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Frequently Asked Questions

The majority of our customers purchase subscribers because it gives their YouTube channel instant credibility, which allows them to start growing at a quicker pace, naturally. For example, when an interested viewer watches one of your videos and enjoys it, but sees you have a low number of subscribers, the likelihood of them subscribing to your channel is very low. However, if that same person views your video and sees you have a high number of subscribers, the chances of them subscribing to your channel are much greater. The majority of people ask themselves, “If nobody else is subscribing to this channel, why should I?”. With this mentality, it is crucial to have a high number of subscribers in order to start growing your channel naturally.
Once you successfully place an order, it usually takes us between 24-72 hours to START delivering it. Depending on the quantity you had ordered, it may take several additional days (sometimes weeks for very large orders) to deliver your order in full. Once your order starts being delivered, you can expect daily increases. If you are unsure if we will deliver your order quick enough, or have questions about the delivery of an existing order, please contact us. We respond to every inquiry within 24-72 hours.
Since day 1, it has been in our best interest to provide safe services that only enhance accounts and not harm them in any way. Individuals and businesses repeatedly use our services because they are effective and safe. If you use our service, you can trust we will safely deliver your order. We are here to help you grow!
Yes, we will refill your order if it drops for free! In most cases, services do not drop, but it does happen every once in a while. If it happens to one of your orders, simply contact us and we will refill your order, free of charge. We offer a “Refill Guarantee” policy, which states “If we successfully delivered your order, but it drops below your ordered amount after our delivery, contact us and we will refill your order, free of charge. This guarantee is for 1 year.”
Buy YouTube Subscribers

Buy YouTube Subscribers and watch your business boom.

Every minute, 300 hours of YouTube videos are newly uploaded onto the platform. That’s over 432,000 hours a day, and over 157,680,000 hours per year. It seems like everyone is on YouTube, posting, commenting, viewing, and subscribing to different channels. Videos provide users with fast access to information.

This is why YouTube videos are such an effective piece of any marketing strategy. Other forms of advertisements don’t tell the customer what they want in a quick way that is easy to understand. More and more people are turning to social media sites like YouTube and Instagram to gain information about products, businesses, and even learn national news. With so much content currently on YouTube’s site, it can be hard to make sure your videos are standing out, but there is something you can do about it.

YouTube ranks videos based off of a number of things, including length of time a video is viewed, how many likes a video receives, and how many subscribers a channel currently has. If certain videos do not perform well, it becomes less and less likely over time that YouTube will suggest that video to users. In order to make sure their content is consistently viewed, many businesses are choosing to buy YouTube subscribers. By making this choice, they immediately increase their chances of hosting a successful channel on the site, and begin to take their place as a prominent part of the YouTube community.

So what are the reasons your business should be purchasing YouTube subscribers?

Create a larger following

Your business’s YouTube channel is great for delivering information to your customer base directly. Each person who subscribes to your channel is signing up to receive regular updates from your business, keeping your company in their sight, and on their mind. The problem is, if your channel has a limited number of subscribers, it is unlikely that your videos will reach very many people. When you buy YouTube subscribers for your channel, you instantly boost your following, and YouTube will then suggest your video to more and more users. Those people will see your content and begin to engage with your videos, and will follow your channel as well. As your subscriber base continues to increase, so do your business’s chances for new customers and higher profits.

Gain higher rankings in searches

Do the math. If YouTube has over 1.8 billion monthly active users, and those subscribers view roughly 120,000 videos per day, this means that only a fraction of videos on YouTube are actually viewed on a regular basis. Your business needs an edge in order to be seen by a large number of people.

With YouTube’s recent algorithm shift, many users are starting to focus on the length of time a video is viewed, but this is only part of the big picture. Where channel subscribers are valuable is in how the video is ranked. A YouTube channel with more subscribers has increased chances of being seen by a much wider audience than an equally viewed channel with fewer subscribers. When you buy YouTube subscribers you set your content apart from other businesses within your industry that provide comparable products. Boosting your channel’s following increases your overall ranking and makes your content likely to be recommended to users who are viewing related items.

Get people to stand behind your brand

Have you ever heard of the saying “monkey see, monkey do?” Well it turns out there is real science behind that phrase. Humans typically decide how they should act based off of how others are acting in a given situation. The term for this is “Social Proof.” Social Proof applies to YouTube channels as well. If a person is suggested a YouTube channel to view with a large number of followers, that person is likely to assume that the channel is good and pleasing to watch in some way. By buying YouTube subscribers, you are displaying to your customers that your brand is well liked, and that they should be subscribing to your content as well.

Go viral

That’s the goal right? Every YouTuber’s dream is to upload a video and watch their “views” go up and up and up. Viral YouTube videos become part of our daily pop-culture trends and the amount of exposure your brand would get from going viral is invaluable. When you purchase subscribers, you are drastically increasing your chances of going viral. Your content will seem more popular, and more people are likely to follow your channel as well. We’ve already seen how increased subscribers will expose your video to larger audiences. The effect will continue to grow on itself, and in no time people all across the country and the world are watching your channel. Buying YouTube subscribers gives your channel a leg-up on the journey to going viral and dramatically increasing the number of people viewing your business. You could even land a spot on Thrillist’s 10 Best YouTube Channels.

Recover from a few unpopular videos

It may seem unfair, but even a single unpopular video could reduce the ranking of your entire YouTube channel. To offset a lot of “dislikes” on your videos, you can purchase YouTube subscribers to help bridge the gap. If you think you may need to do some damage control, purchasing subscribers is a great way to start to build a positive trend for your channel.

Your channel is new

For any social media platform, creating and maintaining a healthy following takes a lot of effort, time, and attention. Even if you have the best looking and most interesting content, if no one is engaging with it, it is almost put to waste. Channels that are new to YouTube have a lot to gain from buying YouTube subscribers because that channel instantly becomes more visible and people are more likely to subscribe to it. If your business is struggling with gaining traction on YouTube, opting to buy YouTube subscribers can save you valuable time and manpower that can be better used toward the laundry list of other day-to-day business needs.

Profit growth

At the end of the day, your company’s goals are to increase your customer base, and increase profits. Your business is active on YouTube because you want to reach consumers directly, and hopefully turn those views into dollars and cents.

The number of subscribers your channel has is direct feedback from your audience about how much they like your products. The return on investment when you purchase YouTube subscribers is very high because a large number of subscribers let viewers know that your brand is popular, and they should be engaging with it.

Today’s consumer looks in a lot of places to gain information before they make decisions about a product. In addition to searches on company websites, people look to Yelp, Google Business, Instagram, and even YouTube to find out information about the latest tips and trends. If you’ve ever seen a beauty vlogger review a new product, you know that they have tons of loyal followers that take their advice seriously. This is proof that people look to YouTube as a trusted source of information, and when you buy YouTube subscribers, you add yourself to the ranks of some of the most popular channels with heavy followings.

So what does this mean for your business?

Videos are a powerful way to engage with your customers because they deliver the largest amount of information in the smallest amount of time. Over 63% of businesses have begun to include YouTube in their marketing strategy, and are experiencing the benefits of connecting with their audiences through this platform.

A strong YouTube following is crucial to any brand’s digital marketing strategy. Videos give your business a unique opportunity to reach your audience and display your products in an interesting and engaging way. Remember, there are 300 hours of YouTube videos uploaded each minute, so you want to make sure your channel stands out. Buying YouTube subscribers can drastically grow your channel’s following, increase your brands visibility, boost channels that need help gaining traction, improve customer recognition and engagement, and ultimately lead to increased profits.

Want to reach a larger audience and grow your YouTube channel’s presence? Buy YouTube subscribers from SubPals and begin your journey to YouTube fame today.

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