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Earn more by boosting YouTube watch hours on your channel

Earn more by boosting YouTube watch hours on your channel

The first YouTube video was an 18-second clip uploaded 15 years ago. YouTube now gets 500 hours of video every single minute. With millions of videos getting uploaded every minute, it can be quite challenging for new content creators to draw attention to their videos. So, what can YouTube content creators do? You should buy YouTube watch hours.

Want to know more? Keep reading.

What are YouTube watch hours?

Before you buy YouTube watch time, it is essential that you know all about it. The total amount of time that viewers watch your YouTube videos is your YouTube watch hours. Watch hours refers to how long your viewers spend watching your videos on YouTube. It does not measure the percentage of videos or the length of the videos being watched. As a content creator, your watch hours are more valuable than the number of views on your videos.

Do you want to earn money on YouTube? If yes, then you need to monetize your channel. You must have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers to monetize your YouTube channel. Another important criterion you must meet is 4,000 YouTube watch hours over the last twelve months. The YouTube channel monetization rules were revised in January 2018. Prior to that, all you needed were 10,000 views to monetize your channel and start earning revenue.

Many new content creators struggle to get the 4,000 hours of watch time that is necessary to monetize their channel. Why is it so? The reason is that you need to achieve the 4,000 hours requirement in the last 12 months. Even if you have been publishing videos on YouTube for more than a year, only those videos watched in the last 12 months will be considered. Also, your videos must be public to be counted as YouTube watch hours. So, live stream videos set to unlisted are not counted. If you set videos to private or delete videos, the watch time accumulated by them will not be counted. Your videos must remain public to accumulate the necessary watch hours.

Are you struggling to accumulate the necessary watch hours to monetize your channel? If so, it could be a good idea for you to purchase YouTube watch hours.

Why are YouTube watch hours important?

A key driver of the YouTube search algorithm is watch hours. YouTube promotes and ranks videos that have gathered more watch hours. Videos that gather more watch hours become more visible to other viewers on the platform. Of course, the platform also considers other factors, such as basic optimization and view count. However, the ultimate goal of a video is to keep the audience watching as much of the video as possible.

Whether you want to keep your videos entertaining, informative, or both, your focus should be on increasing the watch time of your videos. Unfortunately, people nowadays have an incredibly short attention span. Most content creators, therefore, create shorter videos that are high-quality, interesting, and engaging. The likelihood of viewers watching a video is a lot higher if the content does not seem like a huge time investment.

YouTube watch hours are also important to help you become eligible for the YouTube Partner Program. By becoming a part of the YPP, you get access to YouTube’s monetization features. 4,000 hours equates to 240,000 minutes. That is equal to the amount of time a person spends watching the content for 24 hours daily continuously for 166.66 days. So, you see, getting to the 4,000 hours mark is not easy, and that is why you can consider purchasing the watch time instead.

When you buy the hours, it becomes easier for you to reach the 4,000 hours mark. Once your videos are monetized, ads will start appearing on your videos, helping you earn advertising revenue. Not only do you start earning money from your viewers, but it also creates more engagement and coverage n the platform.

Why are YouTube watch hours important?

How do you benefit when you buy YouTube watch hours?

Are you worried that your videos are not getting enough views? Regardless of whether you are a content creator or small business, you need a considerable amount of engagement and traction to gain popularity on YouTube. For increasing engagement on YouTube, you need to focus on gathering more likes, comments, and views. If you are new on YouTube, it could take a significant amount of time to get recognized on the platform. An easy way to potentially speed up the process is to buy YouTube watch hours.

Here are a few proven benefits you get when you buy watch time:

Higher channel ranking

If you want to market your brand and widen your reach, there is perhaps no better platform than YouTube. However, it is essential for your channel to have a good ranking to achieve the same. There are several factors that impact your content’s ranking.

When you search for a topic on YouTube, YouTube’s algorithm gathers content pertaining to the specific topic and recommends videos to you. Watch time, user engagement, views, likes, and comments are an integral part of the YouTube algorithm.

To get a higher ranking on Search Engine Result Pages, you need to increase the number of views and engagement on your videos. You can increase engagement by posting high-quality content on YouTube. However, to increase the number of views on your videos, you can always buy them. Increasing your watch time is a quick way to enhance your video ranking because it increases the likelihood of your videos getting picked by YouTube’s algorithm.

Viral videos

It is not possible to become popular on YouTube overnight. You have to consistently post high-quality content to increase engagement and help your channel succeed. However, when you buy YouTube watch hours, it can help make your content go viral. The more watch time you gather for your videos, the higher the chances of YouTube recommending your videos. When your videos are recommended to more users, it automatically increases the number of views your content gets, helping your content go viral.
Viral content not only widens your reach but also helps you get ahead of the competition.

Increase subscribers

Every YouTuber, big or small, wants to increase their subscriber count. However, it could be a time-consuming process, sometimes taking years to increase the subscriber count. If you want to shorten the process and increase your subscriber count in a short duration, you should buy the hours.

When you pay for watch time, you increase the number of views on your content. The higher the number of views, the easier it becomes for more people to find you on YouTube, helping you increase your subscriber count. Increasing your watch time and, subsequently, views is one of the fastest ways to grow your channel on YouTube.

Increase credibility

Have you come across videos that proudly display the number of views the video has garnered? You must have. Many content creators post the number of views if any of their videos go viral. It is not uncommon to see videos with millions of views on YouTube. Most viewers get attracted to content that shows proof that others like it.

Think about it this way. You are looking for a specific topic on YouTube, say a vacuum cleaner review. You see videos with a million or more views and videos with just a few hundred views. What are you most likely to click? Most viewers would click videos that already have a lot of views. That is why channels that have a large subscriber base and a high number of views are more attractive to new audiences. New channels often have a tough time getting recognized on YouTube.

When you buy YouTube watch hours, you also increase your view count and subscriber base. It, therefore, helps you establish your credibility as a content creator on the platform.

Increase web traffic

Having more watch time and, consequently, more subscribers and views increase your credibility online. Enhanced credibility can be especially beneficial for small businesses. It can help you achieve authority status, helping you increase YouTube engagement, and drive traffic to your brand’s website.

When you buy YouTube watch hours, you should also create well-structured videos that promote your brand. It will help you drive high-quality traffic to your brand’s website. By increasing your watch time, you create a wider reach for your brand, capturing an audience that is truly interested in your content. Such web traffic can be immensely beneficial in increasing sales and revenue for your business.

Boost online earnings

Monetizing your YouTube channel is one of the most effective ways to boost your online earnings. Having ads on your videos and a high number of views can be a good way to earn handsomely through YouTube. You can increase your YouTube engagement by encouraging existing viewers to share your videos with others.

However, you can only monetize your videos provided you have 4,000 hours of watch time. If you are struggling to monetize your channel, you can pay for watch time and kickstart your online earnings. Also, having a higher watch time and more views can get you recognized by other brands. YouTube content creators can also earn quite well through sponsorships and collaboration with brands.

Focus on other marketing strategies

When you pay for watch hours, a big benefit you get is that you do not need to worry about increasing your watch time or views. Since you don’t need to focus on increasing your watch hours, you can divert your attention to creating more quality content or on other marketing strategies.

When you don’t need to work on strategies to increase your watch time and views, you can even take out time for yourself to relax.

What to keep in mind before you buy YouTube watch hours?

Are you thinking of buying YouTube watch hours? If so, there are a few things to keep in mind. For starters, the service works best on longer videos, such as 15-minute videos. Having longer videos also ensures that you get your watch time more quickly and efficiently. It is also equally important to offer high-quality content that offers something of value to your viewers. You cannot expect your audience to watch your videos if you do not offer quality content.

You must also keep these aspects in mind before you purchase watch time.

Ensure that the service provider is trustworthy.

You should make sure to only buy YouTube watch hours from trustworthy service providers. There are many fraud websites or low-quality businesses that dole out fake promises. If you buy from such websites, you will not only waste your time and money, you will also not get quality views. What is worse is that it could have a negative impact on the reputation of your YouTube channel.

Such websites and low-quality businesses generally create YouTube watch hours through a generator. These create fake watch time, and YouTube prohibits all methods that artificially increase view count or watch hours. YouTube can easily detect fake hours, which can lead to your YouTube channel getting suspended or terminated.

SubPals is a trusted name if you are considering buying YouTube watch hours. We provide high-quality views that are bound to increase the credibility of your YouTube channel. SubPals has helped thousands of customers grow their YouTube channels. We also do not ask you to provide your private information or account password, so it is extremely safe.

Besides the reputation of the service provider, you should also check how the views are delivered. For one, getting millions or thousands of views overnight is not possible. If your service provider promises to provide the views all at once, they will probably be automated bot views. YouTube easily recognizes bots, and you could end up harming your channel in the long run.

At SubPals, we deliver the watch hours in a reasonable time, over a period of a few weeks. We do so to mimic organic growth lowering the risk of YouTube spam protection flagging your video. We do not use bots, but users just like you. So, we deliver real high-quality views that increase engagement on your YouTube channel.

Pay attention to the demographics

A large portion of your views should originate from the location of your demographic. For instance, if you are a US-based YouTuber, the majority of your views should originate from countries like the US, Canada, and the UK. However, there could be certain exceptions. Say you are an Indian or Korean YouTuber based in the US, you may also have a considerable number of views from your home country.

In contrast, if the majority of your views originate from countries like China or Russia, it will immediately raise a red flag to YouTube. Your videos will undergo extra scrutiny, and there is also the risk of your videos being taken down.

Make sure there is engagement in your videos.

If your videos suddenly receive a ton of views, but there are no or very few likes and comments, it could raise an immediate red flag to YouTube. Therefore, creating engagement on your videos is essential, which is only possible if you buy YouTube watch hours from a credible service provider like SubPals. At SubPals, we provide quality views from real users, and so there is true engagement on your videos.

When there are a reasonable number of likes, dislikes, comments, and shares on your videos, it is not possible for your viewers or YouTube to figure out that the watch time comes from a third-party service provider. Getting a large number of views with absolutely no or little engagement looks unmistakably fake. Since buying views is usually looked down upon, you may lose not just your credibility but also harm your reputation.

You want to buy YouTube watch hours, but is it legal?

This is a question that disturbs many. Whether you want to take YouTube content creation as a full-time profession or a side gig, every YouTuber wants to grow their channel. You want to monetize your channel but that may not be possible unless you achieve a certain number of watch hours.
So, will buying YouTube watch hours land you in legal trouble?

Let’s answer that for you.

To be honest, YouTube does not support any activity that artificially increases your watch time or the number of views. The platform even has rules and regulations in place that could result in the removal of a video that garners fake views. And there lies your answer. You need to stay away from fake views, and that is exactly where SubPals can help you. The watch hours and views that we provide come from real users and not bots. Since these are real people watching your videos, they are more likely to interact and engage with your content. The better the quality of your content, the higher the engagement you can create.

If you are a beginner, you should buy YouTube watch hours to give your channel the initial boost. Once you become recognized across YouTube, you can concentrate on posting quality content to keep the engagement going and grow and expand your channel.

How do you keep track of your YouTube watch hours?

The number of views on a particular video is clearly displayed, but do you know how long your videos are being watched? Views represent the number of visits, but it does not show how long somebody has watched your videos.

Watch time is especially important for YouTube as a business. The more watch time it gets, the more ads YouTube can sell to its audience. More ads mean more money for YouTube and more money for the content creator. So, it is quite reasonable that the more watch time you create with your videos, the more YouTube is going to reward you. You not only earn more revenue, but YouTube also shares your content with more people, increasing the number of views you get and your subscriber count.

So, how do you find out how many watch hours your videos have generated? With YouTube Analytics, of course. Go to the Content Creators dashboard, and then click on Analytics. You will see an “Interest Viewers” tab at the top of the graphs. It shows you the average view duration box, and by clicking on this you get to see the number of watch hours your videos have accumulated.

However, the graphs do not take into account the length of your videos. If you want to improve your watch time, you should scrutinize every single video. You can click on “Videos” on the left to get a list of all the videos you have published. You can pick a video that you would like to analyze.

You could create an hour-long video, but what if no one is watching it beyond the first minute or so? What does it say about your audience retention? Audience retention is all about keeping your viewers interested for the entirety of the video. In the ideal scenario, your audience retention should be as close to 100% as possible. However, all YouTubers would vouch for it that it is extremely difficult to achieve. Nevertheless, you should at least try to aim for 50% audience retention or more.
How to increase your YouTube watch hours?

Watch time is equally important for YouTube as a platform and content creators on YouTube. There are several ways to increase your watch time, and we list a few of them for you below.

Improve audience retention

Keeping your audience interested and engaged throughout the entire video increases your audience retention. Basically, you need to provide content that your viewers would want to see till the end.

Here is how you can improve audience retention:

  • Keep your intros short and crisp. Most viewers decide if they want to watch a video or not depending on the first 15 seconds of the video. The next time you shoot a video, ensure to keep a short intro with hooking content to retain the interest of your viewers and prevent them from switching to another video.
  • Nothing increases your watch time as high-quality content. Besides focusing on the content of your video, pay attention to other aspects, such as camera angles, music, background, and more. All these aspects make your videos interesting, helping you improve your watch time.
  • Plan your content in advance and outline the structure so that your videos look polished and professional.

Boost session watch time

You can increase your watch hours by increasing your session watch time too. Session watch time refers to the amount of time viewers spend on YouTube during a session. From a business perspective, YouTube wants to keep its users on the platform for as long as it can to earn more ad revenue.

You can increase session watch time by creating playlists. You can club several of your videos on the same topic to create a playlist for your audience. For instance, if you make videos on health and lifestyle, you could add a few “weight loss” videos to a playlist and “exercise videos” to another playlist. If a viewer is interested in weight loss, they may be encouraged to watch your playlist, increasing your watch time.
Adding cards to your videos is another great way to increase watch time. It will be more beneficial if you add cards of what viewers are searching for.

Publish more videos

Publishing more videos is a good trick, especially for new content creators, to reach the required 4,000 hours to monetize your channel. Even if you have less watch time on each video, more videos mean that you can easily achieve your target watch hours.

Posting videos consistently and frequently also makes your channel active for search, helping you reach more viewers. When more people watch your videos, it is going to automatically increase your watch time.

Create unique and high-quality content

Nothing beats high-quality content when it comes to building your channel. All your strategies to grow your channel fail if you do not provide high-quality, fresh content in the first place.

You can choose to make videos on any topic, but ensure to give it a fresh twist to keep it interesting. Use interesting camera angles, catchy music, explain concepts easily, and more to keep the engagement level high on your videos.

Evergreen and trending are perhaps the most common type of content available on YouTube. Trending content may bring in a spike in your views immediately but they do not last long. However, evergreen content ensures that you get a steady stream of views for a longer period.

Promote your videos

Other platforms like Instagram and Facebook can also help you increase your watch time. If you have an Instagram or Facebook page, you can use them to promote your YouTube videos. Simply notifying your Instagram and Facebook followers that you have a new video on YouTube could encourage a stream of viewers to watch your videos. Don’t forget to provide a direct link to your YouTube video, so that your audience can directly click on the link.


Are you still contemplating whether you should purchase YouTube watch hours or not? Buying YouTube watch hours is a worthy investment. It helps you reach your target of 4,000 hours and makes you eligible to apply for the YouTube Partner Program to monetize your channel.

However, you must take extreme caution and research your service provider before buying watch time.

SubPals is a reliable source to generate sustainable YouTube views and increase your watch hours. Please call or write to us for more information, and our experts will be happy to help you.

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