Do you want a Lifetime Pro Plan with for Free?

We have a big YouTube success tip to share with you today and we cannot stress the importance of this one…it’s that you NEED a webpage!

Why do you need Clicly?

Have you ever noticed that all the biggest, most successful YouTube channels have a webpage? If you haven’t, we are sure you will start noticing now. A webpage gives them the ability to showcase everything they have to offer, not just their YouTube channel, Instagram profile, Facebook page…etc. It allows them to show everything!

We understand having a website can be very costly and time consuming to make, not to mention difficult, so we went in search for you and found the perfect solution. This solution is not only free, but it’s extremely simple and you can create and launch your own page in less than an hour. The solution is Clicly:

Clicly allows you to create a free page with a branded URL using their extremely simple drag and drop builder. You can spend 10 minutes creating a “good” page or an hour creating a “great” page. The pages are simple in nature, but highly effective!

Here’s an example page that was recently created: – links to other social media accounts were added, as well as his YouTube videos and a few pictures. You can add a lot more different widgets than this example! Here is another example page:

PRO TIP: Once you create your own Clicly page, add it as your “Website” inside your YouTube channel profile AND add it into the description of all your new and old videos. This way, you will get maximum exposure to showing all your viewers/subscribers everything you have to offer. Don’t stop there though…add it to your Instagram profile description, your email signature and everywhere else you can think of. The more exposure, the better!

The exciting part is you can get their Lifetime Pro plan, for free!

For a limited time, Clicly is giving away “Pro Plans” for free, for life! Instead of paying $8/month for their enhanced features, they will give you this Pro Plan for free, forever.

If you are interested in this offer, here is what you need to do:

No catch here, but to be granted this lifetime Pro account for free, you do need to do the following:

✓ Step 1 – Register a free account:
✓ Step 2 – Create a quality page. Here is an example of a quality page:
✓ Step 3 – Post your Clicly URL as your “Website” on your YouTube channel. Here’s how: Click Here
✓ Step 4 – Post your Clicly URL in the description of ALL of your YouTube videos.
✓ Step 5 – That’s it! Use the form below to submit your YouTube Channel URL and Clicly Email Address so we can let the owner of Clicly know.

Once you have done the above steps, the owner of Clicly will review your page and YouTube channel and then grant you a Pro account, free for life!

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