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Why you Want to Buy YouTube Shares for your Business Right Now

Why you should Buy YouTube Comments for your Business’s Channel.

The value of YouTube as a marketing tool cannot be underestimated. With their 1.8 billion monthly active users, the popular video sharing site its turning heads of businesses as a way to connect with their audience.

Over 63% of companies report that their organization has its own YouTube channel that they use to interact with customers. But, with such a large number of companies and people regularly using YouTube, and uploading endless content each day, it can be challenging to make your videos stand out from the crowd.
YouTube is such an important platform for sharing information because videos deliver the most explicit message in the shortest amount of time. An increasing number of individuals report that they receive their daily news from social media sites like YouTube. People see these sites as reliable sources of information, and if your business isn’t connecting with consumers through these sites, you will be left out of the conversation. But when your company does actively participate on YouTube, how can you make sure your business’s voice is heard?

Buying YouTube shares is an excellent way of exposing your business to new audiences, but is it right for your business?

Let’s look at some of the reasons people are buying shares for their YouTube channels:

Gain Higher Search Rankings

The more activity you have on your videos and channels, the higher YouTube will place your content in the search results. By buying shares on YouTube, you rank above similar videos in a search that had less engagement. This means that your content is more likely to be clicked on and viewed. The more people who are clicking on viewing your content, the better overall that your video will rank.

Gain More Channel Subscribers.

The more shares you have on your content, the more likely it is that people will subscribe to your channel. Channel subscribers are extremely valuable to businesses because those who subscribe are signing up to be shown your advertisements and products as often as you post them. This free advertising is one of the many reasons businesses are now using this popular site.

Increased Shares Lead to Increased Views—the New Focus of YouTube’s Algorithm

Social media has a snowballing effect, where when people like, comment on, and share your posts, it tends to lead to more liking, commenting, and sharing. If you buy YouTube shares, you are increasing the likelihood that more people are going to be watching your videos. YouTube’s recent algorithm shift now ranks videos that are viewed longer as better than videos with other forms of engagement like comments and likes. The kind of engagement you want for your video is what’s called “High Retention Views.” This term refers to videos that are frequently viewed, and that when people view them, they watch at least 60% of it. This means for YouTubers, getting people actually to watch your video is the ultimate goal. When you buy YouTube shares, you are instantly getting your video in front of a wider audience and significantly increase your chances of people watching it.

The Value of Social Proof

When we talk about “social proof” we are referring to the idea that people judge how to behave based off of the behavior they observe in others. We as humans care about what other people do. We care about knowing the latest trends and being the first of our friends to share a hilarious video on our private group chat. When we see a video with a lot of shares on it, we assume that the video is popular, and want to share the video too. When you buy YouTube shares, you are sending the message to your consumer audience that your business is thriving and has a large following. When a consumer sees this, they are likely to consider it appropriate to engage with and share your video as well. They may even make the switch from prospective customer to the actual consumer.

Popular Videos are More Likely to be Shared on Other Social Media Outlets

The sharing of videos is the most effective way to spread your company’s message via social media. A video that performs well on YouTube is much more likely to make the jump to Facebook, and continue to be shared on that platform as well. Both social media platforms work effortlessly together, allowing for smooth streaming and posting of content. Between YouTube’s 1.8 billion monthly active users, and Facebook’s 2.23 billion monthly active users, when you buy YouTube shares, you are exposing your videos to a massive audience with the potential to be seen by millions of users worldwide.

Stand the Chance of Going Viral

It’s the best outcome for social media users. Post an exciting video, have it viewed by millions, and quickly you and your business are on the map. The infamous “Charlie Bit My Finger” video has one of the highest numbers of views of any YouTube video, at 863,161,724 views. Videos like that are shared over and over again and get exposed to a larger and larger crowd every time someone clicks on it.

When you buy YouTube shares, your videos appear more popular, and people are more likely to view them. We already talked about the snowballing effect of social media. This effect is what makes it possible for videos to go viral. Before your very eyes, your videos gain exponential engagement, and everyone and anyone have seen your business’s content. Buying YouTube shares gives your videos a kick-start when attempting to go viral.

Promote a Start-Up or Expand a Business

Being active on social media is time-consuming, no matter if you’re a brand new business or well-established organization. Social Media Growth Specialist and blogger, Talia Koren, says that building a following on any social media platform is an extreme commitment and adequately developing that following takes time. If you buy shares on YouTube, you are helping to grow your levels of engagement quickly, and build your business’s audience. With the time and energy saved, you can better focus on the goals of your business, and get back to what’s truly important to you.

Consider Buying YouTube Shares as Part of your Advertising Budget

It’s a common practice among organizations. Buying shares on YouTube is a tactic that many businesses use to increase the visibility of the brand, and more channels do it than you may think. Models, celebrities, race car drivers, and even political figures all buy shares for their YouTube accounts. When you purchase shares for your channel, you are following in the footsteps of many other professional marketers and helping your business to rank among the best.

Think of buying YouTube shares like buying an advertisement for your business. You likely already include purchasing ad space in a magazine or on a website as part of your marketing budget. You wouldn’t think twice about boosting a Facebook post or running an Instagram promotion to gain more engagement, but buying YouTube shares has essentially the same result. Purchasing YouTube shares puts your marketing dollars towards a proven method for increasing engagement, and gives your business the edge you need to compete.

What this Means for your Business

Consumers today heavily rely on social media to learn about products and services. More people than ever turn to platforms like YouTube to inform themselves about national news, and social media is shaping up to be the most potent source of information for everyone.

YouTube gives your business the unique opportunity to connect with your consumer audience memorably. Videos provide a fully immersive experience of your business. Through the use of audio, visuals, and text, your business can post compelling content that displays essential information about your business in an easily understandable way.

Choosing to buy YouTube shares does much to benefit your business. Your videos and channels become more likely to be seen by a wider audience, you rank higher in searches, you gain additional followers, likes, and comments, and all of these things lead to the eventual increase in profits for your business.

Give your YouTube videos some love. Buy YouTube shares from SubPals. Start building your business’s following, and increase profits today.

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