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Why Buying Fast YouTube Likes Fast is a Great Move For Your Business

Buy YouTube Likes with Bitcoin, Why Buying Cheap YouTube Likes is a Great Move For Your Business

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth? James L. McQuivey set out to find the answer, and according to his study, “How Video will take over the World,” he calculated that a video is worth precisely 1.8 million words.

His findings seem fitting as the viral video-sharing site, YouTube, is now reporting that they have over 1.8 billion monthly active users. This makes them one of the most widely used social media platforms– a close second to Facebook at 2.23 billion monthly active users. With such a large number of people using YouTube each day, many businesses are turning toward the trendy platform as a crucial part of their digital marketing strategies.

Videos reach a different set of audience members as opposed to other forms of marketing materials, because consumers want all of the information quickly, and are no longer taking the time to read lengthy advertisements. In fact, the number of individuals who report that they get their daily news from YouTube and other social media sites has been increasing steadily since 2016. Videos are essential for businesses trying to develop their customer base because they deliver the most information to the viewer in the shortest amount of time. With 63% of companies now using videos to market their various products, the pressure to gain audience approval is growing. YouTube ranks videos based off of many factors, including the number of “likes” they receive, and those that do not perform are being left behind.

Each “like” received on a video is essentially applause for the content. More “likes” mean more attention from other audience members and the increased chance that the viewers will become paying customers. To quickly increase the visibility of their content and growing their brand’s presence, businesses are now starting to buy YouTube likes fast for their content.

So why should businesses buy “likes” on YouTube?

Gain higher search rankings.

With YouTube’s recent algorithm shift, many users are starting to focus on the length of time a video is viewed, rather than user engagement with the video. Where “likes” are valuable, is in how the video is ranked. A YouTube video with more “likes” has increased chances of being seen by a much wider audience than a similarly viewed video with fewer “likes.” Buying safe YouTube likes sets your content apart from competing brands that are selling similar products. Your video gains a higher ranking than comparable videos and is more likely to be suggested to viewers who are looking up relevant topics.

Legitimize your brand.

When people refer to “Social Proof,” they are talking about the idea that humans typically judge how to act in social situations based off of how others are acting. Humans are pack animals. If we see a video with a high number of “likes,” we are likely to think it is a good idea to watch that video to “like” it as well. When you buy YouTube likes, you are sending a message to consumers that your organization is popular, and that they should view your content and “like” you too, thus increasing the legitimacy of your business.

Gain more channel subscribers.

When viewers subscribe to your business’s YouTube channel, they are signing up to be delivered information about your merchandise and offerings daily. This is extremely valuable for companies that are trying to increase their brand’s awareness. When more and more people begin to “like” your YouTube videos, YouTube, in turn, favors those videos by suggesting them to other audience members who are also likely to be interested in your content. The more people see your content on a regular basis, the more likely they are to subscribe to your YouTube channel. When you buy YouTube likes, you in turn increase the number of people exposed to your videos, immediately boosting your chances of gaining channel subscribers, which then leads to increased brand awareness and potential for profits.

Go viral.

Go viral, have your content seen by millions, and immediately you’re on the map. This is the ultimate goal of any YouTuber. We’ve all seen the “Charlie Bit My Finger” clip (which has a whopping 863,161,724 views), and if you want to stand a chance of your content landing a spot on TIME Magazine’s YouTube’s 50 Best Videos, buying YouTube likes is the way to do it. When you buy YouTube likes your videos appear more popular, and people are more likely to view them. As we discussed earlier, this causes your video to continue to get suggested to more and more audience members. The effect can snowball, and before you know it, people all over the world are streaming your content. Buying safe YouTube likes gives your videos a kick-start on the road to going viral and exponentially increasing brand exposure.

Recover from “dislikes.”

The ratio of “likes” to “dislikes” on your video content is critical in determining how YouTube will rank it. Did you know that one unpopular video could decrease the visibility of your whole YouTube channel? If you notice that one or more of your videos aren’t getting the attention they deserve, buy YouTube likes to turn that around.

Popular videos are more likely to be shared on other social media outlets.

According to MediaKix, the number of videos being uploaded to Facebook increased by 94% between the years 2015 to 2016. Since Facebook is the leading social media platform, with , these videos could reach a potentially massive audience. Social media platforms are continuing to develop ways in which they can link themselves together with options to “share” in various modes on every post you see. Once legitimacy is established for your business, your following will grow across multiple social media sites, and your videos will continue to be in the conversation. When buying YouTube likes, you are priming your brand to be exposed to diverse audiences of unimaginable power and size.

Your business is new.

For businesses that are new to YouTube, it can be challenging to create engagement with your channel, and building a healthy following is a huge commitment. Despite beautiful and dynamic content, a video with low levels of interaction sends audiences the message that it is not worth their effort to view. If you buy YouTube likes for your video, you are suggesting to viewers that your content is interesting and fun to watch. Increased “likes” to your videos give your business a leg up when trying to achieve a widespread YouTube presence, and you can use the valuable time you saved building a following toward other business projects and plans.

Increased bottom line.

Perhaps the most significant reason to buy YouTube likes is that it will lead to increased profits for your business. Your business is participating in the YouTube community with the ultimate goal of increasing profits and converting individuals from viewers into customers. The number of “likes” you receive on a video is the consumer’s review of the post’s content. Buying YouTube likes has a high return on investment because your product is perceived as more desirable, and consumers viewing your channel and videos are more likely to want it. Traditional commercials and advertisements do not have the same effect on the current generation of consumers as they used to. People are increasingly turning to social media sites like YouTube, in addition to reviewing sites like Yelp and Google, for product information. The more “likes” you have on your content, the more your business will be sought after. Purchasing YouTube likes drives business profits up by showing consumers that your business’s merchandise is popular and in-demand.

So what does this mean for your business?

If you’ve already taken the step to create a YouTube channel for your business, you’re doing your brand a favor by setting yourself apart from the competition and directly reaching potential customers.

YouTube videos allow your brand to come alive and give consumers a complete understanding of what you have to offer. A strong YouTube presence is essential to any business’s marketing strategy, meaning that buying YouTube likes should be incorporated into your plan the same way you would incorporate purchasing ad space in a magazine.

The number of businesses on YouTube continues to grow, and for your content to be seen by the 1.8 billion users, you need to make sure you rank among the very best. Buying YouTube likes immediately increases your brand’s visibility, exposes your brand to a broader audience who is likely to follow your channel, develops brand legitimacy, and could serve as just the leg-up you need to make your content go from viewable to viral.

Give your YouTube videos some love. Click here to buy YouTube likes from Subpals, and start building your business’s following, and increase profits today.

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