How To Watch A Removed Youtube Video
28th March 2023

How to Watch a Removed YouTube Video

“You don’t need to be a YouTube guru to learn how to watch a removed YouTube video—just read this guide.” I know we’ve all been there. We see a YouTube video on a jaw-dropping topic,…

How To Take Audio From A Youtube Video
14th March 2023

How to take audio from a YouTube video

Ever found yourself wanting to listen to something on YouTube without having to keep the video playing? Or maybe you’ve been looking for simple steps on how to take audio from a YouTube video and…

How To Upload Video From Twitch To Youtube
13th March 2023

How to upload video from Twitch to YouTube

Ah, Twitch; the ultimate destination for pro gamers and streamers to share their content and connect with the online gaming community. Twitch is great, but every Twitch streamer wanting to grow their influence needs to…

When Did I Subscribe To A Youtube Channel?
3rd March 2023

When did I subscribe to a YouTube channel?

I recently scrolled through the list of YouTube channels I’m subscribed to, and the result surprised me. First, I’d subbed to more than a hundred channels. And second, they were dozens of channels I barely…

Sonuker Blog 78
9th November 2022

Best Times to Post Your YouTube Videos In Different Geographical Zones

YouTubers with global audiences have more challenges to deal with compared to YouTubers with exclusively local audiences. For starters, their content has to cater to a diverse array of tastes, preferences, and sensibilities. Additionally, they…

Best Lines To Say To End Your Video In A Memorable Way
3rd November 2022

Best Lines to Say to End Your Video in a Memorable Way

So, you’ve put in a lot of work to create a compelling YouTube video that’s sure to keep audiences engaged from start to finish. However, you’re struggling to find the perfect video ending, and you…

How Many Promotional Inserts Should Your Affiliate Youtube Video Contain?
31st October 2022

How Many Promotional Inserts Should Your Affiliate YouTube Video Contain?

If you’re an aspiring content creator on YouTube who wants to make money not just from YouTube but also from other passive income sources, you should definitely consider affiliate marketing. In recent years, the average…

The Step-By-Step Guide To Creating The Perfect Booktube Video On Youtube
21st October 2022

The Step-by-step Guide to Creating the Perfect BookTube Video on YouTube

BookTube refers to a community of YouTubers that consists of people who love books and love to discuss them in front of their respective audiences. Quite simply, if you’re a bookworm and would like to…

Sonuker Blog 83
11th October 2022

What Does the “Stop Ads” Feature Mean for YouTubers Who Want to Make Money off their Channel?

Advertisements on YouTube rank among the biggest sources of income not just for YouTube but also for the content creators active on the platform. While this is common knowledge, the fact is that for the…

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