Tips to Create the Best Description for Your YouTube Channel

Brainstorming and finalizing content ideas. Check.

Creation of creatively engaging content. Check.

Tweaking and optimizing the final video. Check.

Analyzing, researching, and choosing killer tags for your YouTube channel video. Check.

Compose a compelling video description. Check.

If you are one of those YouTubers checking off all these essential steps to creating an engaging video for your YouTube subscribers, stop right here and think again. Aren’t you missing something? Most YouTubers make this simple yet harmful mistake of overlooking one of the most important features of marketing your YouTube channel: a good YouTube channel description.

It is very easy to get confused between a YouTube channel description and a YouTube video description. They both may sound similar, but they are quite distinctively different, and absolutely necessary to draw the attention of your potential YouTube channel subscribers. So, let’s begin by understanding the difference between the two:

  • A YouTube video description – This is the text presented below each of your videos. This text has to be an attractive, short description of the content in your video that helps your viewers decide whether to watch it or not.
  • A YouTube channel description – This text appears on your channel’s ‘About’ page and helps viewers understand what types of videos they can watch on your channel. It gives you more information including links, hashtags, and schedules. It appears as the last tab in a row of options along with Home, Videos, Playlists, Communities and Channels.

Unfortunately, most YouTubers tend to ignore the YouTube channel description, thinking that viewers will not be interested in checking out the ‘About’ page. Well, I am here to tell you that this is the most critical blunder you may ever make. If you truly desire to generate good traffic on your YouTube channel, you must be able to write a well-researched, compelling and creative channel description. This description is critical in boosting your channel subscribers, SEO, video views and watch time because this text appears in YouTube’s ‘suggested search’ function and Google’s search results. If you do not have a good channel description, chances are higher for viewer traffic to be very low on your channel. YouTube being second to Google as the world’s most popular search engine should help you attract viewers by generating visibility for your brand.

But fret not! We will help you access the depths of your mind to compose a well-tailored YouTube channel description. You will only be allowed 1000 characters (including spaces) to write a good description, so make sure that every word counts. Use some of these tips and tricks to write a killer description.

Without further ado, let’s cruise on.

1. Describe Your Channel.

This might seem like the most obvious tip, but you will be surprised at the number of people who get this basic goal wrong. Your description must tell the viewers what they can expect to see in your videos. You can explain what they may hope to learn, and unique benefits offered by your videos. Keep in mind that they should be able to quickly grasp your quick-witted humor and undisputable charisma through the text. Don’t unnecessarily use big words and overcrowd the text because this will fail to attract attention.

2. Include Specialized Keywords.

Choose wisely 3-4 keywords that best describe your content to maximize search traffic for your channel. It is important to note that YouTube’s algorithm places a lot of importance on the keywords written on your ‘About’ page. Make sure to type in the best keywords that describe your channel and use them a couple of times or more for increased traffic. But make sure you do NOT overstuff the keywords as they may get flagged as ‘keyword stuffing’. Let’s also be careful about the spelling and grammar.

3. Insert Links.

Do not forget to add links to your website, online store or social media. Viewers should be able to research and find you easily on the internet to know you are legit and not some scammer wooing them. You may also add an introductory video or a trailer to your channel. Links are the best way to earn credibility for your work from the viewers.

Make an Upload Schedule

4. Make an Upload Schedule.

To make your channel more attractive to viewers, include a video schedule to ensure that your subscribers keep coming back for more. This is a powerful way to increase traffic since some people love following video schedules to know what they can expect from you throughout the week or month. It is a great way to engage with your viewers and facilitate growth of your channel. All your real YouTube subscribers will be waiting for the updates so don’t make them wait too long!

5. Call to Action.

Your channel will finally get that extra edge, if you can instigate your viewers to take the next step or perform the next action. This action could be whatever you require the viewers to do for your channel’s growth. For instance, subscribing to your channel, commenting on the videos, suggesting topics for the next video or signing up to your email list. Here are a few examples,

  • If you’re ready to roll for our next workout session, simply click on the subscribe button to get updates on my next video!
  • If you are new to my channel, check out my previous videos given in the links below and subscribe to my channel for some more humorous takes on Bollywood movies!
  • Comment below on what you would like to see next and of course don’t forget to subscribe by clicking on that bell icon for some fun videos.

6. Know Your Audience.

Use language, words or phrases that your viewers will relate to in a very smooth, and natural manner. Your text must be able to connect with your audience and convey your message aptly. Be careful with your lingo because not all age groups know the current trends of slang.

7. Focus on the Beginning of your Description.

The first 125 words of your description appears in search results above the fold while the rest remain hidden. This is crucial to grasp the attention of your viewers. Mention your top keywords and create a compelling first few lines of text. Here are a few examples,

  • Want to be more charismatic and confident? We make videos to help you learn how to be more confident, how to make people laugh…. [Charisma on Command- YouTube]
  • Over 500 free full length workout videos + new workouts every Monday! [FitnessBlender- YouTube]

8. Utilize Timestamps.

Make sure you add timestamps to your description so that viewers can skip to the content they want. These timestamps are extremely useful for long videos, tutorials, music albums and educational content. Viewers will find your channel way more convenient than the rest with this feature.

9. YouTube Analytics.

This marvelous feature allows you to understand which keywords are creating the most traffic, so that you can insert them sufficiently in your description. Again, be sure to not stuff keywords, as this may prove harmful to your channel. You can also use this feature to discover new keywords that you might have missed earlier.

10. Credit to Sources.

If you used music tracks or inserts of videos in your YouTube channel, make sure you give credit to the sources at the bottom of the description. You can also provide links to their social media or YouTube channels to establish some rapport with the collaborator. You can increase growth of viewers on your channel by collaborating with popular YouTubers.

What Should You Avoid Doing in Your Description?

While compiling your YouTube channel description, make sure you follow YouTube’s guidelines and avoid violating their terms. As they say, it is better to be safe than sorry!

  • Copyright Infringement is a huge no no.
  • Avoid content that violates the community guidelines.
  • Do not use special characters such as ^ < > because it will be removed.
  • Avoid vulgar or violent hashtags that violate community guidelines.

There are plenty more ideas you can incorporate for a compelling YouTube channel description such as adding hashtags to increase traffic. Be careful not to use more than 15 hashtags in your description, doing so will result in YouTube ignoring all of them. For more ideas, you can check out channels of popular YouTubers.

Understand necessary specificities of their content and increase the growth of your channel by drawing inspiration from them. Of course don’t plagiarize, try to develop your own unique style.

Once you nail your YouTube channel description, don’t forget to go back to your video content and ensure that it relates to the description. The last thing you want is for the viewers to be miffed at inaccurate descriptions of the channel. Though all this may seem like hard work, we promise you that it pays off! There you go, now you know how important it is to craft good descriptions. Let’s get started.

How to Create a YouTube Channel Trailer?

In terms of logged-in users based on monthly usage, YouTube comes only behind Facebook at just over 2 billion people. When you consider that videos on the platform can be viewed without logging in or even creating an account, it’s safe to say that the actual number of YouTube viewers is much higher.

If you’re a content creator who has recently started a YouTube channel, one of the best things you can do apart from uploading videos consistently is to create a YouTube channel trailer. Once you upload the trailer, it will appear and automatically play at the top of your channel’s homepage whenever a viewer visits it.

In this post, we’re going to share with you the whole process of creating a trailer for your YouTube channel – right from the beginning to the very end. Apart from that, we’re also going to share some tips with you so that you can create a compelling trailer that makes a great impression on every viewer who visits your channel. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Step 1

The first step involves accessing the ‘Your channel’ page, which you can access only when you’re logged into YouTube. So log in and move the cursor over to your profile icon, which is located in the page’s top right-hand corner. Click on the icon. Once the drop-down menu appears, click on the ‘Your channel’ option.

Step 2

Next, you have to move your cursor over to and click the button titled ‘Customize Channel’.

Step 3

The ‘Customize Channel’ page is where you can upload your YouTube channel trailer. Simply click the ‘upload a video’ option that features blue-colored text. You can find it under the ‘Home’ tab right under the ‘Uploads’ section.

Step 4

In this step, you’ll need to fill up all the relevant information about the video in the description section. Don’t forget to include preferred SEO tags that will allow your YouTube channel to be found by viewers across various search engines. Once all the relevant descriptions and tags are filled up, click the ‘Publish’ button.

Step 5

In this last step, it’s all about setting the video you just uploaded and published as your channel trailer. Go back to the ‘Customize Channel’ page and head over to the ‘For new visitors’ tab. You should see the video you uploaded right at the top, and in the center of the thumbnail, there will be a ‘+ Channel trailer’ clickable button. Click on it and save all the changes by clicking on the ‘Save’ button. And that’s it! You’ve successfully uploaded and set the trailer for your YouTube channel.

Tips for creating a great channel trailer

Now that we’ve taken you through all the steps you need to follow for uploading and publishing your trailer, it’s time to take a closer look at some tips that you should keep in mind when creating the trailer. Remember, how your trailer looks, sounds and feels will play a key role in your YouTube marketing efforts. So read on and know what you need to do for creating a trailer that’s sure to captivate both your existing audience and new visitors to your channel.

The trailer should be 30 seconds – 1 minute long

The trick to getting your trailer just right is to give out enough information about your channel without giving away too much. Feel free to draw inspiration from the trailers of your favorite movies. You could also check out the trailers on your competitors’ channels and take notes of what elements they consist of.

No matter where you turn to for inspiration, remember to make your trailer unique. After all, no one would respect your channel if your trailer feels ‘ripped off’ from some other content creator’s channel. Also, make sure that your trailer doesn’t go beyond the 1-minute mark. Anything that’s more than a minute long is almost sure to not be viewed by your audience until the very end, which would defeat the purpose of the trailer.

Include your target audience and backstory in the trailer

Right at the beginning of your trailer, you should clearly mention the target audience of your channel. So if viewers belonging to the right target audience group visit your page, they’ll be able to tell within 5 – 10 seconds of the trailer that the channel is for them. The same goes for visitors who aren’t your target audience. They can leave your channel page without spending more time on it than they need to.

Also include your backstory in the trailer. Mention why you started your channel and what you hope to achieve through it. It’s your backstory that will make your trailer more unique than those of your competitors, because after all, no two backstories will be the same.

Include your target audience and backstory in the trailer

Personality-based pitching

Your success or failure as a content creator on YouTube depends on the number of people who subscribe to your channel. So, obviously, you’d have to include a call-to-action in your trailer that asks all your visitors to subscribe to your channel. However, you should pay a lot of attention to how you pitch, i.e. whether or not the pitch reflects your personality and the style of your channel.

For example, if your channel has a formal and serious feel to it, the pitch should be something along similar lines. However, if it has an informal and casual vibe, feel free to get creative with your pitch.

Include snippets from previous videos

If you’ve already uploaded and published some videos, it’d be a great idea to include snippets from them in your trailer. This would help new viewers to know exactly what they can expect from your content. Use those snippets as a ‘B-roll’, which is nothing but alternative or supplemental footage that plays as you narrate your story.

Of course, this is in no way compulsory, and it’s impossible if you haven’t yet published a single video. But the fact is that the quicker you can give new visitors concrete information about your channel, the more convenient it becomes for them to decide whether to stick around or leave. Simply making things convenient will also help to create a good impression of you and your channel in your visitors’ minds.

Prepare a script

Most content creators on YouTube prepare elaborate scripts for all their videos. A script helps a creator to know exactly what to say when shooting a particular video. Without it, you’d have to speak spontaneously, which would invariably result in frequent ‘aaahh…’ and ‘ummm…’ sounds as you try to find the right words. The more you use these sounds, the harder you’ll have to work during the editing process as you try to stitch your video together.

While content creators mostly create scripts for their extended videos, it’s not a bad idea to adopt this technique for your trailer too. Considering that your trailer won’t be more than 30 – 60 seconds long, it shouldn’t take you too much time to prepare its script. After all, you wouldn’t want to spend too much time on editing your trailer – ideally, you’d want to get it done as quickly as possible.

Don’t forget the branding

The colors, fonts, graphics and logos you use across all your videos should be consistent, as they are the basic components of any brand. Establishing your brand identity is vital during the early stages of your YouTubing career, as it’ll help your viewers connect to your channel and make your channel stand out from your competitors.

The best way to go about the branding process on your own is to choose your favorite colors and fonts. For example, if your favorite colors are blue and green, you can include incorporate both of them in your logo. Once again, get creative and of course, turn towards other YouTubers for inspiration and learn from them.

Keep it positive

What would your response be if you went to a YouTube channel for the first time and were greeted with a trailer where the creator doesn’t really appear happy? You wouldn’t like it at all, right? Similarly, when new visitors come to your page, you’d want them to see you smiling and positive because that’s what new audiences find warm and welcoming.

That’s why your trailer should exude positive vibes. For starters, wear a smile and be as approachable as you can be. Make people feel like you can give them something really interesting in the form of content that’s not only entertaining but informative as well.

In conclusion, we’d like to sum up this post by saying that creating a top-notch trailer for your YouTube channel is something that you just can’t ignore anymore. It’s one of the most important parts of your YouTube marketing strategy. So work on it and create something that’s truly unique and memorable – not just for your existing audience but for new visitors as well. We wish you all the best in your creative journey on YouTube.

How You Can Get the Best Out of the YouTube Algorithm Functioning

As per the statement from YouTube CPO, Neal Mohan, people spend more than 70% of their time watching recommended videos on YouTube, with the mobile viewing session being approximately 60 minutes. Four-hundred hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube each minute. So, if you want to see a growth in your business, gain more real YouTube subscribers and YouTube views, as well as find a way to maintain the interest of your existing YouTube subscribers, it’s worth learning about the YouTube algorithm.

The YouTube algorithm doesn’t just guide the viewing behavior; it also affects decisions you need to make about the video content, length, the timing of uploading the video, use of keywords, as well as the inclusion of a Call To Action, all of which ultimately determine the success of your YouTube marketing strategy.

Algorithm changes over the years

Before 2012, the number of YouTube views a video received is what determined video ranking, resulting in people using clickbait titles to gain a higher view count. Complaints were raised as these clickbait title videos didn’t deliver what they promised, resulting in an algorithm change in 2012, where watch time and session time were used to rank content. Even then, creating longer videos helped to gain higher rankings through an invariable increase in watch time and session time, but this put a strain on YouTubers.

AI and machine learning were added to the YouTube algorithm in 2016, changing the kinds of video being uploaded. In 2019, algorithm changes were made to ban “borderline content.”

The main aim of the YouTube algorithm is to provide viewers with the type of content they want to watch while maximizing viewer engagement as well as satisfaction in the long term. Before jumping into how your business can benefit from the YouTube algorithm, you need to understand how the algorithm works in the first place.

How does YouTube algorithm work?

The YouTube algorithm provides users of the platform with content they’re most likely to be interested in and engage within different sections of the platform- channel subscriptions, search results, trending streams, notifications, homepage, and suggested/recommended videos. Viewers stay on the platform and are encouraged to visit regularly as they are being provided with videos they’re most likely to enjoy.

The algorithm functions to encourage uploading videos that viewers will engage with more as opposed to focusing on measures like the number of YouTube views/clicks. Factors that influence video rankings by the YouTube algorithm include:

  • Click-through rate
  • The type of content people watch
  • Watch time for your video
  • Other videos from your channel that users have watched
  • Growth of the video’s popularity (view velocity)
  • The novelty factor of a video
  • Frequency of uploading videos
  • Users’ session times
  • How recently a video on the same topic was viewed
  • Viewer engagement in the form of likes, dislikes, shares
  • ‘Not interested’ feedback
  • User location and demographic details

Here’s a breakdown of the YouTube algorithm functioning on different sections of the platform:

Search results

The factors that affect the search rankings of your video on YouTube the most are keyword usage and video relevance. Videos are ranked in search results based on how closely the metadata, such as titles, keywords, and description, match the search query.

Relevance is also measured in terms of the extent to which your video has already engaged users in terms of likes, YouTube views, and watch time. Search results are also affected by the number of your channel’s videos users already watched, as well as when they last watched a video on a similar topic as your video.

Homepage and suggested videos

YouTube’s algorithm works to keep users on the platform for longer, thereby, being able to get them to see as many ads on the platform as possible. Content is suggested for users based on past user activity, and the type of content users already engage with. Videos are ranked based on the engagement they’ve generated for similar users, frequency of video viewing on a particular channel by viewers, videos on similar topics, as well as the number of times each video has already been shown to users. Diversification of their suggested videos on feeds and homepages is also done as viewers are more likely to watch content for which they receive recommendations from several channels.


YouTube’s trending page has a balance of new as well as popular videos from the country the user is in. To maintain a balance between popularity and novelty, the view count, as well as the rate of growth of YouTube views, is considered for every ranked video.


Your YouTube subscribers can find all your recently uploaded videos on the subscriptions page, where they can also see videos from other channels they’ve subscribed to. View velocity is the metric used by YouTube for subscriptions to determine platform rankings. With view velocity, the number of your YouTube subscribers who watch videos as soon as they’re uploaded is gauged so that videos with a higher view velocity will gain higher video rankings. The number of real YouTube subscribers you have who actively engage with your content is also taken into consideration while determining video rankings.

Improving your organic reach on YouTube

Improving your organic reach on YouTube

Now that you know how the YouTube algorithm works, here are some ways to increase the organic reach of your videos so that you get more YouTube views as well as YouTube subscribers.

Optimize your videos for search using the right keywords

Make sure you’re using the right keywords, and there’s clarity in your metadata, including the video description, tags, and caption. As far as descriptions are concerned, draw your reader’s attention with the first few lines, packing them with relevant keywords without overdoing it. Remember, though, that using longer descriptions will mean that the most important information should be made visible to viewers before the “Show More” is displayed.

Analyze search traffic sources

The Search Report of your channel can provide valuable information about the search terms being used by people to find you. Make it a point to use more of these terms in your video titles, keywords, and descriptions so that you can see a growth in the number of your YouTube subscribers and YouTube views.

Transcribe and translate your video

Adding subtitles is a great way to make sure viewers will continue watching your videos even if the sound is off. While you can make use of auto-generated captions in different languages, your search ranking can be improved if you choose to upload closed captions/subtitles on your own for your video, as then the file is also indexed for search.

Translations of your video titles, subtitles, and descriptions make it possible for your videos to reach audiences who speak different languages.

Customize thumbnails

Ninety percent of YouTube’s most popular videos make use of customized thumbnails as opposed to auto-generated ones. Customized thumbnails have greater attractive value and can boost your number of YouTube subscribers and YouTube views by getting people to click on your content. Close-ups of emotive faces/action shots work well in thumbnails. Make sure to utilize the “rule of thirds” for your thumbnails as it helps to reduce the time taken for the brain to process an image.

The addition of text to thumbnails is also very important as most users watch YouTube videos today on their phones, which means that the thumbnail is going to stand out in comparison to the title. Make sure the text you use communicates what the video relates to, without viewers even having to read the title to find out.

Branding your thumbnails can also be a great way to direct attention to your video. Maintaining consistency in the format on your YouTube channel with branded thumbnails can help viewers spot your channel from among several suggested videos with similar-looking thumbnails.

Encourage your viewers to finish watching the video

Grab your viewers’ attention from the very beginning and select your video length by paying attention to analytics. Use jump cuts if needed in your videos so that viewers don’t have to look at one shot for long. For longer videos, include interruptive moments to help viewers re-focus their attention.

Encourage binge-watching of your videos

The most important aspect of encouraging binge-watching of your videos is to have a focused premise on your YouTube channel. Other methods include directing viewers to other videos on your channel using cards, end screens, and watermarks, and linking your latest video to a playlist of your videos.

Focusing on making a series instead of a one-off is also a great way to naturally ensure your videos pick up where the previous one left off so that viewers are encouraged to keep watching.

Help viewers subscribe to your channel

With more YouTube subscribers, your videos can achieve a greater reach organically, so convince your viewers to subscribe.

Promote on other platforms

Make sure you cross-promote your videos on other platforms, including blogs, email marketing, and other social media platforms. Growing your YouTube subscribers and optimizing your content for search engines is crucial information used by the YouTube algorithm to suggest videos to users.

Monitor analytics

Evaluate what’s working and what isn’t for your YouTube marketing strategy through analytics, which can provide you with information about viewer drop-off, peak posting time, and subscriber behavior, allowing you to adapt your strategy accordingly.

How to Go About with Keyword Research for YouTube Marketing?

In the present era of digitization, YouTube marketing has come to assume an extremely crucial place in the entire digital marketing landscape. There are quite a few reasons why YouTube has become the second-largest search engine, falling just after its parent company Google.

With a user base of more than 2 billion people worldwide, the video-streaming platform has emerged as the go-to medium for video-lovers. Anyone who wants to find information on something, such as a tutorial video or step-by-step guide video, simply goes to YouTube, searches for a term in the search bar, and finds a gamut of videos. It’s simple and quick.

The increasing preference for video content and the growth of YouTube as a popular video streaming platform has brought YouTube marketing to the forefront these days. Brands across the globe, irrespective of their niche, are leveraging the power of YouTube videos to engage, inform and entertain people. Much of the success of brands depend greatly on the kind of video content they are sharing with their YouTube subscribers.

However, getting real YouTube subscribers and a large number of YouTube views isn’t something you can achieve in a day. Most YouTubers struggle for years to get the much-coveted 1000+ YouTube subscribers. Just like written blog content, which needs to be keyword-optimized for it to appear on Google’s SERP, your YouTube videos should also have the searchability factor.

The significance of keyword research for YouTube marketing

You may have come up with the best-of-best video content, but all your efforts will go in vain if your audience cannot find your content on YouTube. This is why you need to focus on keyword research and video SEO. You can harness your potential to get a huge number of YouTube subscribers and YouTube views when your channel becomes visible to your target audience.

Keyword research is an extremely crucial component of the entire video SEO process. It holds great significance in YouTube marketing for the sheer reason that it can make or break a video campaign. Video marketing is an expensive affair, and not being strategic about the content and its distribution will only be a recipe for disaster and loss.

As a savvy marketer, you should aim to keep your video marketing costs as low and your ROI as high as possible. This is the reason why your primary step before running full-blown YouTube marketing campaigns should be to conduct a thorough keyword research. When you get this step correct, your audience will be able to find you easily on YouTube. In the end, you can see the number of YouTube subscribers as well as YouTube views and shares soaring.

Going about keyword research for YouTube marketing

Now that you have got an idea of how important keyword research is for YouTube marketing, you may be wondering how to go about with the process. Fret not, because keyword research isn’t tough as most novice YouTube marketers perceive it to be. If you need guidance, then look no further than the step-by-step guide below:

Start with YouTube’s Autocomplete

The intuitive nature of YouTube is clearly reflected in its autocomplete feature, which is the easiest way to go about with keyword research. The keywords suggested by this feature of the platform give you a fair idea of the popular phrases that are performing well. It’s pretty much YouTube telling you itself that these are the keywords that are searching the most on the platform.

Take, for instance, you are the owner of an e-commerce store that sells organic food items. You wish to educate your audience about your products by creating YouTube videos because this content can win the trust of YouTube users.

Type, for example, “organic olive oil” in YouTube’s search bar. When you do that, you will be suggested a number of keywords instantly. You can use these keywords and even related keywords after another search to come up with your own list of keywords.

Know what your competitors are doing

YouTube marketing does not happen in silos. You will have to be aware of everything that’s happening around in order to come up with valuable and meaningful content. Even it comes to doing keyword research for YouTube marketing, you will have to take into account what your competitors are doing in the space.

For this, you should stick to comparable competitors from your niche while doing a keyword research. Try to find competitors with approximately the same number of YouTube subscribers. YouTube channels with a huge number of real YouTube subscribers can get the best results by using broader keywords instead of long-tail keywords.

When you identify a competitor, sort out their videos by filtering the “Most Popular” ones. Analyze the video title and video description of all their top-ranking videos and see what keywords they are targeting. This will give you a good idea of what you need to be doing too.

Find out Video Result Keywords

Every video marketer leveraging YouTube will want to get the top rank on YouTube’s search results. That’s a great pursuit. But what’s even better is getting your video ranked on both YouTube and Google. When the top two search engines feature your YouTube video, getting real YouTube subscribers and achieving growth becomes a huge possibility.

For your video content to rank well on search engines, you need to identify “Video Result Keywords.” One crucial point to note here is that Google does not rank a video in its SERP for every single keyword. It only ranks videos for specific keywords. These keywords that yield a video result on Google are called “Video Result Keywords.”

More often than not, “Video Result Keywords” are related to topics like tutorials, sports, and funny videos. So, you should search these keywords properly on Google before finalizing your main keywords. Optimizing your video content around these keywords will surely help you get many YouTube views.

Leverage YouTube Analyzer for topics

Leverage YouTube Analyzer for topics

The topics around which you create video content for YouTube marketing have a huge influence on the success of your brand. People visit YouTube looking for information on topics that pertain to their current situation. The COVID-19 pandemic is a classic example to cite here. During the lockdown and panicky times, people across the globe resorted to YouTube to stay up-to-date with valuable information.

But staying abreast with the latest trends and coming up with relevant YouTube videos can be challenging. To help you with that, you have YouTube Analyzer, which can assist you in topic and keyword research. You can get tons of amazing content ideas here and learn more about the finer aspects of YouTube marketing. These include the average video length, comments and engagement, and upvotes versus downvotes.

Use a keyword research tool

Crafting a YouTube marketing strategy isn’t a piece of cake. You will need a lot of data to back your decisions because one uninformed decision on your part can damage your brand greatly. It’s a given fact that keyword research is a critical component of the entire video SEO process. But its cumbersome nature often leads marketers to miss out on vital details that could have made a huge difference.

To make the job of video SEO strategists slightly easier, you can use a dedicated keyword research tool while crafting a YouTube marketing strategy. Once you enter your keyword type into their search bar, you will be presented with a variety of keyword ideas to choose from.

Most of these tools also provide valuable details about the search volume and clicks that each keyword gets. You can go for keywords and key phrases that show high numbers for both these parameters. You should also know that most of these keyword research tools show rounded yearly averages for keyword search volume. So, you should keep seasonal or declining trends in mind before finalizing your keywords.

Run YouTube ads

Last but not least, you can create and run a YouTube ad to show your video content on YouTube search for any search term. These ads can be used prior to making any heavy investment in full-fledged video campaigns to know the effectiveness of your keyword research.

Create a YouTube ad by targeting a few popular keywords in your niche. Run the campaign for 30 days and see the Search Terms report at the end of the period. The report will clearly show you the number of impressions your ad received for every keyword used.

However, you should note that the number of impressions that your video gets because of a particular keyword is often an underestimation of the search volume. That’s because the ad won’t show the impression for every keyword search. Nonetheless, it can surely be used to roughly estimate the potential search volume of the keyword.

The above are some of the ways in which you can go about with keyword research while running YouTube marketing campaigns. The video-streaming platform is quite a competitive space, and you will have to stay ahead in the game. It’s only through effective keyword research that you can come up with video campaigns that gives you growth in YouTube views and YouTube subscribers.

How to market your eCommerce store on YouTube?

When you are looking for options to market your eCommerce store, there are numerous channels and platforms that come to your mind. From a website to an Instagram account, businesses are trying out various methods to boost their sales online. One such revolutionary yet odd option for businesses to try out is YouTube.

Using YouTube to market your eCommerce store can be one of the most viable and cost-effective channels to try. The world’s most famous video sharing site can be the blessing you need to not just gain a prominent position in the market but to also get closer to your customer base. Not sure why you should market your eCommerce store on YouTube and how to go about it? Let’s have a closer look at the benefits and best practices for the same.

Benefits of using YouTube to market your eCommerce store

Before we get into how one can use YouTube to market their eCommerce store, let’s have a look at the benefits of doing so.

Worldwide audience with massive traffic

Like we already mentioned before, YouTube is the most popular video sharing site in the world. It is used internationally by billions of users and to choose to market your eCommerce store on YouTube opens up numerous opportunities to expand your customer base. Plus, you can also make use of the massive traffic that the site receives every single day. No matter the customer base you are trying to target, you will find excellent opportunities regarding the same when you market your eCommerce store on YouTube.

Rank higher on Google search engine results

You might often see video results when you search for something in Google’s search engine. Whether you are looking for a particular song or a review on a certain product, you are likely to receive video results at the top of the web page. This is made possible because optimizing your videos for SEO on YouTube can help them rank higher in Google search engine results as well. Likewise, if videos related to your eCommerce store do well on YouTube, they will enable you to gain visibility in Google search results as well.

Get closer to your target customer base

One of the biggest reasons for customers to alienate from a certain brand is that they do not find them warm and welcoming. If a business cannot connect well with their customers consistently, they come off as aloof and cold resulting in losing their customers. Excellent video content can help your brand develop a warm and charming personality that comes with a personal touch. Your customers will love watching your videos and connecting with the content you are sharing. Plus, interacting with them in the comments section can help you strengthen such customer relationships further.

Market your eCommerce store on YouTube: Best Practices

If you are convinced about the untapped potential of YouTube in helping you increase your sales and build a larger customer base, the next natural question arises – How do I go about this? Owing to how large the world of YouTube is, it can get quite daunting and overwhelming to decide where to get started. Here are some of the best practices that you should keep in mind when you choose to market your eCommerce store on YouTube.

Market your eCommerce store on YouTube: Best Practices

Talk about the value that you offer

Consider this: You are a coffee brand that sells freshly roasted coffee beans. A person wouldn’t want to buy from your brand simply because you can offer them the product. They would rather buy coffee beans from a brand that can help them learn how to use these coffee beans the best, which roast would suit their taste palette and what equipment they need to make themselves a cup of coffee.

The key with YouTube when you are trying to market your eCommerce store on it isn’t to just talk about what your product is and what its features are. The idea is to push these features in the background and have an honest conversation about what value you can offer. So, try and come up with content related to how your products can offer value to your customers or how they can use your products to add ease and convenience into their lives.

Build partnerships with YouTubers

YouTube has become a powerful platform for influencers to connect with their audience and push them towards purchasing a certain product. In fact, the endorsement of a product by an influential personality on any social media channel can drastically affect the purchasing decision of your target consumers. When you are looking to market your eCommerce store on YouTube, consider building meaningful partnerships with YouTubers.

These YouTubers are essentially YouTube users who have a large number of subscribers. Even if you and the partner serve the audience in different ways, pick someone who you share a similar audience with. The key here is to not talk about your product to a huge customer base that is largely uninterested but to a tiny niche that is highly interested in purchasing from your brand regularly. You could either send free samples to this YouTube partner or build a contract with them where they endorse your products and you sponsor them.

Involve your customers directly

Why not turn your customers into your biggest brand ambassadors and get them to market your eCommerce store on YouTube? By involving your customers directly, you are showcasing yourself in the market as a brand that is loved by many and how others can get value in a similar fashion. One of the best ways around this is to host a contest asking your customers to upload a video to YouTube in which they talk about what they love about your product and why they love it.

This could either be a simple product review video, an ad or even a short film. This will help you turn your customers into your voice where they will endorse your products to their own audience. Remember, always give your customers some incentive to upload such videos. Setting up a cash reward for the ‘Top 3’ videos or sending your winners gift cards can be amazing incentives to be given out.

Address negativities around your brand

We always strive to build a brand that never has to go through any negativities in the market however, bad press is ultimately unavoidable. YouTube offers a fantastic platform for you to be able to address this negative press and salvage the situation well. To clear up the situation, create a mindful and explanatory video where you address the situation thoroughly and offer an explanation or an apology.

For eg. If you are a sports accessories company and have been receiving extremely negative press about not being an environmentally conscious company, you can prepare and post a YouTube video to address the same. If you haven’t been following regulatory norms, offer an apology and talk about how you plan on changing things going forward. However, if you are an environmentally conscious company and are taking all measures necessary, create a video featuring a tour of your manufacturing plant and show all the processes that are contributing towards ensuring lowest possible pollution levels.

Keep an eye on the analytics

You can be as creative with your content on YouTube as possible however, you also need to take care of numbers at the end of the day. YouTube offers a comprehensive set of analytics features that help you understand how well your videos are doing on the platform. Important analytics features on YouTube include interactions, viewing time, click on cards, average duration, location of users and traffic sources. Each of these analytics features help you identify what your strengths and weaknesses are.

When you are trying to market your eCommerce store on YouTube, it is very important that you treat it like any other platform where you are trying to make sales. If you notice that your viewers are ditching your videos right in the first thirty seconds, you might need to work on grabbing their attention better. Similarly, if you notice that your viewers are watching your entire video but you still don’t see any changes in sales, you might want to include cards in the end of your videos as a CTA to redirect them to a particular landing page. These analytics can help you pave a way forward and take care of everything you are doing wrong in your YouTube marketing strategies.


There was a time when YouTube was simply a platform where people heard songs and watched videos. As time has progressed and the business world has become more digital and advanced, companies have shifted to numerous online platforms to market their products and services. One such platform to have taken the eCommerce world by storm is YouTube. If you are new to the market or are simply looking for new channels to boost your eCommerce sales, use the above tips to help you get a kickstart. When used smartly and consistently, YouTube can be one of the most viable platforms for you to market your eCommerce store.

How Does YouTube Track Your View Count & Easy Tips To Get More Views On Your YouTube Channel?

You’ve been consistently uploading videos on your YouTube channel for a while now. A looming question has been on your mind, though. It concerns YouTube views. So far, you have not been tracking the metrics closely. But, if you are serious about growing your YouTube channel, maximizing the platform, or making sales, it may be time to gain a better understanding of how YouTube works.

What counts as a view?

YouTube only counts a view when:

  • 1. A user clicks on a video with the intention of watching it, and,
  • 2. The user watches the video for at least 30 seconds. If a viewer skips through a video but stays on it for longer than 30 seconds throughout, it will still count as a view.

Experts are not sure what exactly counts as a view for videos that are shorter than 30 seconds. The 30-second watch time limit only helps YouTube decide whether a video is worth being monetized. Videos shorter than 30 seconds are usually not monetized.

The view tipping point = 300

If you want to measure the success of your channel by the number of views your videos get, it will help to understand what YouTube considers as a view. Back in the day, YouTube would count each time a video was loaded as a view. It did not take them long to figure out that people would just continue to reload the page of their own video to rack up the view count artificially. Since YouTube displays popular videos on the home page, people could game the system to rank higher.

When the view count is lower than 300, the same reloading system works and does not affect YouTube’s website. When the view count exceeds 300, YouTube has engineered its platform to freeze the views until they can establish on the back end that the views are legitimate. This is all done to prevent overcrowding of user’s home pages. YouTube wants to provide its users with the results that are most accurate and authentically popular. Videos that have bots as viewers or most of their views from the same computer have faked their popularity, a practice YouTube actively discourages.

YouTube is smarter than watch bots

YouTube spends time analyzing the behavior of its users. If it notices a user jumping to another video every 30 seconds, without a logical, realistic pattern, it will assume the user is a bot and stop counting the views from that user. Similarly, YouTube does not count the view of a user who leaves spam comments across videos.

Why views matter

It’s important to note that YouTube’s algorithm values watch time, not just views, for monetization. Likes are not as important, either. Whether the video is liked or detested, YouTube looks at how long the user stays on. To get that watch time, you have to get those views. So, it’s a good idea to prioritize views over likes. In the next few sections, we’ll look at some tactics for YouTube creators to increase their views.

It starts with your content

Viewers have become smart enough to smell low-quality content. Quality is not indicated only by the production value of your videos, but also by the authenticity that it reveals. Gary Vaynerchuk, the social media mogul, started his YouTube channel posting mobile camera videos of him tasting wine. People enjoy his unique point of view, so they tuned in to watch, irrespective of the production quality. Soon enough, Vaynerchuk got better equipment and began making smoother videos.

Where do you get ideas for great content? Most YouTube creators will tell you the same thing. They ask their audience. Asking your audience what they want to see and giving them value for their time. That’s the starting point of getting more views.

Get your viewers to subscribe

Get your viewers to subscribe

Look after your old customers while you steadily grow your base is the best piece of business advice for healthy growth. It’s the same with YouTube. Asking your viewers to subscribe to your channel will give you the chance to notify them every time a new video comes out. This results in higher views.
How do you get viewers to subscribe? The formula that many successful YouTube creators use is to ask at the beginning and end of each video.

Create a playlist

According to data from YouTube, top-performing brands on the platform build and promote playlists two times as much as the bottom 25%. Playlists work well because they take away the user’s effort to decide what to watch next. Grouping similarly toned videos into a single playlist will leverage auto-play, and an interesting cognitive bias at work called “loss aversion.”
Loss aversion is the theory that people fear losing something twice as much as the pleasure they feel at gaining something. Applying this to YouTube videos, auto-play makes users feel heavy about losing out on the opportunity to watch the next video. They choose to keep watching.

Use end screens and cards to promote other videos

End screens that appear at the end of the video can be used to redirect people with a clickable call-to-action. People can be redirected to another video, your website, or your social media page. Cards are pop-ups that appear in a video to direct viewers to another video or playlist. Cards can also be used to gather data from viewers in a poll format of what they would like to see next.

Enable embedding on your videos

Now, you’ve got great content and real YouTube subscribers to your channel. Let’s say you got feedback from a subscriber that they tried to share your video on their website or blog but could not do so. The reason they can’t? Because you may have forgotten to make your videos embedding enabled.

By enabling embedding, you open up the possibilities of reaching new audiences. If a subscriber shares your content on their website or blog, they will generally copy the embedding code onto their page. If they share it with their followers, you could have a spanking new set of subscribers on your YouTube channel.

Foster a community

YouTube is not just about posting content. It works well for creators when they treat it like a social network. Creators who respond to comments establish a stronger brand among their subscribers. It takes a few minutes a day and it can be clubbed along with scrolling through the comments to check for new content ideas.

Creators should also become active members of their own niche community. Follow other YouTube channels in your niche. Engage with them by commenting on their videos. Promote their content generously, which will earn you Watch Time credits that boost your channel in the YouTube algorithm.

SEO up your videos

YouTube is, at its core, a search engine and offers lots of opportunities where optimization can be done. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of crafting content such as video titles, descriptions, tags, etc. to organically improve visibility on a search engine. YouTube, like Google, factors in multiple components of your video to decide whether to show it in certain search results.

Legendary copywriter David Ogilvy wrote that when the headline to an advertisement is written, eighty cents out of the dollar has been spent. That speaks to the importance of an eye-catching headline. Pay close attention to optimizing your video title.

Jazz up your thumbnail images

When uploading your video, you can choose a thumbnail image from one of the auto-generated options. We advise you not to do that. Instead, create your own thumbnail to hook the viewer. YouTube reports that 90% of the top YouTube creators opt to create their own thumbnail rather than use any of the auto-generated options.

Thumbnails require creativity but a stand-out thumbnail can really help you stand out. Try to include bright colors, human faces, subtle branding, and text overlays. Check the technicalities of a YouTube thumbnail, too, and make sure to get them precise.

Publish videos at the right time

What’s the right time? It’s when your audience is most likely to be watching videos. YouTube has data about when your followers are watching videos. Scan your “When your viewers are on YouTube” report. You will gain information about the key times your users are online. You can then schedule content an hour or so before those peak periods. You should be able to access the report from the Analytics tab on your channel home page.

It’s your turn now

We hope this article sparked your creativity to boost views on your YouTube channel. It comes down to the authenticity of your content and your level of engagement with viewers and the community. Optimizing your channel by using the platform to the fullest can also help with the technicalities of the YouTube world.

The viewers have the power to make or break your channel, so you need to respect that community. Just because it is virtual does not mean that everything you do online does not hold weight. Treat your online following and community with respect and you will reap the dividends.

TubeBuddy Review


The world is moving towards a content revolution. Multiple content and social media platforms are breaking the physical boundaries of entertainment. As a professional YouTuber, you would prefer to make use of the virtual world to the maximum. But to be a professional YouTuber, you require proper content management and promotion skills. Nowadays, many YouTube tools and add-ons are available for managing your YouTube channel. Tube Buddy is a major free browser extension that is very popular among content creators on YouTube. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive TubeBuddy review. The features, advantages, and shortcomings of this extension will be discussed in detail.

YouTube – Everybody’s Platform

The evolution of video content creation owes much to the new age social media platforms. The older methods of television and motion pictures require multiple types of equipment and broadcasting technologies. Now, a normal smartphone can play the roles of a 4K camera, video editor, and broadcasting tool all at the same time. The advent of video-sharing platforms such as TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube simplified the process of video making. Nevertheless, YouTube is the undisputed leader in the video content sharing space. It boasts of more than 2 billion visitors a month.

The popularity of YouTube transforms it into a suitable avenue for advertising and growth marketing. The option of revenue sharing makes this a lucrative platform both for creators and advertisers. But monetizing content on YouTube requires an efficient support system that helps in quality content delivery consistently. This requires expertise in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), hashtags, social media sharing, etc. If you are looking for the right YouTube management extension, Tube Buddy is a very good option. Our review is a result of experimentation and multiple interactions with lots of YouTube creators like you. We are covering the main features of this extension in this Tube Buddy review.

SEO – The Holy Grail of Content Promotion

The aspect of YouTube Monetization is effective only if you have a sizeable subscriber list. This helps in multiple content views, thereby increasing the prospects of YouTube Ad viewership. The Ad revenue is based on the number of views for your videos. At this juncture, you would always want your content to reach the maximum number of audience. This is indeed a humongous task that requires a proper marketing strategy.

According to recent reports, there are more than 37 million YouTube channels around the world. Additionally, you are probably competing with approximately 500 hours’ worth of content that is created every minute. How can your channel stand out in this vast ocean of content? Search engine optimization and proper analytics are the key tools to make your YouTube channel a success. This, along with proper keyword placements, make sure that your content is ranked high on search engines. If you fail to understand these dynamics, your content may go unnoticed. In simple terms, SEO is an apt representation of online viewer preferences. It stands for the details of what people are searching for online. Knowing SEO techniques and keyword dynamics helps you to increase traffic to your YouTube channels. It makes your channel and episodes search engine friendly.

Tube Buddy is a YouTube management extension that is quite popular. Does it help grow your YouTube channel? Is it worth the money? You might also have many such questions in mind. In this TubeBuddy review, lets us look at every aspect of the extension and understand its effectiveness.

Tube Buddy Review of Pricing Plans

Tube Buddy Review – The perfect YouTube Partner

If you are very serious about the growth of your YouTube channel, you should also be thinking about ways to promote it. Quality content alone cannot draw enough viewership to your channel. It requires multiple techniques to optimize your episodes to search engine exposure. In this context, you would be familiar with Tube Buddy, an all-in-one browser extension that helps manage YouTube channels. Our review will be very useful for understanding both its features and shortfalls.

Tube Buddy is a free extension that works with Chrome and Firefox internet browsers. Once installed in your browser, it automatically syncs with creator studio allowing multiple productivity tools. This acts as a powerful tool for increasing your video viewership. The basic set of tools in TubeBuddy can be divided into three segments based on their use.

1) YouTube SEO Enhancement

Manual work for SEO enhancement is quite a time taking process. For a creator like you, it may become an additional layer of work that robs your time off from making quality content. Tube Buddy automatically analyses the YouTube algorithm and provides you with appropriate keywords. The keyword explorer is helpful, along with tag suggestion, is designed to place your video in the limelight according to the trends. In addition to this, it also provides suggestions on the best time to post your video so that it reaches the maximum audience.

2) Analytics

There is a vast amount of data that is available with the use of social media. This big data is very useful for getting insights into viewer preferences. Advertisers use these insights for better placements of their ads both in terms of content type and the time of broadcast. You also should be well aware of the analytics and its applications for your channel. It helps you know which of your episodes performs better. This is a crucial insight for making content that grabs the attention of the public. Tube buddy provides insights from multiple analyses in a way that is easy to understand. It has features such as rank tracking, competitor details, subscriber retention analysis, etc. These are shown as simple dashboard metrics and you don’t require any analytical skills to decipher them.

3) Advanced Tools for Productivity

Several advanced productivity tools require a special mention in this Tube Buddy review. This helps in planning and automation of several tasks while uploading the video. Thumbnail generator is a major tool that suggests attractive thumbnail icons based on your video. Similarly, Tube Buddy also offers a tool for direct publishing to your Facebook account while uploading the video. The comment moderation feature is also worth mentioning.

This segment is our overall TubeBuddy review showcasing the general features. While using this extension, you can experience a wide array of features with multiple functionalities. In the next segment of the review, we can explore some of those distinct features.

Detailed Tube Buddy Review on Special Features

Detailed Tube Buddy Review on Special Features

After the installation of Tube Buddy, you can notice that your YouTube dashboard will transform into a powerful YouTube management station. In this segment of Tube Buddy review, let us look into those features.

1) Upload Checklist

When you are a professional YouTuber, you clearly know content preparation is only half the game. There are many things you need to complete before and after uploading your video. Most often, people tend to forget these aspects, and this can negatively affect your channel viewership. The upload checklist feature in Tube buddy is a simple, no-nonsense tool that works wonders. It carefully organizes all the tasks that need to be completed while uploading your video. Starting from title creation to social media sharing, it reminds you of all these activities in a checklist format. You will definitely find this tool very useful.

2) Tag Management

Tags are the magic ingredient that defines the current trends in social media. Aligning your tags with the relevant words makes it easily discoverable for a viewer. Tube Buddy offers various services related to tags such as tag lists, rankings and translator. The tag ranking helps in determining the position of your tags in search results. The tag list option is very helpful in storing a set of tags that you can fetch at the time of posting a video. While posting, Tube Buddy also offers a tag sorting option that reorders your tags as per relevance. It is highly recommended as YouTube doesn’t have the tag reorder option anymore.

3) Keyword Explorer

Keywords are the perfect matchmaking for a content creator and the viewer. Knowing relevant keywords will give you a better understanding of what people are searching for on YouTube. Eventually, proper keyword placing increases the search rankings of your video. It will be easy for your viewers to find out your videos through a normal search. The good news is that this feature is available on the basic Tube Buddy plan also, but with limited categories.

4) SEO Studio

As the name suggests, it is a powerful tool that helps even amateurs to handle search engine optimization. It optimizes the video metadata for the given keywords automatically. Using this, you can create appropriate titles, tags and related metadata for your video. Due to this, your video will easily show up in popular searches. According to our experience, this is a major advantage of an extension like Tube Buddy.

5) Bulk Processing Tools

The growth of your YouTube channel also means that you will have multiple episodes to deal with. Managing each of these videos individually can be a difficult task. The bulk processing tools on Tube Buddy can make your creator life a lot easier. It helps you to select all or a set of videos for initiating changes to all with a single click. This is applicable for cards, end screens, thumbnails and monetization options. We found this option to be very useful and it gives a consistent look to the videos. Such consistency is very important for subscriber retention.

6) Canned Responses

Your subscribers are your greatest strengths. This is an undisputed truth. But while they engage with your content by commenting, your response matters. It is true that replying to each message is a daunting task. The canned response is an uber-cool feature that helps you to draft pre-written messages that can be used in multiple locations. It comes with a place holder that helps you customize the message for your channel. It is a real time-saving feature that will help you navigate through the mundane task of repeated responses.

7) Comment Management

The comments section is a real and instant review of your video content. Beyond the ‘likes’ and ‘shares’, it captures the sentiments of your viewers. The comments can be both positive and negative. But manually going through each comment for understanding these sentiments is impossible. The general comment management system on YouTube is not that user-friendly. The comment filtering feature in TubeBuddy allows you to segregate the comments based on their tone. Like an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system, it deciphers the viewer’s emotion by analysing the words and tone of the comment. This will give you many insights for improvement. It also highlights new subscribers and Patreon supporters that you may need to engage with.

8) Videolytics

The video content landscape is highly competitive. It is a real-life ‘survival of the fittest’ situation. Analytics is the key to survival for any YouTuber. The Videolytics feature of Tube Buddy is the short form for video analytics. This powerful feature provides you advanced details regarding trending videos and competitor videos. It has multiple stats that help you to compare your videos with competitor videos. The summary dashboard shows a comparison of likes, comments, and shares for different videos.

9) Channel Comparisons

TubeBuddy has a wide range of metrics that help you compare your YouTube channel with similar channels. It provides a unique ‘Channelytics’ feature that compares critical parameters between two channels. The feature has a user-friendly interface and graphical displays for better insights. The channel valuation tab is another weapon in the analytics arsenal. This feature is critical for monetization. It depicts your channel’s worth and insights on how much to charge for advertisements.

10) Health Report

Health report in this extension is a feature that tracks the performance of your channel and videos in a consistent fashion. It works similar to the stats option in blogs where you can analyse the trends over various time periods. It shows details of most-watched videos, engagement rate, retention, and audience demographics.

11) Promotion Tools

In the digital age, content is king only when it is promoted properly. TubeBuddy doesn’t disappoint in the department of social media promotions. Indeed, it has features dedicated to managing multiple social media platforms. You can share the video directly to popular platforms such as Twitter and Facebook with a click. The feature provides you suggestions on the best timings for publishing and sharing your videos on different platforms based on traffic. The share tracker option is a boon while you are dealing with many platforms at the same time. This helps to keep track of the platforms on which you have shared your video.

Tube Buddy Review of Pricing Plans

Tube Buddy Review of Pricing Plans

Tube Buddy offers different plans that suit your needs. The basic plan is free and comes with very limited functionalities. Apart from the free plan, there are three plans –

  • 1. Pro: it includes productivity tools, thumbnail generator, and keyword search. Price: US$ 9/month
  • 2. Star: in addition to the pro tools, it offers bulk processing, monetization tools, and scheduling features. Price: US$ 19/month
  • 3. Legend: it includes all pro and star tools. It packs additional features such as analytics, competitor insights, etc. Price: US$ 49/month

Comparing the pricing plan with similar applications, it is clear that TubeBuddy is relatively cheaper and value for money.

Tube Buddy Review in a nutshell

In a nutshell, our TubeBuddy review suggests that even with a basic plan, this is a must-have for your YouTube channel. We can summarize the advantages and some disadvantages of Tube Buddy as follows.

The main advantages are –

  • A user-friendly extension that requires minimum technical capabilities
  • Real-time competitor analysis and insights
  • A complete package with powerful features
  • Affordable pricing plans and value for money
  • Good integration with popular social media platforms

Nevertheless, like any extension, Tube Buddy also has minor drawbacks that may be rectified in the upcoming versions.

The disadvantages are –

  • It normally supports only a single YouTube channel, and for multiple channels, there is a requirement of creating multiple accounts with Tube Buddy.
  • Many features are not available on the basic plans. This might be a limiting factor for starters as high-end plans are costly.

Considering all these factors, Tube Buddy is a low-cost and complete package for your YouTube channel.


We hope that this TubeBuddy review adds value to your decision-making process of choosing a proper YouTube management extension. Our Tube Buddy review suggests that it is surely a high performer that is affordable. If you are looking to expand your YouTube channel, this is a must-have extension. It is user-friendly and offers features that are unmatched by its competitors. It is especially a handy tool when you are monetizing your channel. Sustained revenues from your YouTube channel is possible only when you manage it professionally. In the current market conditions, this is surely a pocket-friendly option. Amateur You Tubers can start with a free basic plan and gradually move to a paid option with respect to the growth of your channel. So, don’t hesitate. Do visit today itself and start your free trial and feel the difference.

How To Use YouTube To Promote Your Spiritual Business During The Coronavirus Pandemic?

Spirituality, YouTube and the COVID-19 pandemic

The world today is grappling with a pandemic— the coronavirus or the COVID-19 pandemic. This is something that the present generation of people never imagined. It’s true that humanity has witnessed a couple of pandemics in the past, but there’s something different about this one. It was hard to imagine how a small virus that originated in China’s Wuhan province would permeate international borders and bring the entire world into its icy clutches that discriminate against no one.

People worldwide are leaving no stone unturned to stand strong in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. The world has changed in a jiffy with lockdowns, stay-at-home orders, social distancing norms, and business closures. The times are tough, but just like any other challenge, the pandemic comes with a powerful lesson for humanity to learn. Believe it or not, it has thrown the spotlight on the idea of universal connectedness—something that shows we are all part and parcel of one large spiritual realm.

This is the time to focus on spiritual awakening and raising consciousness. The pandemic and the change in lifestyle resulting from it have pushed humanity to embrace spirituality even more than ever before. People have taken a step back and have started taking a closer look at their respective lives. This is an unprecedented period where people have started delving deeper into their inner selves and urging fellow human beings to do the same.

During the coronavirus pandemic, several spiritual practices, such as yoga and meditation, have come to the forefront to cope with the challenging times. If you believe in spreading awareness of these practices, then YouTube is the platform you should be on to grow your spiritual business.

Being the second-largest search engine after its parent Google, YouTube has become the go-to media for people seeking entertainment and information while staying indoors during the pandemic. As per a survey of social media users in the United States conducted in March 2020, 64% of people stated that they would use YouTube more if confined to their homes during the pandemic.

Promoting your spirituality channel on YouTube

So, if you have decided to cater to the spiritually conscious individuals during the coronavirus pandemic through YouTube, you should consider some best-practices for promoting your channel and getting real YouTube subscribers. It may sound intimidating initially, but with time and persistent effort, you can take your channel to enormous heights of success. Here are a few tips for using YouTube to promote your spiritual business during the pandemic:

1. Choose the right set of keywords

Just like a website or a blog, search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for the success of your spirituality channel on YouTube. The key step here is to understand specific terms that YouTube users enter into the search bar while looking for content. It seems that users don’t just look for video content using YouTube. Google is a preferred search medium for them too. Not to forget, Google prioritizes and adds more weight to video content over other forms of content while ranking.

This is the reason why you should pay attention to your keywords—the terms that people search for on YouTube and Google—to get YouTube views and achieve growth in your audience base. Choosing the right set of keywords does not involve a one-size-fits-all approach. But here are a few points to note:

  • Use a tool like Keyword Planner to identify search-friendly keywords.
  • Google out your keyword options to check how they rank on SERPs.
  • Scan the SERP to know if top-ranking results are written content or videos.
  • The video search results appear when you add words like “tutorial” and “how to.” For example, “how to perform yoga,” “the ultimate meditation tutorial is here,” or “how to meditate?”

2. Write catchy video titles

After you have selected your keywords to rank on search, you need to now focus on the titles of your YouTube video content. You should know that the title is the first thing your viewers will see when they come across your content. So, it should be concise, descriptive, and preferably punchy to create the right first impression on your audience and get more YouTube subscribers.

To come up with effective titles for your video content, follow the tips below:

  • Keep your video titles sweet, simple, and short. The ideal character limit is 60 or less.
  • The first half of your video title should include your target keyword(s) so that your viewers get valuable information. It’s the starting of a sentence that tends to catch the most attention of your viewers.
  • Your video titles should evoke an emotional response and showcase benefits, besides being moderately the click-bait style.

If you are unable to come up with a title for your video content, you can leverage the autocomplete feature of YouTube. This way, you can identify popular keywords and know what YouTube suggests when searching for a particular topic or theme.

3. Create a detailed profile

No matter how appealing your spirituality content on YouTube is, promoting your channel won’t give you much growth if your profile is incomplete. Just like your profile on other social media networks—be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the likes—your YouTube channel requires a compelling profile description to catch the eye of your viewers. Also, a well-crafted and well-optimized profile description can boost your SEO efforts and increase your YouTube views.

Creating a complete YouTube profile is easier than most people think. To help you through the process, here are some tips to follow:

  • Remain consistent throughout the profile-creation process. Use writing style, color, and layout similar to your website and other social media profiles.
  • Add relevant, search-friendly keywords to optimize your channel description.
  • Add your contact details so that people interested in your content can reach out to you easily.

Creating a complete YouTube profile is easier than most people think

4. Use custom thumbnails

Just like your video titles and description, thumbnails have a huge role to play in the success of any video marketing initiative on YouTube. Believe it or not, the human brain is tuned to absorb more information visually than through written content. Visuals are processed by the brain in less than thirteen milliseconds, which is why thumbnails are important to catch viewers’ attention.

It’s true that YouTube creates thumbnails automatically whenever a video is uploaded on a channel. However, these thumbnails tend to be slightly blurry at times. To increase your YouTube views and ultimately your YouTube subscribers, you can customize your video thumbnails. Here are some rules to follow:

  • Follow a 16:9 aspect ratio or a 1280×720 pixel resolution.
  • Stick to the 2MB size limit.
  • Use .JPG, .GIF, .BMP, or .PNG formats.
  • Encourage clicks and YouTube views by adding text, colors, and high-contrast images.

5. Focus on creating value

Your spirituality business can get more YouTube views and real YouTube subscribers only if you offer something of value to your viewers. This is the reason why you should pay heed to create high-quality and relevant content for achieving business growth. You should know that YouTube prioritizes the holistic experience of viewers while ranking video content. So, it’s all the more important to create video content that strikes an emotional chord with your YouTube subscribers.

Before you publish any piece of video content on your YouTube channel, you should consider its entertainment as well as the value quotient. Your video should address a problem that your viewers face—be it an emotional or mental health issue—and give them a valuable solution. Since the ultimate goal of your spirituality business is to enrich the lives of people, your videos should give your YouTube subscribers a reason to keep coming back to you.

6. Interact with your YouTube subscribers

Lastly, getting real YouTube subscribers will depend on how much you interact with your viewers and engage them. It’s just not about creating a piece of content and publishing it on your channel. You will have to maintain two-way traffic to attract and retain your YouTube subscribers. That’s only possible when you personalize your interactions and make your viewers feel valued.

The comment section is where most of your interactions with your YouTube subscribers take place. You should always respond to the comments given by your viewers. It’s likely that you will come across both positive and negative comments. It’s essential to take all of them seriously. Posting response videos is a good way to show that you care about your viewers’ opinions. Get in touch with your top YouTube subscribers, and don’t hesitate to thank them for their support.


The above are some of the many ways to promote your spirituality business on YouTube during the coronavirus pandemic. These times are challenging for everyone, and your business can truly make a difference in people’s lives if you focus on creating and publishing soul-enriching, superior-quality content. Doing so will surely help you get more YouTube views, expand your YouTube subscribers, and achieve incremental business growth.

What You Need to Know About YouTube Competitor Analysis?

You may be doing a lot on YouTube to build a loyal count of real YouTube subscribers, but unless you’re also tracking the performance of your competitors, you could be missing out on taking full advantage of the platform for your business.

With YouTube’s surge in popularity over the years, brands have understood that it’s important to use YouTube marketing to further business growth. Creating engaging videos for your YouTube subscribers will help you get more YouTube views and communicate your brand personality with your audience.

YouTube Analytics and Competitor Analysis aren’t the same

YouTube has an in-built analytics tool on the platform, which allows a brand to track its performance and growth. Using the YouTube Analytics tool, you’ll be able to see how your videos are performing, the demographics of your target audience, and measure other key performance indicators to identify which strategies are working and which ones aren’t. You can then make changes to your YouTube marketing strategy based on the YouTube Analytics tool’s insights.

While the Analytics tool gives you data about your channel, it won’t be able to offer you data pertaining to other channels. For this, you need to make use of YouTube Competitor Analysis tools. Using such tools, you’ll be able to access insights from data that will show you where you stand in relation to the competitors in your industry. This will allow you to draw comparisons between the content you put out on YouTube and the content uploaded to the platform by your competitors.

Based on the metrics you’re already tracking, you can see how your number of YouTube subscribers compares to that of your competitors. You can also draw a comparison between the number of YouTube views you get versus that of your competitors. Keeping track of such data and drawing the needed comparisons can highlight the things lacking in your strategy and help you pull your socks up so that you can work towards giving your brand an edge over the competition.

Why should I care about how my competitors are doing?

If you’re wondering why keeping an eye on your competition is important, here are some reasons you should consider.

Identify what’s lacking in your videos

When you track the performance of your competitors, you’ll be able to get access to details about what’s working for their videos. A successful video is about doing so much more than just having a good script and shooting a high quality video. It also involves video descriptions, tags, titles, and thumbnails. If you don’t sell it even through these elements of your video, a great video could be overlooked and fall flat of connecting with your YouTube subscribers. Tracking your competition will help you analyse all that they’re doing right with their videos and enable you to make sure your videos are made to create the impact you want and boost business growth.

Keep track of the trends and stay relevant

The digital world changes every day and you need to be able to adapt to the new trends in an industry if you want to stay relevant. You may feel like you’re already doing a pretty good job of keeping up with the trends in your niche, but you never really know what could be a source of inspiration online. When you do an analysis of your competitors, you’ll be able to learn different content creation strategies. You may even be able to identify certain types of videos that are trending in your niche. For example, a competitor analysis may reveal that tutorials for your products or unboxing videos work the best in your niche. Such information is crucial because it will enable you to adjust your content strategy to take advantage of the latest trends in your niche and get more YouTube views and YouTube subscribers for your channel.

Evaluate whether you’re reaching the right audience

Just because you’re getting more YouTube views on your videos doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re experiencing business growth. For you to truly be benefiting from YouTube marketing, you have to be getting a high enough return on investment to make the process worth it for you. Each niche has its own target audience and it’s important for you to cater to the needs of your target audience if you want to boost business growth. By keeping track of your competitors, you will be able to see the demographics of their YouTube subscribers and identify if you’re connecting with the right group online. Once you assess whether you’re reaching out to the right target audience, you can make the changes needed to build your YouTube subscribers and connect with the right audience.

The platform’s growth only increases every day and with more brands making use of YouTube marketing, there’s no dearth of options when it comes to what potential customers can access online. If you’re not offering your customers what they need, you can be sure that there will be a brand that is, so you need to track your competition to see what you can do to make customers flock to you.

Conduct market research and identify your competition

Ok, I’m convinced. But how do I conduct YouTube Competitor Analysis?

Having gone through the above reasons, we’re certain that you understand just how important it is to track your competition on YouTube. If you want to boost business growth and create more real YouTube subscribers, competitor analysis isn’t an option – it’s a necessity.

But you may be wondering how exactly to go about doing this. We’ve got you covered. Read on to find out how you can conduct YouTube competitor analysis to put your brand at an advantage.

Conduct market research and identify your competition

In order to be able to track the performance of your competitors, you need to identify who they are in the first place. Carrying out market research will help you identify your competition. Brands that have similar products or services and target the same audience are likely to be your immediate competitors. Identify them and then check how active they are on the platform to get started with YouTube competitor analysis.

Evaluate your competitors’ video content

Once you’ve managed to identify your competition, you need to study their videos carefully. Yes, we do them STUDY them. See what kind of videos they’re making for their YouTube subscribers and what types of content are most popular among your competition. Are they hosting giveaways? Are they relying more on tutorials, unboxing videos, product reviews, or influencer marketing to boost brand growth? Answering these questions will help you get inspired to make more engaging content for your YouTube subscribers based on what your target audience is engaging with. Apart from giving you ideas on making engaging videos for the platform, it will also help you identify where your content creation strategy is lacking so that you can work on it and upload content that your audience will love.

Monitor the metrics of your competitors

Think of the metrics you’d track for your brand’s YouTube channel and make sure you track the same metrics for your competitor’s channel. The number of YouTube subscribers they have, which of their videos are performing well, the likes and dislikes they get on their videos, the number of YouTube views they have for different videos and other metrics need to be carefully monitored so that you can draw a comparison between the metrics on your videos and the metrics on theirs. This way, you can identify what they’re doing right and where you will need to improve if you want to see growth in your key performance indicators.

Check how active your competitors are on YouTube

It’s not enough for a brand to just be present on a platform like YouTube. Truly successful YouTube marketers actively engage with their YouTube subscribers to boost the growth of the business. Assess how active your competition is on the platform. When did they post their last video, and how frequently do they post on their YouTube channel? How quickly do they respond to comments, and do they clarify any queries that their YouTube subscribers express? Making a note of your competitors’ activity levels can tell you a lot about whether you’re actively engaging with your audience on YouTube or whether there’s more that you need to do.

Identify gaps in your competitors’ content

As great as your competition may be, there’s always something more that they could be doing to level up on their YouTube marketing strategy. Keep a close watch on them and identify any gaps that you can in the content they offer so that you don’t end up making the same mistakes. Whether it’s something like video quality, ad placement, or lack of CTAs, by paying close attention to their content, you can identify what could be better about their content and ensure that you keep that in mind when you’re creating videos for your channel.

These tasks are time consuming which is why making use of competitor analysis tools for YouTube is necessary. Such tools will give you access to reliable data that you can draw insights from and use to drive your business’ growth.


Great YouTube marketing is incomplete without competitor analysis. Make use of YouTube competitor analysis tools to keep an eye on your competition and use the insights generated from such analysis to boost business growth.

YouTube’s Newest Features and How to Use Them to Your Benefit!

Growth is an integral part of every company. Businesses, small and large, look for opportunities to promote themselves and ensure that they continue to be a part of the competition. There are several promotional methods that companies adopt to expand. While large-scale businesses invest in advertisements in every channel, small businesses find investment to be a challenge.

The recent past has seen a lot of changes in the way we lead our life. The digital world is dominating every industry, from news and entertainment to education and advertising. The introduction of YouTube in 2005 and its growth into a promotional platform was unexpected by many. The platform is a haven for entrepreneurs and small businesses and YouTube subscribers from all over the world benefit from this platform.

YouTube has been an essential part of numerous real YouTube subscribers. Creators, who produce new video content and support the channel became a significant part of the platform. The content created by them increased the YouTube views and in turn, the number of users of this platform increased year over year. In support of the users, especially the creators, YouTube introduced several features. Here are some of the new features recently rolled out by YouTube for its creators and users!

For the creators

There are four new features that YouTube has recently launched that has been rolled out to the video creators. These features were previewed in the latest edition of YouTube’s ‘Creator Insider’ and were introduced to enhance videos and allow the creators to moderate their channel. If you are a creator, here is how you can use the new features to your benefit.

When is your audience online?

One of the four new features of YouTube was launched in April 2020 in a limited preview, and later was rolled out to all channels. In this feature, the creators are given access to data that allows them to know when their viewers or audience is online. It pinpoints which hours of the week the audience is most active in the channel. The feature helps the creators to determine the most ideal time to broadcast a live stream to increase YouTube views. Creators or channels that use this feature can choose and schedule the most suitable time to publish their content, based on when the audience is online. Though the feature sounds to be the best option to increase viewers, YouTube has announced that there is no conclusive evidence stating that it’s a good tactic.

Review inappropriate comments

Comments are a huge part of YouTube. It lets the creators know that their audience has an opinion to share. Not every person has the same opinion about content. While some viewers shared positive opinion on video content, others shared inappropriate content which would tamper the dignity of the channel. Soon as the ‘Hold Inappropriate Comments for Review’ was launched, YouTube flagged comments experienced a 75% drop. The contents were sent to be reviewed, and flagging them as inappropriate was an optional setting before. The new feature makes holding inappropriate content to review a default setting on YouTube with an aim to help the creators manage the comments and improve the quality of the conversation. When the setting is changed to default, creators will receive a notification on their YouTube Studio that the settings have been changed. The feature is available to all channels. YouTube aims to introduce 13 more languages to improve its accuracy in flagging down inappropriate comments.

Schedule community posts

YouTube is a platform that has improved its services to its users over the years. Not every new feature introduced by them is the brainchild of the experts sitting in their headquarters. YouTube respects its users and accepts valuable feedback that is considered to be a vital part of their growth. One such feature is the ability to schedule community posts, which are now available on your desktop’s web main application. It allows you, the creator to draft a community post to specify a future publishing date. The feature was heavily requested by most of the creators.

Video chapters

One of the new chapters that will soon be rolled out to all channels is the video chapter feature, which allows the creators to break down the video into different chapters. Breaking the video into different chapters allows the creator to enhance and improve the viewer experience. As a creator, if you want to use this feature, you must add a timestamp to your video description and make sure that the first one starts at “0:00”. It is also vital to remember that your video must have at least three chapters and each chapter must be no less than 10 seconds. You can opt-out of this feature as well. All you have to do is make use of anything but “0:00” as the first timestamp in your video description.

YouTube's Newest Features For the users

For the users

It is not just the video creators that support the growth of YouTube. Without users, the platform would not have experienced the growth that it has seen over the years. YouTube subscribers show their support as well, and hence, the following features were introduced to enhance their viewing experience.

Video chapters

The video chapter feature not only helps creators to improve the content they produce but also enhances the viewing experience. The feature makes it convenient for the viewers to jump to a specific section of the video and/or re-watch a certain part they wish to, and more. The new feature is introduced to all YouTube subscribers and includes a list that can be found by clicking on the chapter title in the player. Clicking on it will give a complete list of chapters that are included in the video with a thumbnail that allows the viewer to find the chapter easily. The feature not only saves time by jumping to the part that the viewer wants to watch but also improves the viewer experience immensely.

Streamline player

YouTube has made several changes over the years, and every change is to the benefit of its audience. One such change is the replacement of the caption button to a more prominent location on the player. The Caption Button (CC) was recently moved to the top of the video player (Mobile). The change was made to make it more accessible and easier for the user to switch it on and off as and when needed. In addition to the Caption Button, the AutoPlay button has been repositioned as well. It is placed beside the Caption Button. The repositioning of the buttons was made to ensure that users find it easy to find the controls instead of maneuvering through the player while the video is still playing.

Gesture controls

User experience is a vital part of any application, and in an attempt to improve audience experience, YouTube introduced gesture control in their apps. The gesture control feature gives more control over the video to the audience. It allows the viewer to exit the full screen by swiping up or down. Swiping up plays the existing video in landscape mode and swiping downplays it in portrait mode. In addition, simply tapping on the timestamp allows the user to switch back and forth into the video.

Suggested Actions

Several features of YouTube are still unknown to many users. Keeping up to date with every component of the application may be difficult for most users. In an attempt to help users, YouTube also introduced ‘Suggested Actions’, a feature that improves the video viewing experience. The suggested actions prompt the users to play a video in VR or rotate the phone for a better experience. For instance, if the video you are watching is better viewed on landscape mode, you will receive an action that will say ‘Rotate.’ These suggestions can be easily dismissed by pressing the ‘X’ that is displayed along with the suggestion. Right now, there are only a few suggested actions to help the viewers, and YouTube plans to introduce more.

Bedtime reminders

It is easy to get stuck inside the world of videos, and difficult to come out of. As a viewer, you may be in awe of all the videos that interest you, and continue to watch them without realizing that you have been at it for several hours. You can prevent getting stuck inside YouTube with YouTube’s Bedtime Reminders feature. The feature allows you to set reminders that prompt you to stop watching videos. These reminders can be set at any specific time that is most suitable for you. You can also prompt the feature to remind you about taking a break.

YouTube constantly updates its features and introduces new ones to enhance the experience of its creators as well as viewers. Real YouTube subscribers can take make use of all the new features to their benefit. The new features introduced by YouTube are aimed to offer their support to both the creators and YouTube subscribers. It will allow the creators to offer a better viewing experience to the viewers, and in turn benefit the creator, the viewer, and YouTube itself.

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