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How To Create Beautiful Video Backgrounds For YouTube On A Budget?

How To Create Beautiful Video Backgrounds For Youtube On A Budget?

So you’ve decided that you want to start making YouTube videos. You’re already a fan of many content creators, and you have a decent idea of what you want to do. But there’s just one thing holding you back – your background. YouTube content creators don’t always start out with the best backgrounds. You may need to initially invest in your YouTube backgrounds.

Why are YouTube Backgrounds Important?

If you think about the kind of YouTube videos that gain the most real YouTube subscribers and experience growth, then you’ll notice one common pattern. All these content creators put effort not just into the content they are presenting, but the environment they are presenting in as well.

Would you rather watch a video presented well, on an attractive and relevant background? Or would you opt for a video where the background looks cluttered and messy, and keeps drawing your attention away from the actual content?

A good background isn’t always just for aesthetics. You may also need to use your YouTube background to present your content. This especially applies to corporate presentations. You may also need to use infographics or add videos and images to better present your idea in various kinds of videos.

There are four key ways that a good background can help you gain real YouTube views and subscribers. They include:

  • Better presentation, which gives you more subscribers and views
  • Professional looking content
  • Integrate videos and images to better present your content
  • Showcase your video editing skills

Depending on the reason behind why you need to create your background, there are different approaches you can take. You can either manually create a space that you can use as your background. You can also use a green screen, and then edit your preferred background into the video.

How Do You Create Beautiful Backgrounds for YouTube?

Before you start working on your background, you’ll need to have the following items handy:

  • Lights, preferably LED, to add brightness and clarity
  • A good video editing software
  • A good quality camera or smartphone

With these three pieces of equipment, you can rest assured that you can bring any kind of background you want, to life.

Even if you’re on a budget, there’s a lot you can do to create DIY backgrounds for YouTube at home. There are various approaches you can take, and kinds of backgrounds you can manufacture. Depending on where you choose to create the background, you may have ample space and locations available to you, or you may have none.

The good news is that there’s a solution for everybody, irrespective of the kind of background you want to create. Some of these methods may be more expensive than others, but you can easily accommodate them within your budget.

Here are five ways you can create amazing video aesthetics for YouTube:

How Do You Create Beautiful Backgrounds For Youtube?

1. Create a Space for Your Background

If you have a room or space available, then you can transform that area into your new YouTube background. There are various inexpensive ways you can transform your space. And with a little good video editing, you can ensure that the final video comes out looking good.

You can make use of inexpensive decor items, or DIY items you want to add to your space. If you don’t mind spending on items slowly as you gradually grow your space and background, then you can add grand touches to your room as well.
Even if you’re on a budget, it’s very easy to find inexpensive yet quirky items that can help you bring your space to life. If you’re making a commentary channel, then you’re bedroom could easily become you’re YouTube background.
In all these cases, it’s important to first take a picture and video of what your space looks like in its current setting. Then, from the perspective of the viewer, you need to add design the interior of your room. A simple search on the internet can yield great results when it comes to inexpensive items that can help you spruce up your space.

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2. Natural Backgrounds Using Different Spaces

If the idea of having just one YouTube background turns you off, then there are two options you could take. One is using a green screen, which we’ll talk about soon. And the other involves making use of different backgrounds and spaces around you to create dynamic backgrounds.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to get quality backgrounds without putting in a lot of work, this could be the solution for you. One thing you do need to consider however, is that you may not be allowed to shoot videos everywhere. So if you were thinking of going down to your favorite coffee shop to shoot your video, then remember to call them ahead of time.

Those who are seriously considering using different world spaces to create video aesthetics for their YouTube backgrounds should also take into consideration transportation. You’ll need to move all your equipment to these different locations every time. This can include over time, various cameras, lights and stands. This means having a vehicle handy, or knowing someone who can help you transport your equipment, could be very handy.

3. Solely Relying on Video Editing

What you see in the real world can translate to the camera very differently. If you only want to use your smartphone or video editing software, then that gives you lots of options as well. This is easily possible even within a budget, as various quality video editing apps are available on Play Store and App Store.
For your laptop or PC, consider getting the best video editing software you can. If you want the watermark to disappear from your videos, then you may need to upgrade your software.

Video editing software lets you add colors, lighting and effects to your videos. Even if the actual background looks different, it’s possible to turn your whole video brighter, darker, or give it a color tint. Keep in mind that your skills with a video editing software will get better with time, especially if you’re a beginner.

With a video editing software, you can easily create the background you want and transform your space.

4. Green Screen

If you want to completely transform your background without actually changing it in real life, then the chroma key technique could be for you. Chroma key is the technical term for green screen. In a green screen, the space you want to change is superimposed with the background you want. The green color of the screen is the space within which this change can happen.

So if you want to change your whole background, then the whole space being recorded by your camera should be covered with a green screen. What you can do if you can’t purchase a professional green screen, is use green muslin cloth instead.

Green muslin cloth is a good alternative, and the texture of the material will make it easier for your video editing software to superimpose the new content. You should take care to not wear anything green yourself though, as it could easily result in that space getting superimposed as well.

Green screen editing can give you professional looking YouTube backgrounds where no one can tell the difference between real and fake. It’s often used by news channels and in corporate presentations.

5. Use Lighting to Change Your Background

Another inexpensive way you can transform your YouTube background, is with the help of different lights. You can use the lights to create a space of any color you want. Smart LED lights for example, let you switch between multiple color options. You can also consider adding fairy lights, cure neon lights, and other touches to add more color to your background.

Sunset lamps and projector lights can also help you create beautiful video aesthetics for YouTube. This technique doesn’t require a lot of money, and you can easily transform your space using it. Given the many options available, you can also be flexible with your background and keep using different color options for different backgrounds.

Ambient lights in particular can create great video aesthetics.


These five techniques are some of the most common ways you can change and update your YouTube backgrounds. Quality video aesthetics can help you gain traction for your videos, and result in real YouTube subscribers. If you want to experience growth and gain YouTube views, then consider getting a good YouTube background.

A good video editing software is an absolute must if you want to create great backgrounds. You can even use free apps to gain great editing and video effects that can enhance your videos. If you follow these tips, you can ensure that you gain YouTube growth in no time.

You can also consider creating DIY backgrounds. With a little time and effort, you can easily create striking and creative ways to transform your YouTube backgrounds.

With so many options available to you, creating the ideal background for your YouTube videos is simpler than you think. Simply choose your budget, the kind of YouTube background you want, and create a plan that can help you bring your video aesthetics to life.

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