Excellent Youtube Video Ideas For June To Celebrate The Halfway Year Mark
1st September 2022

Excellent YouTube Video Ideas for June to Celebrate the Halfway Year Mark

June marks the halfway point of the year, and it’s a great time to surprise your YouTube audience with some unique June videos. If you’re scratching your head as to what kind of videos you…

History Of Youtube Dislike Button: Why Was It Removed?
19th August 2022

History of YouTube Dislike Button: Why was it Removed?

Last year, YouTube made a decision to remove the dislike button count from under the videos uploaded on the platform. They have been working on the concept since March 2021. The plans were officially rolled…

Using The First 1 Minute Of Your Youtube Video For Brand Promotion: Tips &Amp; Tricks
5th August 2022

Using the First 1 Minute of Your YouTube Video for Brand Promotion: Tips & Tricks

Countless brands have taken to YouTube to promote themselves along with their products and/or services. And why not? After all, no video-streaming platform comes even close to YouTube in terms of the numbers. Right now,…

What Are Youtube Copyright Claims &Amp; How Do You Address Them?
15th July 2022

What are YouTube Copyright Claims & How Do You Address Them?

Many content creators on YouTube end up using copyrighted content, sometimes unintentionally and other times intentionally. If you receive a copyright claim on any of your YouTube videos, it can significantly affect your ability to…

Tips For Creating Impactful Long-Tail Videos On Youtube
27th June 2022

Tips for Creating Impactful Long-Tail Videos on YouTube

Sure, YouTube Shorts are making waves on social media. But did you know that a lot of people almost exclusively watch long-tail videos? These are long YouTube videos, typically longer than the 20 minutes mark….

Your Guide For Jumpstarting A Corporate Youtube Channel
20th June 2022

Your Guide for Jumpstarting a Corporate YouTube Channel

A corporate YouTube channel is essentially a YouTube channel for a business. While YouTube doesn’t differentiate between individual and corporate channels, there are several things you can do to highlight the fact that your channel…

How Many Tags Should You Use For Better Youtube Visibility?
30th May 2022

How Many Tags Should You Use for Better YouTube Visibility?

YouTube isn’t just a video-streaming platform anymore – it’s also become a search engine. In fact, the Google-owned platform is second only to Google in terms of search engine popularity. So, if you’re a YouTube-based…

How To Handle Spam Commenters On Your Youtube Account?
19th May 2022

How to Handle Spam Commenters On Your YouTube Account?

There was once a time when YouTube was just another video-streaming platform. Back then, there were almost no instances of spamming. However, things changed thick and fast when YouTube transformed into one of the world’s…

Youtube Copyright Claims Vs. Youtube Strikes
10th May 2022

YouTube Copyright Claims vs. YouTube Strikes

Copyright laws are not always simple and straightforward, especially in the digital space. The management of digital rights comes with many moving parts. Although developing an understanding of this is an important part of your…

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