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What Will You Receive?

  • ✅ High-quality Backlinks From Blog Embeds
  • ✅ Higher YouTube Search Rankings (SEO)
  • ✅ Higher Video Popularity and Authority
  • ✅ Long-Term, Long-Lasting Results
  • ✅ Your Video Must Have Embedding Enabled
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Buy YouTube Embeds to help improve your video’s organic search results and traffic.

The number and quality of embeds is the most important YouTube ranking factor.

YouTube counts video embeds significantly toward the video’s popularity and authority!

The higher your video’s popularity and authority, the higher YouTube will rank it and the more they will display it in front of other people watching videos on YouTube.

Wondering how this service works?

When you order this service, you will submit a video that you want us to embed into other websites.

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Over the next several days, we will embed your video into hundreds of private web 2.0 websites so you can be sure your video gets a lot more exposure. Google will see your video embedded into all of these websites and immediately consider your video to be more popular and therefore have higher authority.

This higher popularity and authority leads YouTube to ranking your video higher in their search results and display it more frequently throughout their website to other people watching YouTube videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you ever visited a website or blog that had a YouTube video displayed on it? That is embedding!

If you video has embedding enabled (this is enabled by default), then anyone can embed your YouTube video on their website or inside their social media profile.

When this happens, it’s great! You get free, effortless promotion of your video.

When your video gets embedded on other websites, a few things happen:

  1. Those websites can generate traffic to your video.
  2. Google recognizes that your video is embedded on other websites and therefore increases its “Authority”.
  3. The higher your video’s “Authority,” the higher YouTube and Google will rank your video inside search results.
  4. The higher your video’s “Authority,” the more often they will display your video in the Features and Suggested Videos section.
  5. This all leads to more organic traffic and visitors to your video, which is what everyone wants!

After you place your order, we will take the video you had submitted and start getting it embedded onto niche-relevant websites.

We start working on new orders within 24-72 hours after they are placed. Then, it will take another week to finish the delivery.


Yes and no. This service will help increase your YouTube rankings and organic traffic, but being truly successful comes down a variety of factors and this is 1 of those factors.

Other things to improve your video’s success includes:

  1. YouTube Video SEO – optimizing your video’s title, description, meta tags, etc. is a very important factor. Fortunately, we offer this service! YouTube SEO
  2. Optimize Your Channel – do you ever notice how channels with 1M+ subscribers have a whole different vibe to them immediately when you visit? It’s because they have optimized everything about their channel to be as professional as possible. We are not trying to upsell our services, but we offer a full channel evaluation service that is truly incredible and necessary if you want real YouTube success. YouTube Channel Evaluation
  3. High Quality Channel Banner and Video Thumbnail – Again, we offer this service. YouTube Graphic Design
  4. Great content (obviously)
Buy YouTube Embeds

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    This has helped me and other creators grow so much. I hope to use this app a lot more in the future!

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    Simple and precise. Great experience.

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    This site is very helpful if you want to get started on your youtube channel. Its really helping me a lot and you should check it out

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    This site will help to grow your channel at the right time, have you been going through hard times? Join now for stress-free

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    You guys are the best-giving everyone the opportunity to get a lot of YouTube embeds and I really appreciate it.

    - azam s.