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Why should I buy YouTube Comments from SubPals?

  • ✅ We Watch Your Video & Write Quality Comments
  • ✅ You Can Submit Your Own Comments If You Prefer
  • ✅ Comments Are Spread Out Over Several Days to Appear Organic
  • ✅ Guaranteed Delivery
  • ✅ Improves Your Video’s Search Engine Rankings
  • ✅ Encourages Longer Discussions to Start
  • ✅ Comments Start Appearing in 48-72 Hours After You Order
  • ✅ Split comments across multiple videos. Minimum 10 comments per video. Order 50 comments and spread across a maximum of 5 videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

What level of quality can I expect?

SubPals prides itself on offering premium-quality YouTube engagement services to our clients. We have been working in the YouTube marketing industry for a long time and are highly knowledgeable about how comments help in boosting your video reach and visibility.

We take great care to understand the core message of your video and create comments that reflect the high-quality information you provide. Our comments are written to leverage YouTube’s Natural Language Processing algorithm to ensure the platform does not delete your comments.

Our team also makes sure to comply with every YouTube commenting rule to ensure these comments don’t end up in the Spam folder on your account. The comments we provide at SubPals are well-informed, respectful, and add value to others’ viewing experiences.

We pay great attention to grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and tone. This ensures none of your comments seem cookie-cutter in readability and look different and compelling to your audience.

Yes, it is.

SubPals is a leading provider of YouTube comments, subscribers, likes, and shares. We help new and veteran YouTube content creators kickstart their social media engagement with premium-quality, authentic and quick YouTube engagement services.

We value your data security and account privacy greatly. Our team does not collect your personal information or Google login or YouTube channel login details. We only store your email address, channel URL and channel name, so we can visit your channel to publish the comments you have purchased from us.

At SubPals, we use very strong, state-of-the-art coding and 256-bit encryption to ensure your data is entirely safe. We also believe in being completely transparent with you about how your service will be provided. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to write to us. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

The likelihood of your channel getting banned for buying YouTube comments is very negligible. While it is true that YouTube occasionally pulls down individual videos that do not comply with the platform’s posting policies, you are very unlikely to get your channel completely banned.

It is only in certain cases, such as sharing pornography, indulging in coercion or predatory behavior, deliberate spamming of videos with bots, incentivizing engagement etc. that YouTube temporarily disables an account to verify whether the account is in alignment with their terms or not. Even then, YouTube offers content creators 3 chances to prove their quality & authenticity– the repeat contravention of which may lead to a temporary channel termination.

When it comes to buying YouTube comments, you don’t have to worry. In many places around the world, it is completely legal to purchase comments for YouTube. As long as your comments comply with the comment quality and compliance requirements of YouTube, your channel will be perfectly safe and active.

At SubPals, we are very knowledgeable about how YouTube operates and what the policies and algorithms look for when evaluating a channel/video’s compliance. We will ensure that the comments we sell are completely compliant with YouTube rules and regulations, which will ensure your video and channel are safe from harm. We post your comments with great care across videos and over a span of many days, so as not to break any of the engagement and posting rules of YouTube.

You can rely on SubPals for quality YouTube comments.

Through our immense experience selling YouTube comments to content creators, we have seldom come across any of our clients who have been penalized by YouTube for buying comments from us.

This is mainly because our team at SubPals knows exactly how the YouTube algorithm works, what it looks for when checking videos for quality compliance, and how you can preserve your video’s visibility.

The YouTube algorithm works on ensuring that every YouTuber starts off on an even footing. That is why the algorithm looks for comments, likes, views, and shares that seem fake and forced. If such a video is found, YouTube may choose to remove it after a quality check by their team.

Our team at SubPals ensures that none of your comments contain any words that seem fake or like something a bot would write. Our comments are realistic, appropriate, and are written by people for people. We also make sure to publish these comments sporadically over a period of many days so that we can replicate organic engagement.

No, they will not.

At SubPals, we value your privacy and safety tremendously. Client confidentiality is of the utmost importance to us.

When you purchase YouTube comments from SubPals, we post comments on your channel under different accounts – and not the SubPals brand. Each comment will come from a unique account, with little to no repetition of the account we use. Plus, we take great care in drafting each comment to be smart, compelling, and diverse for visitors to your channel. That way, your viewers and subscribers will not find out that you purchased YouTube comments. This also ensures that we follow YouTube’s policies on content posting and commenting.

Additionally, we do not store any of your personal information or channel login or Google login details. Our team uses strict coding and 256-bit encryption to keep channel name, URL, and email address safe. These security measures prevent unauthorized people from accessing your data.

At SubPals, we are committed to delivering your comments in a quick and timely manner. Once you have activated your account with us and purchased the plan of your choice, we will have our team take a look at your videos to understand the theme and tone of your channel.

Then, our team starts creating a repository of comments for various videos, in order to highlight your brand and to champion your content. You will begin to see the first set of comments appearing on your account within 24-72 hours after you place the order.

If you have enabled the comment review feature on your channel, you will see our comments held for review and pending publication. All you need to do is approve the comments for them to be displayed.

All the comments you have purchased will be staggered and appear on different videos to ensure most content on your channel gets traction. We will also publish the comments over the course of many days – with a few comments being published each day until your order is complete.

SubPals is committed to ensuring you receive the quickest and highest-quality services possible. That’s why we start delivering the YouTube comments you purchase within 24-72 hours from the time of purchase.

We start by dedicating a team of employees to watch as many of your videos as possible. Depending on the type and length of your videos, we begin to publish your comments across videos. After the first set of comments appears on your channel within this range of 1-3 days from purchase, you can expect us to release a few comments every day until your order is complete.

If you don’t see any comments 72 hours after purchasing them, feel free to contact us. If at this time any comments drop or are deleted by YouTube’s algorithm, we can offer a free-of-charge refill of comments, valid up to 1 year from purchase.

Yes, we can. At SubPals, we believe in developing a trustworthy and realistic engagement schedule for your YouTube channel. Once you purchase your comments from us, we will roll out the first set of comments within 24-72 hours. After this, your comments will be delivered over multiple days and weeks if you have purchased a higher number of comments.

You have two options that you can choose for comment delivery. For one, you can allow our team to create an engagement schedule based on the number of views, likes, and comments you organically receive over the next few days. Or alternately, you can let us know when you’d like us to post your comments for you.

If you have any specific days of the week when you publish your videos, we can align comment publishing for those days. Feel free to share your YouTube analytics report with us to help us get started on comment marketing for your channel.

Yes, you can.

Having multiple comments flood a single video can make a YouTube channel appear odd and untrustworthy. At SubPals, we understand that the trick to creating real engagement is to ensure that most of the videos on your channel receive a consistent engagement.

That is why our team takes care to comment on multiple videos you have created, and we do so over many days. That way, visitors to your account receive positive social proof of the overall premium quality of your YouTube videos.

Please let us know if you have any specific videos where you’d like our comments to appear. However, if you don’t have any particular preference, our team will choose your highest-potential videos to increase their visibility and likeability. Our team will watch your videos and ensure the comments are appropriate, relevant, and designed to increase your content’s appeal to other viewers and subscribers.

Yes, you can. At SubPals, we believe in making content marketing a collaborative approach. While our team will watch each of your videos to write authentic comments, we encourage you to provide your ideas for comments or pre-prepared comments for us to use too. That way, we can capture the nuances of your videos, which you, as someone with knowledge of the topic, will have a better idea about.

You can submit your comments to us after placing your order. Please let us know which videos you’d like these comments to be published under, and we will do as needed. Our team will intersperse your comments with our own, so we can increase the variety of comments that appear under each video.

If English is not your first language, please send us your comments in the language you are comfortable in. We will translate the comment into English, polish it up for grammar, and publish it on your YouTube channel.

Yes, it is safe to run your ads on your videos while our team at SubPals publishes our comments on them.

We understand that many of our clients actively run advertisements on their channels for monetization. Our comments at SubPals are entirely compatible with Google AdSense and the YouTube Partner Program. We make sure that the comments we supply to you support and complement the ads you choose to run on your account.

Additionally, we inform our team not to skip your ads and run the ads entirely while posting their comments. This way, you continue to monetize your videos while delivering our service.

At SubPals, our priority is to ensure that your channel reach, ad campaign visibility, and monetization goals are not affected negatively by our comments delivery. We take great care to ensure your videos and ads run smoothly and your ads continue to deliver consistent earnings when we post our comments on your videos.

Yes, they are.

SubPals pays a lot of attention to ensuring that each comment we supply to our clients is compatible with Google AdSense. We understand that you may be interested in monetizing with Google. All of the YouTube comments we sell are checked for compliance with both YouTube’s and Google’s content quality requirements.

We have a team that vets each comment posted on your channel to ensure you are not vulnerable to any comment-associated risk and your AdSense remains enabled. Our priority at SubPals is to create a comments library for you, which supports your collaboration with advertisers from diverse fields. We ensure that our comments are respectful, classy, appropriate for the video and that they do not negatively affect your advertisers.

If you have a content policy that you’d like us to follow, please share it with us. We will ensure all of the comments we supply are aligned with your content posting needs and instructions.

The comments we deliver to you at SubPals are designed to be present on your account for the longest duration possible. We make sure to follow YouTube’s content posting regulations, so the platform does not take down the comments we publish.

However, YouTube keeps modifying its algorithm every few months. A few days ago, what may have been acceptable may be breaching YouTube’s policies tomorrow. Our team takes great care to keep on top of these algorithmic changes to ensure all of our comments align with the new guidelines.

However, a few of your comments may drop or be removed from your videos by YouTube in the interim. In such cases, we offer a guaranteed refill of any lost or removed comments, completely free of charge – valid up to one year from the date of your order with us.

At any time in this one-year period, you can contact us to replace all those dropped comments, so your total number of comments is according to your original order size.

There are many reasons you should buy YouTube comments from us at SubPals:

·They improve your channel’s rank on YouTube

The YouTube algorithm pushes up channels and videos with higher engagement than channels/videos that don’t have much engagement. When you buy YouTube comments, you increase engagement on your channel and leverage how the algorithm works.

· They act as social proof that your channel is worth following

Humans are a community species, and we tend to invest our time and resources in things that others have validated as good. That way, risk, and liability are reduced. When you purchase YouTube comments from SubPals, you can create enriching conversations that increase the authenticity and trustworthiness of your account. You can generate more organic engagement by buying YouTube comments.

· They encourage prospects to find out more about your brand

Purchased YouTube comments give you a great foundation to create SEO-optimized content that shows your brand in a positive light. You can reply to these comments and share essential information you want prospects to read when they visit your channel. The comments section can compel people to learn more about your brand and even encourage them to check out other videos you have created.

· They allow you to monetize from YouTube very quickly

A higher number of comments automatically pushes your videos up the YouTube ranking and increases viewership. As your number of organic viewers increases, your channel becomes more popular. The high traffic on your YouTube channel can attract a lot of advertisers, affiliate marketing agencies, and influencers who may wish to collaborate with you. These monetization opportunities can help you earn a comfortable living by being a YouTuber.

· They give you the freedom to focus on creating more creative and informative content

If you don’t purchase YouTube comments, you may have to spend a lot of time worrying about why your channel and videos are under-performing or are being suppressed by the algorithm. This can prevent you from putting in the time needed to develop a creative vision for your channel and create great content. When purchased from SubPals, YouTube comments give you the springboard you need to build an entertaining and memorable channel with lots of valuable content without worrying about channel engagement. Over time, the YouTube comments you’ve bought will help you attract organic comments and subscriptions.

At SubPals, our minimum order quantity is 10 comments. Generally, a good views to comments ratio is 0.5% (source: Tubularlabs), so if you have 4000 views, 0.5% of that is 20 comments.

Feel free to try out our service with 10 comments, and you can always purchase more comments whenever you need them. The comments will be published over multiple days and across different videos, so your channel can have the most authentic engagement possible.

The comments you order are a one-time purchase and not available as a subscription service. You can easily re-purchase as many YouTube comments as you’d like, whenever you prefer. We also offer a guaranteed one-year re-fill of your order at any time if your comments drop below the number you have purchased from us after the publication of the comments.

Definitely, you can do so.

At SubPals, we encourage our clients to treat the comments we provide as any engagement that you’d receive from organic viewers and subscribers. Feel free to reply, like, and upvote our comments.

Doing so will showcase your YouTube channel as being very open, receptive, and responsive to a conversation with subscribers. Plus, when you reply to the comments we post, you get the opportunity to present additional facts or insights that you want people to know about your video. You can also share promotional content that will further encourage new viewers to explore your channel and your website (if you have one.)Also, there is a very high likelihood that your replies to our comments spark conversations with other organic visitors to your channel.

One thing to know about our comment publishing service is that once the comments are on your channel, they are yours to do as you see fit. So, feel free to engage with our comments to make your YouTube video comment section a lively place to be in.

Yes, we do.

At SubPals, we have two free plans that you try before you decide to purchase with us to check your comfort and compatibility with our service.

The first plan we offer is the Free Basic Plan. You will be asked to activate your account by subscribing to 10 YouTube channels and liking 10 videos through the SubPals platform. Once you do this, you will receive 5 subscribers to your channel completely free of charge. In this plan, you can re-activate your SubPals free account every 24 hours by following the activation steps to receive 5 subscribers. Once you have received your subscribers for the day, you won’t be allowed to re-activate your account until the 24-hour period is complete.

The second plan we offer is the Free Starter Plan. In this plan, you will be asked to activate your account by subscribing to 20 channels and linking 20 YouTube videos through the SubPals platform. For this, you will receive 10 subscribers. You can re-activate your free Starter plan once every 12 hours by following the activation step given above. Every 12 hours, upon reactivation, you will receive 10 subscribers to your YouTube channel.

(Please note that we cannot guarantee that every subscriber will remain subscribed to your accounts permanently in the free plans. You may see subscriptions occasionally falling in the free plans. But please know that if your subscribers unsubscribe, all those who have SubPals accounts will be banned for contravention of SubPals’ subscription rules.)

At SubPals, we are here to help you with any question or concern you may have about buying YouTube comments. If your question hasn’t been answered by us yet, please feel free to navigate to the green & white-colored “Help” widget located at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

Click on “Help,” choose the topic your question pertains to, and you will be directed to a Contact/Message pop-up. Fill in the fields and type in your inquiry. If there are any files/photos that you would like to share with us, please attach them to the pop-up in the Attachments sections. Click on “Send” to submit your question to us.

Our responsive team of customer service professionals will get back to your query within 24-48 hours. We will also do our best to collate your questions and add them to our existing list of FAQs, so you can always find this information on our website when necessary.

Feel free to contact us if you have any unanswered questions on our website currently.

Why you should Buy YouTube Comments for your Business’ Channel.

So you’ve decided to start a YouTube channel for your brand, and you have been posting high quality videos with unique messages about your business. YouTube is a fantastic tool that can be used by businesses to reach audience members in a distinctive and meaningful way.

In fact, more than 63% of businesses have created YouTube channels, and that number continues to grow each day. One of the reasons YouTube is so valuable to organizations, is the sheer number of active users on the platform.

More than 1.7 billion unique people are active on YouTube each month, with a total of 14.3 billion visits per month, and according to a blog article on Hootsuite. With some many individuals actively posting, liking, and commenting on videos, it is no wonder why businesses are choosing to position their brand on the popular platform.

Another surprising statistic about the trendy video-sharing site, is that over 720,000 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube each and every day, according to a February 2020 stat from With such a large amount of content constantly being added to the site, it is important to make sure your videos stand out. A lot of factors go into what makes a video popular, including likes, views, shares, and number of comments. Many businesses and organizations are electing to buy YouTube comments for their videos, and are significantly increasing their social presence in the process.

Buying YouTube comments is one of the best decisions you can make for your business, and here are some important reasons why:

Increase your channel followers.

Having a large number of followers is one of the greatest things that can happen for your business’s channel. Why? Because these individuals who subscribe to your channel are basically signing up to view your advertising campaigns every day. This keeps your business relevant to the consumers and constantly on their mind. It is a guarantee that your content will be seen, and an increased number of channel subscribers tend to lead to more engagement and additional followers as well. When you buy YouTube comments, you are sending a message to viewers that your channel and its content are interesting, and worth paying attention to. Not to mention, many active YouTube goers enjoy reading and responding to comments—it is entertaining! Increasing the number of comments on your videos gives viewers someone to talk to about your brand and will lead to increased engagement channel followers, making these individuals more likely to become customers.

The Power of Social Proof.

Social Proof is a term used a lot these days to describe the impact social media has on consumers, but what exactly does it mean? The concept refers to a psychological idea that people tend to decide how to act based on the behavior they observe in others. According to this theory, if you notice many people wearing a certain pair of shoes for example, you are likely to consider that pair of shoes as attractive and want a pair for yourself.

The same can be said for YouTube videos. If you see a video or channel that has a large number of engagement and comments, you are going to judge that video as “good” and want to like and engage with the video along with them. When you buy YouTube comments, you are taking advantage of the power of social proof for your channel. Increased YouTube comments will lead to more people engaging with and following your channel, thus expanding your audience reach, and potential for gaining customers.

Attract more attention to your video and boost its position on the feed.

YouTube is more likely to recommend videos to users that have a lot of engagement on them, but that is only part of the story. Their most recent algorithm actually favors content with the most time spent viewing it. So, how do you get people to spend time viewing your content? You guessed it, by increasing the amount of engagement, including likes, shares, and comments. The best way to increase engagement is to purchase YouTube comments for others to read and respond to. In doing so, your channel will receive a quick and easy boost to its position on the daily feed, and grow the number of audience members who see your content.

It creates a conversation around your content.

When you buy YouTube comments, you are instantly starting a conversation about your video. While the beginning of that conversation comes from purchased comments, soon others will see the activity on your comment threads, and begin to engage too. The more people that are talking about your videos, the more you will notice others begin to comment too. Soon you will have organic engagement that will continue to grow and attract other YouTubers to your channel.

Why you should Buy YouTube Comments for your Business’s Channel.

Gives your content a boost.

Brands that are just starting out on YouTube don’t always have the following necessary to gain traction and reach a significant number of audience members. Remember, over 400,000 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube each day. That kind of volume means that it is extremely difficult for your videos to get noticed unless they have a lot of engagement. If you purchase comments for your videos, you are buying an advantage over other videos that contain similar subject matter. Many different types of organizations choose to obtain YouTube comments for their videos, including restaurants, beauty salons, models, celebrities, and even new users. If you want to get ahead, taking steps to purchase comments for your videos will help to maintain your competitive edge within your industry.

Offset negative comments.

Many of us are well aware of how hurtful commenters can be. It’s as if all decency goes out the window as soon as a person sits down at a computer screen. Comments on your business’s videos are essentially reviews of your products and services. In the same way that people turn to sites like Yelp and Trip Advisor for reviews and advice on businesses, people are starting to treat social media sites like YouTube in the same manner. If a person who is checking out your business’s videos sees a lot of negative comments, they tend to judge your products as inferior or unpopular, and will choose not to buy them. If you buy YouTube comments, you get the chance to change the message surrounding your content.

Helps you save time and energy.

Developing and maintaining a significant social media presence on any platform takes time and manpower. YouTube channels with at least 1,000 followers are generally considered successful, but a very small number of channels actually hit this mark. There is no “average” amount of time associated with developing a strong channel following, but a normal to fast-paced timeline is anywhere from six months to two years. The amount of effort put into your YouTube channel over the course of two years would be quite significant, and your energy could be much better spent on other business initiatives. If you buy YouTube comments, you are positioning your channel on the fast track to gaining a significant following, and hopefully converting those followers to customers for your business.

It’s a marketer’s best-kept secret.

The practice of buying YouTube comments is nothing new. Many businesses have been choosing to buy YouTube comments, and are experiencing the payoff for their organization. It can easily be built into any well-rounded marketing plan. Since your business’s marketing budget most likely includes money specifically for ad space for both digital and print, buying YouTube comments fits right into that category. Think of it like this, when you buy YouTube comments, it is the same as promoting a post on Facebook, creating an ad for your page on Instagram, or purchasing a banner ad on a website. All different types of business will benefit from buying comments, and a lot of them already have. You just have to ask yourself why you haven’t done so sooner.

Increases Business Profits.

At the end of the day, your bottom line is what really matters to your business. YouTube at its core is a marketing tool for your organization, and the point of using it is to increase profits. As an increasing number of businesses turn to YouTube for their advertising needs, the amount of engagement of your videos becomes steadily more important. When you purchase comments, you are exposing your brand’s content to a larger audience, and participating in a direct conversation with potential consumers. The more consumers you reach, the higher the chances are that they will become paying customers.

What this means for your business:

In today’s digital age, the choices available to the consumer are limitless. The ultimate reason your business is present on YouTube is to reach those consumers and attempt to convince them that your products and services are better than the rest. Buying YouTube comments adds social proof to your brand, improves legitimacy, saves you time and energy, creates interest in your videos, and ultimately increases profits for your business.

Want to reach potential customers, grow your business’s presence, and increase your bottom line? Buy YouTube comments from SubPals and begin your journey to YouTube fame today.

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