YouTube Planning Guide: Create Consistent Content for Quick Growth

The road to success in YouTube is full of obstacles and hindrances. With rising competition from both corporate and individual creators, making a name for yourself in the world of YouTube has become increasingly difficult. However, the basic precepts of success in YouTube are still relevant. In our 2022 planner for YouTube growth, we will be going back to the basics. As any content creator would know, consistency is the key to long-term success. Viral content will only give you short-term and speculative attention. It is only through consistent quality content that you can make a mark for yourself in the world of YouTube.

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How to be consistent in YouTube

Being consistent is easier said than done. There are many factors that need to work in conjunction for you to be a consistent YouTube content creator. Putting in hours every single day is not the only thing you need to do. While that may help you with creating content in volume, it will not help with quality content. Consistency beings with planning, and you need to plan consistently as well.

How to plan YouTube videos

There are many steps to planning YouTube videos. Let us go through them one by one:

Brainstorming: The first thing you need for a YouTube video is an idea. You need to know broadly what you are going to create content upon. Even if you do not have a precise idea at this stage, you must still have a rough outline. When brainstorming for new ideas, make sure you have a mobile app to store all your ideas. Inspiration can come from anywhere at any time. It is important to note them down as and when they come. When you are sitting down to finalize, you can eliminate the bad ideas. The first step towards getting ready for YouTube is to brainstorm ideas.

Screenwriting and storyboards: In the second step, you need to clearly chart out what your video is going to look like. Start writing about everything from the opening scenes to the transitions to the ending. Once you have a neat and coherent video structure in front of you, then you can move forward with the next steps.

Get feedback: Before committing to a video, make sure you get feedback about it. One of the best ways to do so is to directly ask your viewers. You can host a poll where you pitch a few ideas for your next video and let the audience decide what they want. In most cases, your YouTube subscribers would be more than happy to suggest ideas. Going through these alone can do wonders for your YouTube growth.

Plan future content: Every YouTube channel has a theme. For most thematic channels, what video you upload on a daily basis has a huge impact. Before you start working on a video, analyze how ell it fits with the rest of your content. Stay away from making videos that are not related to your theme. However, there is no fixed rule here. One or two surprise videos can play a big role in winning new subscribers and getting more YouTube likes.

Learn from YouTube comments: Going through your YouTube comments might not be great for your ego since there would be a lot of negativity and hate. If you feel confident that negative comments won’t deter you, there is a lot you can learn from YouTube comments alone. You can see what people are talking about, why they like and dislike, and how they perceive you. The comment section alone can be a goldmine for new content ideas.

Learn from fellow YouTubers: In the YouTube world, competitors are not enemies. On the contrary, people benefit from each other’s success. No matter what your niche is, there are definitely other people out there making videos about the same. Instead of seeing them as rivals, learn what they do and how they do it. If you can take it a notch higher, consider getting help from another YouTuber who is willing to assist. If you can plan and collaborate with a prominent YouTuber in your niche, your channel’s growth will skyrocket in no time.

Market your videos: Creating content and marketing are two different ball games altogether. Making quality videos consistently is very important. Similarly, promoting and marketing your content will take it to a wider audience base. If you are ignoring this aspect of YouTube, steady and organic growth will not be possible.

Tips and tricks for consistent YouTube growth

Tips and tricks for consistent YouTube growth

The internet is full of tips for quick YouTube growth. Let us tell you that those don’t work. There is no shortcut to anything in life, including YouTube. Instead of looking at them like easy tricks and tips to earn money and get free YouTube views, look at them from a strategy perspective.

Have a content calendar: A content calendar is a perfect companion to independent content creators who have to take multiple aspects of a video into consideration before posting it. To put it simply, a content calendar helps you with a systematic plan for when to post and what to post. You must customize your content calendar according to changing demands and circumstances. For example, many people got interested in home farming in the pandemic. If you are making videos in and around gardens, plants, and trees, videos, you would have benefited by switching to a more home-based garden approach to make the most of the excess viewers.

Mix and match YouTube content: The number of things you can do on YouTube keeps increasing. With the introduction of short videos on YouTube, you can now make small and catchy content. Alternatively, you can pair a website or blog with the videos to redirect audiences there. The aim is to diversify your content without going overboard. If you are staying true to the overall theme of your channel, bringing in a few innovations here and there would not make any difference.

Collaborate with people in your niche: When we talk about collaborations on YouTube, we usually restrict ourselves to other YouTubers. However, you can collaborate with experts from a wide range of fields to come up with great content ideas. Having a recognized personality over will only make your channel more informative. The audience will also want to know more about the experts and about what they have to say. With the advent of Zoom, collaborations on YouTube have become even more popular. There are many YouTubers out there who only go on live stream via Zoom with other YouTubers. Nonetheless, they work hard on creating fresh content every day, and that helps them get more subscribers and views.

The future of growth in YouTube

As competition in the YouTube space increases, many growth tactics are no longer relevant. Hashtags and YouTube SEO plays a very important role now. In the past, you could get away without putting effort into video titles, descriptions, hashtags, and so on. Now it is very important to take these factors into consideration to see quick growth in YouTube.

Collaborations are also the future of YouTube growth. It does not only mean collaborating with other creators. You can now collaborate with fans and viewers through video and live chats. It is a great way to boost audience engagement. There are many ways to collaborate, be it through campaigns or video series. Ensure that all collaborations are meaningful and they do not get redundant over time.

Common YouTube consistency mistakes

As we spoke earlier, consistency is the key to success in YouTube. However, being consistent can be very difficult if you do not know the right way.

Choose a frequency that is sustainable. If you cannot post five quality videos every week, there is no point in doing it for a few weeks and then burning out. If you are comfortable with only two videos every week but feel sure about their quality, they will show better results than five videos per week.

Take the help of tools that let you understand your subscriber demographics. If you know more about your subscribers and viewers, you can tailor content according to their preferences.

Many people fail to get subscribers and viewers despite posting consistency because their videos are very one-dimensional. Focus on making your videos interactive to get free Youtube subscribers and likes. The more stake viewers have in your content, the more they will engage with it. Organizing giveaways and contests is a great way to add interactive elements to your YouTube videos.

In the end, being consistent is the most important aspect. When you are consistent with your content, you will learn the tricks of getting quick growth along the way.


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How to Make Your YouTube Comments Section a Safe Space for Viewers?

YouTube, like any other social media, has its own evils and vices. YouTube creators have often been accused of promoting unrealistic standards, misinformation, hate, and so on. While that concerns individual creators, a more common phenomenon is hate speech and bullying in the comment sections. It can be targeted to the creator or among viewers. If there is a difference of opinion, YouTube hate comments can go to great extents. People can get harassed, bullied, even blackmailed in YouTube comments. To prevent these comments, YouTube introduced a feature where commenters were asked to cross-think what they were about to post. It succeeded in reducing YouTube hate comments to an extent, but it did not magically vanish.

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Why are hate comments a concern for creators?

There are two ways to look at YouTube comments. If you wish to take an apathetic approach, it would not matter to you what people are writing in the comments. There are hundreds to thousands of comments under many videos, and you might want to not be a part of sub-conversations within those conversations. While that approach guarantees mental peace, it is not sustainable for YouTube content creators. Let us tell you why.

As a content creator on YouTube, comments play a big role in understanding how good or bad you are doing. Sure, there is a lot of unnecessary hate in the comment section, but you also get to know a general opinion. That, in turn, can help you improve many aspects of your videos and channel.

If you are someone who pays attention to the comment section, a lot of negative comments will surely bother you. It would be especially concerning if the language and tone of the comments come off as abusive. Harsh comments or even dislikes can leave a deep impact on your psyche, leading you to stop believing in your capability. That is one side of the story.

On the other side of the story, your comment section might become a general place for hate speech and discussions. People could be attacking a certain community or sect in the comment sections, as is evident in the comment section of many YouTubers. When these types of things go on in your comments, it deters new YouTube subscribers and followers. Your existing subscribers wreak such havoc in the comment section that new people feel afraid to comment.

In turn, your comment section ends up becoming an echo chamber where hate speech is responded to by hate speech. It will create a toxic image of your personal brand, and you will face difficulties in growing outside those limitations. Your chances of getting brand deals will go down exponentially, and fellow YouTubers will think twice before collaborating with you.

If you are suffering from this problem or fear that you will, you need to take immediate action. If you do nothing about it, your comment section will pull your YouTube growth down before you even know it.

How to deal with negative comments

Before you decide to take action to make your comment section a better place, you must be clear about your intentions. If you want people to continue their misdemeanor in the comments, you might be going down the wrong path. However, if that is the approach you decide on, your intentions behind cleaning up the comment section might just be an attempt to get more deals and collaborations. Unfortunately, that approach is both shallow and unsustainable. Your bubble will burst ultimately, and it will leave a deep impact on the overall success of your YouTube channel.

However, if you are looking for a sustainable solution, the benefits will show up in their due course. The first thing you need to do is ensure none of your content incites hate. Unless you do that, there is no way for you to get positive, free YouTube comments. If your content promotes hate or discrimination in any manner, it will attract people who have a similar mindset. You will keep getting comments that are negative, hateful, and demeaning. Once you are clear on your end, you can move forward with the next steps.

Talk to your audience about negative comments and hate speech

The first thing you should do is have a heart-to-heart conversation with your YouTube subscribers and viewers. You can do it in the form of a written note or a video. In both cases, make it as poignant as possible. Talk about how you don’t believe in the power of hate and instead believe in love. Talk about how you want your YouTube subscribers’ community to be one of the most positive communities on the internet. In the end, talk about how it affects you at an emotional and personal level.

When you have an open conversation with your viewers about these issues, the effects of it reflects in the comment section. You will find people dissuading others from commenting negative things and bonding over positive messages. Your ultimate goal should be to empower the community about their well-being. Once the general culture of the community changes, you do not have to do anything to keep your comment section clean and positive.

Be vocal about social responsibilities

Much of what we call hate speech comes from a perspective of discrimination and exploitation. That’s why YouTube has a strong policy on racial slurs and discrimination. Often the most negative comment sections are of those people who do not exhibit their social stance. Do not make the same mistake. Be vocal about the fact that you believe in equality and tolerance. Make it evident that your channel is open to people from all races, sexes, and genders.

When you start being vocal about your social stance, you start attracting followers who have a similar vision. They are much less likely to spew hate in the comment section. You can avoid haters on YouTube by not making them feel welcome in the first place.

Do not be a keyboard warrior

There is no point in being a keyboard warrior, especially when you are a creator on YouTube. You might feel accomplished at having taught a lesson to one troll; hundreds would line up behind them. As a creator, it is not possible for you to go through every negative comment and reply to them all.

A better approach is to let your actions speak for themselves. The more attention you give to haters and trolls, the more motivated they become to continue their shenanigans. As a content creator, let your content represent what you think and believe in.

Make the best use of YouTube settings

Make the best use of YouTube settings

YouTube has built-in tools and settings that let you control what comments show up in the videos. There are three things you can do – block a person from commenting, restrict comments, and allow all comments. By default, you would be allowing all comments. You should aim not to use the other two options, but do not shy away from doing so if the need arises.
Ideally, you should block only spam accounts that post random promotional messages in the comment section. For hate speech and bullying, the restricted option works better since you get to know what was about to be posted. If you feel that it does not violate any boundaries, you can allow it to be visible.

There is another option, that of disabling comments altogether. However, that is typically not a good approach. You do not get any of the benefits that come from understanding what comments tell you about your videos and presentation. On top of that, you do not give your subscribers the opportunity to form a community among themselves. Many people will be turned off simply at the sight of a disabled comment section. If you have to use this feature, make sure it is only for inevitable reasons.

Spread awareness

As a content creator, you are in a position where what you say can impact hundreds to thousands of people. Use this platform to share a positive message to the world. Many people resort to rude comments only because they are not aware of the other person’s problems. If you can foster this awareness of empathy, you will be doing a service to society and yourself. Over time, this reputation will carry over and help you get more subscribers and fans.


Negative comments are a big problem for the creator community. Every creator has had to deal with it at some point or the other. Instead of being passive about it, you should do whatever you can in your individual capacity. If everyone starts adopting this stance, YouTube will become a safe space for everyone.

Negative comments are just one of the many problems that you have to deal with in your YouTube journey. From getting constant views to winning more subscribers, doing everything without any professional help can be daunting, if not impossible. With SubPals, you can be assured of constant growth in your YouTube journey with the help of experts who know exactly what to do. Free YouTube subscribers and free YouTube likes can take your channel to the next level.

The Ultimate Guide to Starting Your Own YouTube Challenge for Engagement

YouTube offers different opportunities for marketing, content creation, customer engagement, and a lot more. At the same time, it is very difficult to start and maintain a successful YouTube channel since the competition is too high. 720,000 hours of video content is published on YouTube every day. It can be quite difficult to make a mark in this sea of competition.

However, it is important to understand that you are not competing against thousands of other YouTubers. You are only competing against those in your niche and those who know your target audience on YouTube. Once you crack the code to get viewers hooked, your YouTube journey will become very smooth.

One of the most effective ways to get new and existing viewers hooked is through challenges. Most of us have seen challenges taking place in different social media platforms, be it YouTube or Facebook or Instagram. Today we will talk about everything you need to know about YouTube challenges and how they can help you with audience engagement.

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Do you need a YouTube expert to complete an in-depth evaluation of your YouTube channel & provide you with an action plan?

What are YouTube challenges?

There is no single definition of a YouTube challenge. Anything and everything can be a YouTube challenge if you can add a competitive element to it. In a nutshell, a YouTube challenge involves viewers competing (often against each other) to solve a problem or get an answer in order to receive a prize. Therefore, challenges can involve uploading dance videos to solve puzzles. There is no limit to what you can classify as a YouTube challenge.

The most important thing to remember in the context of YouTube challenges is that every challenge should have some substantial stake. People will not spend their time and energy on what they are getting is not worth it. No matter which challenge model you follow, the rewards must be worthwhile.

The difference between good and bad YouTube challenges

If you know how to bring out the competitive side in humans, you will have an easy time coming up with challenges. But if you don’t, we are here to help you.

A good YouTube challenge will have the right balance of difficulty and reward. You cannot make a challenge overtly difficult – like shooting and editing a full-length video – if your rewards do not match. Alternatively, you can make challenges as difficult as you want if your reward backs them up. Finding this balance is the key to successful YouTube challenges. If you are wondering how to start a YouTube challenge, begin by taking into account these considerations.

A good YouTube challenge has the following features:

  1. Competitive
  2. Able to hook viewers
  3. Able to bring many people together
  4. Enjoyable

If you tick all four boxes, you will have an easy time coming up with YouTube challenges. A bad YouTube challenge will naturally not engage with many viewers. If there is a mismatch between the reward and the effort, your subscribers won’t be interested in participating. Even if the reward is decent, challenges without any hook usually fail. For these reasons, your YouTube challenges must always take into account the four factors mentioned above.

Types of YouTube challenges

There are mainly two types of YouTube challenges. In the first type, you involve the audience. In the second type, the challenge is completed by YouTube along with friends or fellow YouTubers. Both approaches have their pros and cons when it comes to engaging with the audience.

When it comes to audience challenges, we are mainly looking at giveaways and special merchandise as rewards. However, it is also a great idea to have a monetary reward in place. The higher the stake, the more people you attract. The more people you attract, the better it is for YouTube engagement.

In the case of YouTuber challenges, you also get the unique opportunity of engaging with your fellow YouTubers and their viewership. It is a great way to boost the growth of your channel. The more people you add to your viewership, the higher the chances of getting more engagement.

There are some common pointers in both types of challenges. In both cases, the challenge should have a considerable degree of difficulty. It should also have a fun element that makes it easy for viewers to get hooked. If your challenges have an element of virality, they will get shared more. Hitting it off with even a single challenge can boost your engagement to a great extent.

Below we will discuss some ideas and inspirations for both types of challenges. However, remember that these are just guidelines and not concrete suggestions. You should always add a personal touch to your YouTube challenges.

Ideas and inspirations for YouTube challenges

If you are organizing a challenge with other YouTubers, the scope for making it viral increases drastically. For example, eating challenges are very popular in the YouTube community. It exhibits the perfect amalgamation of the necessary features of a challenge. Eating challenges are difficult and have an element of virality. In some cases, they are downright bizarre or gross. Even then, you get to hook the viewer because of their curiosity.

Another example of engaging challenges is games. There are many games that you can play in collaboration with other YouTubers or with friends. These games are not like traditional sports or video games. They are usually fun games that we relate more with parties and gatherings, like being able to stay in one circle for the longest time. It is also a great way to make the most of your viewership and get hooked to a fun competition.

Coming back to challenges with your viewers, the scope is much restricted here. Since you cannot get all your viewers on board for a challenge, you have to host it over the internet. For challenges involving the audience, the stake is usually something personalized and valuable. It can be merchandise, the opportunity for a guest appearance in your channel, a gift voucher, and so on.

Challenges involving the audience usually follow the model of a puzzle or a riddle. The first people to solve them are declared winners. Coming up with puzzle ideas need not be challenging. There are tons of ideas on the internet. However, make sure all your challenges have a personal touch.

Why are challenges so effective for engagement?

Why are challenges so effective for engagement?

Challenges have become a common way for YouTube channels to boost audience engagement. The reasons behind this phenomenon are self-explanatory.

Challenges are competitive by definition, and people love competition. Even if it is all fun and games, challenges force out the best in us. When we get recognition for our efforts (in the form of rewards), we get even more motivated to participate in more challenges.

Another useful feature of YouTube challenges is their collaborative nature. Whether you are challenging the audience or your friends, both involve collaboration. The audience loves to see videos where there is a certain extent of collaboration. It makes the videos more appealing and engaging. Everyone you bring over for a challenge adds their own personality to it. In turn, it becomes a great way to improve engagement with the audience. People are now watching your videos for the fun that collaborations bring. It is one of the main reasons all popular YouTubers frequently collaborate with others.

Common YouTube challenge mistakes

While organizing and setting up YouTube challenges is not very difficult, people still make mistakes. Most of these mistakes are not major flaws and only minor mistakes. For example, one of the biggest mistakes is not promoting your challenge. If you are not marketing and promoting your challenge across different social media platforms, you are losing out on possible engagement. If people don’t know about your challenge, they cannot engage with it.
Another mistake that many people make pertains to the nature of the challenge. You do not want your YouTube challenges to be long-drawn and boring. If you are not adding something new to the mix constantly, it is only a matter of time before you start losing the audience. Challenges need to be fun and must have the ability to keep the viewers hooked. They should be able to get you free YouTube views, and the viewers should further promote it.

The future of YouTube challenges

YouTube VR, or virtual reality, is the future of YouTube challenges. VR will elevate the way to engage with and participate in a challenge. In the future, it can become the dominant mode of YouTube challenges owing to advanced engagement avenues and enhanced experience for the viewers.

Apart from that, the sheer volume of challenges on YouTube is set to show considerable growth. Everyone is realizing their importance and jumping to the bandwagon. If you are serious about growing your YouTube subscribers, you should make challenges a priority.


The road to success in YouTube is long and complex. Having professional assistance makes it all easier. Subpals gives you exactly that. Whether you are struggling with getting YouTube likes or YouTube comments, Subpals has tools and services to take care of that. Check out SubPals today to find out what it can do for you and your channel’s growth.

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