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Best YouTube Networks For Small Channels

If you’re a small YouTuber looking to maximize your channel’s potential, finding the right YouTube network can make all the difference. With countless options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the best network suited for your needs. In this article, we will explore some of the top YouTube networks specifically designed for small channels, providing you with valuable insights and recommendations to help you take your channel to new heights. So, let’s jump right in and discover the best YouTube networks that can help you thrive as a small content creator.

Understanding YouTube Networks

What Are YouTube Networks

YouTube networks, also known as multi-channel networks (MCNs), are organizations that partner with YouTube creators to provide them with various resources and services to help grow their channels. These networks serve as intermediaries between individual YouTubers and the platform itself, offering a wide range of benefits and opportunities.

Benefits of Joining a YouTube Network

Joining a YouTube network can provide numerous advantages for content creators. Firstly, networks often offer access to a broader audience, allowing channels to reach a larger number of viewers and potentially increase their subscriber base. Additionally, YouTube networks can provide valuable resources such as production facilities, equipment, and expertise to help creators enhance the quality of their content.

Another benefit of joining a YouTube network is the potential for monetization. Networks often offer partnerships that allow creators to earn revenue through various means, such as ad revenue sharing, brand sponsorships, and merchandise sales. Moreover, being part of a network can open doors to collaboration opportunities with other creators within the same network, fostering a sense of community and creativity.

Drawbacks of Joining a YouTube Network

While YouTube networks offer a range of benefits, there are also some drawbacks to consider. One significant drawback is the loss of creative freedom. Some networks may impose certain content guidelines or restrictions on their creators, which can limit their artistic expression or prevent them from exploring certain topics. It is crucial to carefully review the network’s terms and conditions before joining to ensure compatibility with your content goals.

Another potential drawback is the revenue share agreement. Networks typically take a percentage of the creator’s earnings as part of their services, which means creators may receive a smaller portion of the revenue compared to if they were managing their channels independently. It is essential to thoroughly evaluate the revenue share offered by different networks and consider whether the resources and benefits provided outweigh the percentage taken by the network.

Despite these drawbacks, many YouTube creators find that the benefits of joining a network ultimately outweigh the potential drawbacks. The decision to join a network should be based on an individual creator’s goals, priorities, and preferences.

Criteria for Choosing a YouTube Network

Network reputation

One critical criterion for choosing a YouTube network is its reputation within the creator community. It is essential to research and analyze the experiences of other creators who are or have been part of the network. Look for networks that are well-regarded, have positive reviews, and are known for supporting their creators effectively.

Terms of the contract

Carefully review the terms and conditions of the network’s contract before signing. Pay close attention to any content restrictions, revenue share percentages, length of the agreement, and termination clauses. Ensure that the terms are fair, reasonable, and align with your channel’s values and long-term goals. If any aspect of the contract raises concerns, it may be best to explore other options.

Services provided

Consider the specific services and resources offered by each network. Some networks focus on providing production facilities and equipment, while others prioritize audience development, marketing, or monetization strategies. Evaluate your channel’s needs and goals to determine which network offers the most relevant services and support to help you grow and succeed.

Revenue share offered

The revenue share percentage offered by a network is an important aspect to consider. Compare the percentages provided by multiple networks and calculate the potential earnings based on your channel’s current or projected revenue. Keep in mind that higher revenue share may not always be the most significant factor if the network’s services and support do not align with your channel’s needs.

Size of the network

The size of a network can also impact your channel’s growth and exposure. Larger networks often have a broader reach, meaning your content may reach a larger audience and have access to more collaboration opportunities. However, smaller networks may provide a more intimate and supportive community. Consider your preferences and priorities when determining the ideal network size for your channel.

Network’s community

The community within a YouTube network can significantly influence your experience as a creator. Look for networks that foster a positive and supportive community for their members. Research online forums, social media groups, or network-specific events to gauge the network’s sense of community and whether it aligns with your values and interests.

Channel Frederator Network

Overview of Channel Frederator Network

The Channel Frederator Network is a YouTube network focused primarily on animation and cartoon content. Founded in 2005, it has since grown to become one of the most prominent networks for animation creators. The network offers a wide range of services, including collaboration opportunities, production support, marketing assistance, and access to industry events.

Advantages of Joining Channel Frederator Network

Joining the Channel Frederator Network can provide a variety of advantages for animation creators. The network has a strong reputation within the animation community and offers access to a vast audience of animation enthusiasts. Additionally, creators within the network have the opportunity to collaborate with other talented animators, which can further enhance their skills and creativity. Channel Frederator also offers resources like animation tutorials and industry insights to help creators improve their craft.

Drawbacks of Channel Frederator Network

One potential drawback of joining the Channel Frederator Network is the niche audience focus. While the network’s specialization in animation can be advantageous for animators, it may not appeal to creators working in other genres. Additionally, as with many networks, there may be some content restrictions or guidelines to adhere to, which could limit creative freedom for certain creators.

Success Stories from Channel Frederator Network

Channel Frederator Network has facilitated the success of several notable animation channels. One example is “TheOdd1sOut,” a popular animator whose channel has amassed millions of subscribers and views. The network’s resources, collaboration opportunities, and audience reach have contributed to the growth and success of many creators within the animation community.


Overview of BBTV

BBTV, also known as BroadbandTV, is one of the largest YouTube networks globally, serving creators across various genres. With a vast network of channels and a range of services, BBTV aims to help creators maximize their potential and reach a wide audience. The network offers features such as channel optimization, cross-promotion, content management tools, and access to a licensed music library.

Advantages of Joining BBTV

Joining BBTV can provide creators with numerous benefits. The network’s extensive resources and tools allow creators to optimize their channel’s performance, improve discoverability, and attract a larger audience. BBTV’s licensed music library also enables creators to enhance their content with high-quality music without worrying about copyright issues. Furthermore, BBTV’s cross-promotion initiatives and networking opportunities can help creators collaborate and expand their reach within the network.

Drawbacks of BBTV

One drawback of joining BBTV is the revenue share percentage, which varies depending on the specific partnership agreement. Creators should carefully evaluate the revenue share offered by BBTV and consider whether the network’s services and support justify the percentage taken from their earnings. Additionally, like any large network, some creators may find it challenging to stand out among the vast number of channels within the BBTV community.

Successful Channels Under BBTV

BBTV has supported the growth and success of numerous channels across various genres. One notable example is the gaming channel “TheDiamondMinecart.” With BBTV’s assistance in optimizing content, reaching new audiences, and monetizing gameplay videos, the channel has gained millions of subscribers and established itself as one of the most popular gaming channels on YouTube.


Overview of Fullscreen

Fullscreen is a YouTube network that focuses on helping creators across different genres build their brands and engage with their audiences. The network offers a wide range of services, including channel optimization, content strategy assistance, access to licensed music, and brand partnerships. Fullscreen also provides access to a creator app, which allows creators to manage and monitor their channel’s performance on the go.

Advantages of Joining Fullscreen

Joining Fullscreen can provide creators with several advantages. The network’s brand partnership opportunities allow creators to collaborate with well-known companies and potentially secure sponsorships and brand deals. Fullscreen’s content strategy assistance and channel optimization tools can also help creators enhance their content quality, discoverability, and overall channel performance. The licensing resources provided by Fullscreen ensure that creators can include high-quality music in their videos without copyright concerns.

Drawbacks of Fullscreen

One potential drawback of joining Fullscreen is the revenue share agreement. Creators should carefully evaluate the specific percentage taken by Fullscreen and compare it to other networks. While the network offers various resources and support, creators need to ensure that the revenue share aligns with their financial goals and expectations. Additionally, like with any large network, there may be challenges in standing out among a vast number of channels within the Fullscreen community.

Successful Channels Under Fullscreen

Fullscreen has supported the growth and success of numerous channels across different genres. One standout example is the comedy channel “MyLifeAsEva,” which has gained millions of subscribers and views. Fullscreen’s assistance with channel optimization, content strategy, and brand partnerships has played a significant role in the channel’s success.

Adobe Stock

Overview of Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is a YouTube network that focuses on creators who work with visual content, such as photographers, designers, and videographers. The network offers resources and support to help creators monetize their content by licensing it through Adobe Stock’s marketplace. Creators can earn revenue whenever their content, such as photos or videos, is licensed by individuals or businesses.

Advantages of Joining Adobe Stock

Joining Adobe Stock can provide visual content creators with several advantages. The network’s marketplace provides creators with an opportunity to monetize their work and earn revenue through licensing agreements. By taking advantage of Adobe Stock’s vast user base, creators can potentially reach a broader audience and increase their chances of licensing their visual content. Additionally, Adobe Stock offers various tools and resources to help creators optimize their content for licensing and improve their chances of success.

Drawbacks of Adobe Stock

One potential drawback of joining Adobe Stock is the niche focus on visual content creators. While this specialization can be advantageous for photographers, designers, and videographers, it may limit opportunities for creators working in other genres. Additionally, licensing agreements can be subject to specific terms and limitations, potentially impacting the creator’s ability to retain full control over their content.

Success Stories from Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock has enabled numerous visual content creators to monetize their work successfully. From photographers selling their stunning nature photographs to designers licensing their eye-catching graphics, many creators have found financial success through Adobe Stock’s marketplace. The network’s resources and support have played a vital role in helping these creators optimize and monetize their visual content effectively.


Overview of TGN

TGN (The Gaming Network) is a YouTube network focused on supporting gamers and gaming content creators. The network offers various services and resources, such as access to game developer connections, sponsorships, revenue share opportunities, and content management solutions. TGN aims to help gaming creators enhance their channel’s growth, engagement, and revenue potential.

Advantages of Joining TGN

Joining TGN can provide gaming creators with several advantages. The network’s connections with game developers can open doors for exclusive opportunities, such as early access to games, beta testing invites, and potential collaborations. TGN’s sponsorships and revenue share programs also enable creators to monetize their gaming content effectively. Additionally, TGN offers content management solutions that help creators optimize their videos, metadata, and channel organization to increase discoverability.

Drawbacks of TGN

One potential drawback of joining TGN is the highly competitive nature of the gaming genre. With a vast number of gaming channels already established, it may be challenging for new creators to gain traction and stand out among the competition. However, TGN’s connections with game developers and its revenue share programs can help creators overcome these challenges and build a dedicated audience.

Success Stories from TGN

TGN has been instrumental in the success of numerous gaming channels. One notable success story is “Yogscast,” a popular gaming channel that has amassed millions of subscribers and views. Through TGN’s support and resources, Yogscast has established itself as a prominent gaming brand with a dedicated fanbase.


Overview of Studio71

Studio71 is a YouTube network that focuses on providing a wide range of resources and support for creators across various genres. From music and entertainment to lifestyle and technology, Studio71 aims to help creators enhance their channel’s growth and monetization possibilities. The network offers services such as talent management, audience development, brand partnerships, production support, and cross-platform promotion.

Advantages of Joining Studio71

Joining Studio71 can provide creators with several advantages. The network’s talent management services can help creators navigate the industry, secure brand partnerships, and explore new opportunities. Studio71’s audience development strategies and cross-platform promotion initiatives can also assist creators in expanding their reach and attracting new viewers. Additionally, the network’s production support and resources can help creators enhance the quality of their content and increase their channel’s growth potential.

Drawbacks of Studio71

One potential drawback of joining Studio71 is the requirement to meet certain eligibility criteria. The network typically seeks creators with a significant subscriber base and an established online presence. This may limit the opportunities for smaller or newer creators to join Studio71. However, for creators who already meet the criteria, Studio71’s extensive resources and support can be highly beneficial.

Success Stories from Studio71

Studio71 has facilitated the success of numerous channels across various genres. One notable success story is “Dude Perfect,” a sports entertainment channel known for its impressive trick shots and entertaining content. With Studio71’s assistance in talent management, brand partnerships, and audience development, Dude Perfect has become one of the most popular YouTube channels, attracting millions of views and inspiring a dedicated fanbase.

Creators Revolution

Overview of Creators Revolution

Creators Revolution is a YouTube network focused on empowering creators and providing them with resources to thrive in the online content creation space. The network offers a range of services, including channel optimization, brand partnerships, sponsorship opportunities, and creative support. Creators Revolution aims to help creators build their brands and monetize their content effectively.

Advantages of Joining Creators Revolution

Joining Creators Revolution can provide creators with several advantages. The network’s focus on empowering creators allows for a more individualized approach and tailored support. Creators Revolution’s brand partnerships and sponsorship opportunities can open doors to collaboration and monetization possibilities. Additionally, the network’s creative support and resources can help creators develop their channels and enhance the quality of their content.

Drawbacks of Creators Revolution

One potential drawback of joining Creators Revolution is the network’s size and reach compared to larger networks. While this may limit certain collaboration and exposure opportunities, the smaller size can create a more intimate and supportive community for creators. Additionally, Creators Revolution’s specific focus on empowering creators may not appeal to all creators, depending on their individual needs and goals.

Success Stories from Creators Revolution

Creators Revolution has played a significant role in the success of numerous creators. One standout success story is “Peter McKinnon,” a popular photography and filmmaking channel. With Creators Revolution’s support, Peter McKinnon has grown his channel and established himself as a leading creator in his field, inspiring and educating millions of viewers.

How to Join a YouTube Network

Steps to Join a Network

  1. Research and identify the networks that align with your content genre and goals.
  2. Review the network’s website and gather information about their services, requirements, and application process.
  3. Consider seeking recommendations from other creators or joining online communities to gather insights and feedback about specific networks.
  4. Prepare your channel by ensuring it meets the network’s eligibility criteria, such as a minimum number of subscribers or video views.
  5. Follow the application process outlined by the network, which often involves filling out an online form and providing details about your channel and content.
  6. Submit your application and wait for the network’s response. This process may take some time, so be patient and continue creating and uploading content in the meantime.

Things to Consider before Signing the Agreement

Before signing a contract with a YouTube network, carefully consider the following factors:

  1. The contract terms and conditions: Review the contract thoroughly, paying attention to revenue share percentages, content restrictions, length of the agreement, termination clauses, and any other relevant terms. Ensure that they align with your channel’s goals and expectations.

  2. Network reputation and support: Research the network’s reputation within the creator community and gather feedback from other creators who are or have been part of the network. Assess the network’s track record of supporting its creators and their success stories.

  3. Compatibility with your content goals: Consider whether the network’s services, resources, and community align with your content genre, style, and long-term goals. Evaluate whether the network provides the specific support and opportunities that your channel needs to grow and succeed.

  4. Revenue share and services offered: Compare the revenue share percentages offered by different networks and evaluate the overall value provided in terms of services, resources, and support. Ensure that the revenue share justifies the benefits and opportunities offered by the network.

  5. Long-term implications: Consider the long-term implications of joining a particular network. Assess whether the network’s goals, values, and direction align with your channel’s vision and whether the partnership can provide sustainable growth and opportunities.

How to Exit a YouTube Network

If you decide that it is in your best interest to exit a YouTube network, follow these general steps:

  1. Review the termination clause in your contract. Ensure that you understand the notice period, any potential fees or penalties, and the process for terminating the agreement.

  2. Notify the network of your intention to exit. Follow the specific steps outlined in your contract for notifying the network formally. Typically, this involves sending an email or written notice stating your decision.

  3. Communicate with the network regarding any outstanding matters or obligations. Ensure that you fulfill any pending partnership commitments or contractual obligations before finalizing the termination.

  4. Begin the process of transitioning your channel back to independent management. This may involve updating your channel’s settings, reorganizing content, and adjusting monetization strategies if necessary.

  5. Evaluate and adjust your long-term goals and strategies. Use the experience and insights gained from your time in the network to refine your content creation approach and identify new opportunities for growth.

Exiting a YouTube network should be approached with care and professionalism to maintain positive relationships within the creator community and ensure a smooth transition back to independent channel management.

In conclusion, joining a YouTube network can offer significant benefits to content creators, including access to a broader audience, valuable resources, and potential monetization opportunities. However, it is essential to carefully evaluate the reputation, terms, services, revenue share, size, and community of a network before making a decision. Networks such as Channel Frederator Network, BBTV, Fullscreen, Adobe Stock, TGN, Studio71, and Creators Revolution have proven to be successful for many creators, highlighting the importance of researching and selecting the right network for your specific needs and goals. Remember to consider the steps to join a network, thoroughly review contracts, and understand the process of exiting a network if necessary. By making informed decisions and aligning with the right network, creators can maximize their channel’s potential and thrive in the dynamic world of YouTube content creation.

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