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Understand Why YouTubers Buy YouTube Views

Buy YouTube Views

This may sound quite intimidating or funny to you, but truth be told, this is the best decision you will make to grow your YouTube channel. Is it illegal? No. Is it a crime? No. It is a must DO for every YouTube channel owner looking to kick start their presence in the video streaming world. Did you know that 2 billion videos are viewed on YouTube every single day worldwide? Did you know that 17,280 movies are uploaded per day? Did you know that hundreds of millions of videos are watched on mobile devices? Did you know that 70% of YouTube traffic comes from outside the United States? To separate yourself from the herd and start organically getting viewers, you need to buy YouTube views for that much needed push.

Why do people buy YouTube views?

Before watching a YouTube video, viewers don’t have much to go off of when judging the quality of the video. There are of course the title, the thumbnail and the description, but that doesn’t account for the whole story. The view count is often an important factor for viewers when trying to determine the video’s quality. Since the title and thumbnail only give you a glimpse of the content, they don’t tell you how it compares to similar content. As a result, YouTube video creators have turned to paid views to help market their videos. Hence the need to buy YouTube views.

How does buying views work?

Buying YouTube views means automatically generating views for videos by either using bots or other, more authentic methods. Despite the fact that purchased views aren’t always real, they give the impression that the video has been viewed by a significant number of real people. This ultimately raises the interest of other people who are just browsing through videos under a certain keyword or niche. Most of the time, people will gravitate to the video with the most views.

Benefits of buying YouTube views

  • Get a Head-start: One of the greatest hurdles that have to be overcome is ensuring that your video gets off to an energetic start. If there’s no enthusiasm for your video when it is first released, it will be hard to spark interest in your video down the line. One of the clearest advantages of buying YouTube views is providing your video with the initial push of engagement immediately after upload. This burst of momentum can help spark your viewers to engage with your channel for the long term. Once you have a sizable amount of views soon after uploading the video, it will be much easier to take your video to the next level. Rather than starting from scratch, you’ll have an immediate leg up on your competition even before bringing other strategies into the picture.
  • Strengthen Social Proof: Buying YouTube views can also quickly strengthen your video and brand’s Social Proof. This means you’ll become far more reputable and trustworthy, so people are more inclined to watch your videos, trust your word, or buy something from you.
  • Enhance your Social Capability: Consumers are naturally attracted to content that has been shared with them or they have heard about from another source. When a person finds your video, the more views that it has, the more likely your audience is to watch it and listen to its message with an open mind. This goes hand in hand with developing a reputation as a producer of valuable content, since your credibility will largely be a factor of your popularity. This boost in your credibility is invaluable when it comes to increasing sales stemming from your video.
  • More Effective Marketing: No matter how else you promote your video, from YouTube Ads to posting it on Facebook, Twitter or Reddit, more views will make those campaigns more effective. People are more likely to watch a popular video than one that isn’t, so your marketing money is better spent after you buy YouTube views.
  • Better Search Rankings: One of the greatest advantages of purchasing YouTube views that is often overlooked is the impact it will have on your YouTube search rankings. Since the number of views that videos have is correlated with their search results, buying views will allow your videos to climb in their search rankings. Similarly, increasing the number of views that your video has will allow it to receive higher placement in the list of YouTube’s suggested videos to users. In both ways, these purchased views have the ability to lead to massive organic traffic that will continue to boost engagements on the channel and naturally increase views on subsequent videos you add to the channel.
  • More YouTube Suggestions: Similar to ranking better on search results, YouTube is also more likely to suggest your video to others if you have a lot of high-quality views. As a result, your video will show up more often on the sidebar and at the end of relevant videos.
  • Attract More Views – In addition to enhancing your online reputation, buying YouTube views will have a direct impact on the number of people interested in watching your video. Market research has shown that online audiences are considerably more likely to click on a link or watch a video if it has an impressive number of views. People use the concept of social proof to take shortcuts in their decision making. Having significantly more views than your competitors makes you at first glance the obvious choice for the content your viewers are looking for. The larger the ratio of your total engagements vs your competitors makes your channel appear that much stronger.
  • Become An Authority: With a ton of views, your audience, peers and other influencers are more likely to treat you as a popular authority figure or influence in your niche. This can help you or your business grow faster and stronger and help you build your reputation as an expert or resource.
  • Increase Your Ad Revenues & CTA Conversions: By purchasing views and increasing the amount of traffic that is drawn to your video, you’ll also increase the profitability of your video. When your video has more views, likes and positive comments, it will entice your organic viewers into clicking on your annotations and links. If you’ve been struggling with your ROI and are looking for a strategy that will influence your bottom line, buying YouTube views is the solution you’ve been dreaming about.

Purchasing YouTube views is emerging as one of the most effective alternative strategies of promoting videos. When acquired from a reputable company, the increase in video views can have a tremendous impact on your video’s success without jeopardizing the integrity of your YouTube account. Moreover, when combined with more conventional strategies of increasing a video’s exposure, such as buying YouTube ads or optimizing your video, buying views can significantly increase your bottom line.

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Really really good services. You should try it....
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Really really good services, You should try it.... I have tried 3 different websites and this is the first time where i see is real all what they offer

SubPals best
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very good experience

SubPals is so so good.
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okay, I have to admit that what I got is way too much more than I ordered/expected. Thank you so much!

I received like 10 times than I expected and it is still growing! I wish there is like 500 views/deal to purchase lol. Thanks again!


We do not offer 500 Views but we do offer 1,000 Views and you can find that here:

Growing my YouTube channel!
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I have been on YouTube a while now and recently was struggling to gain subscribers (I was so close to my silver play button) When someone informed me of this website. I instantly came to check and wow...cheers folks!

We are happy to help!

Helped me grow my channel
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I got subscribers back OMG! The free plans work to build your Subscriber count.

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