this activity.

Engaging content with high-quality visuals is important for any successful video content campaign. But, a solid YouTube subscriber base with a high level of engagement is the key to unlock the potential of the platform. On YouTube for initiating monetization, a creator needs to have at least 1000 real YouTube subscribers. Additionally, a minimum of 4000 hours of valid YouTube views is also a major criterion. These are the minimum requirements. If you are looking at exponential growth then additional efforts for YouTube engagement are required.

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Modes of YouTube Engagement

The popularity of any media platform depends upon its level of viewer engagement. YouTube as a video content platform is very interactive compared to other similar applications. Moreover, traditional media such as T.V, motion pictures, etc. have limitations when it comes to viewer interaction. There are multiple levels of YouTube engagement. They are,

YouTube subscribers

Subscribers are the backbone of any YouTube channel. It is the loyal viewer community capable of increasing YouTube views. Video content marketing is effective only when there is a highly interactive subscriber community. Due to this, most creators have YouTube subscriber community pages on multiple social media platforms.

YouTube ‘likes’ and sharing

People access YouTube videos through other social media platforms also. YouTube offers sharing and embedding options for content creators. This helps in creating a multiplier effect.

Comment engagement

YouTube comments are a very important aspect of content marketing. It is the ultimate form of YouTube engagement. Especially positive comments about a video help in increasing overall watch time. The YouTube algorithm takes these interactions into consideration and the video can become popular in search activity. This will help in its circulation beyond your YouTube subscriber base.

Tips For Enhancing Youtube Comment Engagement

Tips for Enhancing Comment Engagement

If you want to grow your YouTube channel, it is very crucial to enhance comment engagement about your videos. Naturally, any good content is capable of fetching organic comments. But, this may not be adequate for a thriving video content marketing initiative. You need to take a professional comment marketing strategy. This should prompt your viewers to engage with your content.
Some tips for enhancing YouTube comment engagement are,

  • Respond to comment feedbacks:
    Being a creator, you should be very responsive to the comments from your subscribers. Take every comment as feedback and try to respond to them. Your replies and likes for comments will encourage viewers to post more comments. This will elevate YouTube as a platform for genuine conversations and increase viewer engagement.
  • Feature best comment screenshots on social media:
    People love recognition. It gives them a sense of achievement and celebrity-like status. You can select a few positive comments from your subscribers and flash them through different social media platforms. This will encourage your subscribers to post more YouTube comments. It will also provide organic reach for your YouTube channel.
  • Giveaways and contests based on comments:
    Established You Tubers regularly run giveaways and other contests for their subscribers. This can be based on multiple criteria. It is a good strategy to open a giveaway for the best comments or the most liked comments. This creates enthusiasm among your subscribers and the giveaway acts as an incentive for commenting. You can expect a multi-fold increase in your YouTube comments.
  • Commenting on other creator’s videos:
    As a content creator, collaborations are very important for you. But jointly creating content can be very challenging. Posting comments on other popular YouTube channels is very beneficial for you. You can post positive comments or post your video links as a response to some questions. This will increase traffic to your channel and can fetch you YouTube subscribers.
  • Interactive content making:
    This an aspect that drives most lifestyle and travel vlogs. The aspect of seeking viewer preference on content topics. Most YouTubers encourage their subscribers to comment about topics for their next episode. This drives a lot of comment engagement and subscribers feel honored. You can also conduct Q&A or livestreaming sessions that are driven by comments. 

Benefits of Comment Engagement

Digital marketing through targeted content requires a lot of effort. It is very important to use all the resources to the maximum. The main asset for any YouTube channel is its subscriber community. Your content visibility can multiply by engaging them properly. Encouraging your subscriber to comment on your videos is a major step in promoting this engagement. The major benefits of comment engagement are:

  • Multifold increase in YouTube views
  • Increase in advertising revenue
  • Mechanism for constant improvement through feedback
  • Strengthening subscriber community cohesion
  • Higher search rankings and channel visibility

Apart from increasing ‘likes and ‘shares’, you should also focus on increasing YouTube comments for your videos. This should be a major milestone in your digital marketing strategy.

YouTube content creators are in high demand. Channels with a huge subscriber base are a major medium for advertising. It is a known fact that quality content with consistency is important for the growth of your channel. But it is equally important to expand your YouTube subscriber community. As a video content creator, you should take this aspect as a high priority. Your efforts behind each video become fruitful only when viewers engage with your content positively.

Promoting healthy conversations about your videos is the best way to engage your subscribers. This can be done by encouraging your customers to comment on your videos. But for this, you need to have an active subscriber community. Growing your subscriber base organically is a time-consuming process. Nowadays, you can buy real YouTube subscribers through different agencies. This will help you in delivering world-class content marketing services.

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