How to Successfully Make the Move from Instagram to YouTube to Avoid Scammers

If you’re an Instagram-based content creator, you might want to consider switching from Instagram to YouTube. While Instagram has emerged as a major marketing tool for content creators and influencers in recent years, the fact is that the platform is full of scammers. On the other hand, YouTube is a relatively safer place for content creators to do their thing. In this article, we’ll tell you how you can make the switch to YouTube from Instagram. However, first, let’s try and understand what kind of scams happen on Instagram.

The Instagram scams you should be aware of

Instagram scammers are notorious for a variety of scams. All in all, there are six types of Instagram scams you need to be worried about.

  • Companies offering free likes and followers: You’ll come across many companies on Instagram that claims to offer free likes and followers. While their offers may seem tempting on the surface, the reality of these companies is quite dark. Sure, some companies may be genuine, and their offers are primarily based on the hope that you’ll eventually purchase likes and followers from them. However, many others aren’t genuine and are, in fact, fake automated accounts or bots. If you accept their offers, your numbers will skyrocket overnight, and this will increase the chances of your Instagram account being red-flagged not just by the moderators at Instagram but also by collaborators.
  • Fake brand accounts: Selling counterfeit products has become a big business on Instagram. Typically, fake brand accounts are created by scammers to sell counterfeit goods. These accounts mimic the pages of original manufacturers, and they also rely on bot-driven likes and followers to become big. If you’re not careful, you can quite easily mistake these accounts for the original pages and end up paying money to them. The best way to avoid these accounts is to be cautious and check their posts for misspellings and offers that are simply too good to be true. These accounts will also ask for payments through strange methods or terms.
  • Fake investment schemes: Scammers typically approach Instagram users via the direct message route to make fake investment schemes work. Here’s what usually happens – a scammer promises a huge payout as the return for a minimal investment. The scammer may also send pictures of other individuals who have apparently benefited from the schemes. Once you part with your money, the scammer will, in all likelihood, vanish. Through the 2018 – 2019 period, more than $3 million was stolen by scammers from unsuspecting Instagram users. To avoid this scam, don’t pay money to anyone that you don’t know well.
  • Phishing attempts in the guise of messages from Instagram: These scams are quite tricky to identify. However, they typically work like this – urgent direct messages or emails are sent by the scammers, apparently from Instagram. These messages or emails may tell you that your account has received approval for a verification badge or that your account is compromised. They often contain links, which take users to pages that ask them to submit their Instagram login credentials. Once you enter your credentials, the scammers have all the information necessary to block access to your account. The best way to steer clear of these phishing attempts is to enable multi-factor authentication, which involves entering a secondary password or code to gain access to an Instagram account.
  • Scam courses: Aspiring influencers and content creators are often lured into signing up for scam courses. The scammers approach unsuspecting users and claim that the courses will teach them everything necessary to make it big as an Instagram influencer. However, once a user shells out the money, the courses turn out to be disappointments. Of course, there are many legit courses out there that are offered by the pros, but due to the ever-increasing number of scam courses, you’ll need to be extra careful before signing up for one.
  • Giveaway scams: Giveaways have emerged as one of the most popular ways for Instagram accounts to get more likes and followers. However, genuine giveaways have prizes to offer, while giveaway scams only make tall claims and don’t provide any prizes. Giveaway scams work because it’s incredibly easy to participate in giveaways. Typically, all that a user needs to do to participate in a giveaway contest is to share a post, like it, or comment on it. The only way to prevent yourself from falling prey to these scams is to look for the authenticity of the accounts promoting them.
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Shifting from Instagram to YouTube: The top tips

So, now that you’re aware of the different types of Instagram scams, let’s finally get to what this article is all about – making a move from Instagram to YouTube. Sure, in the first few days, YouTube may seem a bit daunting as its interface, and the overall platform is radically different from Instagram. However, if you dedicate yourself to the cause, there’s no reason why you can’t make it big as a successful YouTube content creator. In this section, we’ll take you through the top tips to help you make the switch as seamlessly as possible. So, let’s get into it!

Shifting from Instagram to YouTube: The top tips

  • Invest in the right gear: Even though Instagram has a variety of content-creating features in today’s times, the fact is that it’s still a photo-sharing app at its core. So, before you start posting videos on YouTube, you need to own the right video and audio recording equipment. Of course, you don’t need to break the bank and buy the most expensive camera and audio gear. However, you should invest in something that ensures a high level of video and audio quality.
  • Get better at video editing: Video editing is an important skill that all successful YouTube content creators have mastered. While mastering video editing takes a lot of time and effort, it’s never too late to get started. You can find countless courses on the internet that will help you to get better at it rapidly. There are a lot of informative videos on improving your editing skills on YouTube as well. Well-edited videos can leave a lasting impression on your viewers and motivate them to like your videos and subscribe to your YouTube channel.
  • Create and stick to a content schedule: Consistency and regularity of uploads on YouTube can’t come automatically. To make sure that you consistently post videos on YouTube, you’ve simply got to put in some thought into creating a YouTube content schedule. This will also allow your subscribers on the platform to know what they can expect from you.
  • Find a balance between quality and quantity: In recent times, YouTube’s algorithm has been mostly in favor of channels that post content frequently. So, the number of videos you churn out matters. However, it’s not just the numbers that matter. Watch time is another important metric that YouTube’s algorithm assesses, and to make sure that your videos are watched all the way through, you have to focus on quality as well. It can be a bit tricky at first to get the balance between quality and quantity right, but the more you work at it, the better you’re going to get.
  • Make the most of analytics: YouTube Studio is the official portal for YouTube-based content creators where you can manage your content. It also offers a whole host of analytics features that allows content creators to track the performances of all their videos. Don’t ignore the information provided by YouTube Studio, as it can help you finetune your YouTubing skills. For instance, the analytics will offer you deep insights into the best times to upload your videos for maximizing the views.
  • Collaborate: Collaborations are important on Instagram, and they’re just as important on YouTube. When you collaborate with other content creators who are relevant to your niche, your channel will gain exposure in front of new audiences. Sure, not every new viewer may appreciate what you have to offer. However, over time, your collaborative efforts are bound to pay dividends in the form of new subscribers, allowing your channel to grow.
  • Focus on user engagement: YouTube’s algorithm also puts a great deal of emphasis on user engagement, i.e., how users are engaging with your videos. Most YouTubers include calls-to-action (CTAs) for motivating viewers to engage with their videos, and you should do the same. You should also try your best to engage with your viewers in the form of replies to comments.


Once you’ve set up your YouTube channel and started posting videos, it’s important that you encourage your Instagram followers to subscribe to your channel. Remember, this isn’t about you leaving Instagram altogether. This is only about making a move to a more secure platform that isn’t as prone to scams as Instagram. So, be active on Instagram as well and try to combine your efforts across the two social media platforms.

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Your Guide to Convincing YouTube Subscribers to Join Your Paid Membership Tier

Time and again, YouTube has come out with various features to empower the creators on the platform. One of the latest additions to this is the YouTube Channel Membership feature. In early 2018, the video-sharing service announced the YouTube Channel Membership feature, which allowed the content creators to connect with their fans better. Through the channel memberships, fans would have access to exclusive content from the creators. Before YouTube memberships, the platform had offered a “Sponsorship” feature to the creators, through which fans were given the ability to sponsor a channel for a monthly price of $4.99. Initially, this feature was open to only a few creators, but with the launch of YouTube Membership, all the creators could derive the benefits.

If you are interested in learning all there is to know about YouTube Memberships, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will explore this feature and how you can encourage your subscribers to take the membership.

What are YouTube channel memberships?

A channel membership is essentially a paid subscription to a YouTube channel. You allow your most loyal followers access to exclusive content and extra benefits through channel membership. For this, all they have to do is pay a monthly fee to support you as a content creator. YouTube Membership essentially provides the YouTubers with financial assistance to make video content full-time. The members also derive many benefits through live chats, exclusive emojis, and members-only posts.

YouTube channel membership is different from subscribing to a channel. A channel subscription adds the new videos from the content creator to the user’s feed. It is like following a page on Instagram and Twitter. When a channel offers a ‘Join’ button, this refers to the channel membership option.

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Perks to offer with YouTube channel membership

When your followers take your channel membership, you can provide them with many benefits or rewards in return. It depends on what kind of benefits you want to deliver. However, the few common membership rewards are –

  • 1. Exclusive posts: You can offer your fans unique posts in the Community tab of your feed. These posts can provide insight into your life or have unique content open exclusively for paid members.
  • 2. Loyalty Badge: You can provide your followers with a badge that will appear when they write a comment or participate in a live chat. These badges let your loyal fans stand out in the crowd. The loyalty badges can also be a great way to promote the channel.
  • 3. Emojis: You can provide the members with exclusive emojis that can be used on YouTube. These usually come with unique artwork, and they can consist of specific phrases or topics that are only known to your followers.
  • 4. Live Chat: The paid members can also be given exclusive access to live chat. This can be a great way to build community on the platform.
  • 5. Live Streams: You can open live streams exclusively for paid members. This will also encourage other subscribers to take your membership.
  • 6. Bonus content: The most significant perk you can offer the members is bonus content. The element of exclusivity through the benefit will help promote the channel membership.

Which YouTube channels qualify for the membership option?

Which YouTube channels qualify for the membership option?

The YouTube Channel Membership feature is only available for those creators who meet a specific requirement. YouTube needs to be a part of the YouTube Partner Program and have at least 1,000 subscribers to be eligible for this. It is also important that your channel has zero policy strikes. Policy strikes are given to those channels that post any inappropriate content, break the copyright law, or are involved in harassment and online bullying. If your video has been demonetized recently, you will not be able to avail of the membership option. YouTube membership is presently available in some regions. It is an optional feature, which means that the creators who want to open up the membership option have to enable it manually.

How does this feature work?

Through the YouTube channel memberships, subscribers are given a choice to join different membership tiers. The higher tiers exist at a higher price point, and they are also designed to offer better benefits. YouTube allows you to set the prices for the tiers between $1 to $49.99. While this feature can be used free of cost, the platform does take 30 percent of the profits you make through the channel membership payments. This can be understood with the help of an example. If your channel has reached 100 members and your membership cost is $4.00, you will earn a revenue of $500. From this amount, you would be able to get around $350 while the rest of the $150 will go to the platform.

How to maximize the appeal of YouTube channel memberships

The YouTube membership feature is a great way to generate revenue and diversify your income from the platform. It has been found that YouTube channel memberships have allowed creators to earn four times the revenue they were making previously. Now that you have a basic understanding of this feature, it is essential to explore ways to encourage your followers to take the YouTube channel memberships. 

If you are ready to launch the channel membership option, some tips will help you get more people to sign up for the paid channel membership.

  • 1. Plan before rolling out the channel membership: It is important to prepare everything before offering the membership option to your subscribers. You need to have a clear strategy, including the intro video, emojis, and other perks. When you have a clear plan, you will be able to execute it more effectively, which will ultimately help you in getting more members.
  • 2. Add the membership option to your description, end screens: You can add the membership URL to your video descriptions, end screens, and cards as well. This can work as a great reminder to your followers to take the paid YouTube membership of your channel.
  • 3. Determine a good pricing strategy: Your price points should be comfortable enough for the people. While a lower pricing strategy helps attract more members, higher price points in the upper levels will help deliver a 5-star experience to the superfans. The pricing should be realistic enough to encourage people to take your channel membership.
  • 4. Create a good announcement video: The announcement video for the channel membership should effectively share the news with your subscribers. You can include the headline of the perks you will offer in the video. It would help to remind them through the announcement video that it will not take anything away from your regular content.
  • 5. Give a name to your members: To promote your channel membership, you can give a shoutout to your members on your regular videos. For this, you can provide them with a name related to your channel somehow.

Important things to consider

1. Having the right mindset is important

Before you plan to roll out the channel membership option, you need to view the process. The membership is not something you are selling to your audience. It would be better to consider it an opportunity that allows you and your followers to engage with each other on a more personal level. It also allows your followers to show their support for you. Having the right mindset will help you develop a better strategy to promote your Membership Tiers to the subscribers.

2. Do not alienate the non-members

While rolling out the exclusive content, you should not hide the content you would offer to your subscribers in normal circumstances. Rather than excluding the subscribers from your content, think of ways to provide your members with extra ‘nice-to-have’ content.

3. Provide valuable perks

It is essential to provide your members with valuable perks, especially those in the higher tiers. The valuable bonus wouldn’t necessarily cost you money. Think of it as providing them content that is worthy of the cost.

4. Make the perks scalable and recurring

When you start getting more sign-ups, it is essential to consider if the perks you are providing to your members are more scalable. For this, you can do a trial run of some extras to test out if they are scalable or not. The perks should be such that they provide continuous value to the members.


The YouTube channel membership is a great feature. However, it requires quality and consistency on the part of the creator. With the tips provided in this helpful guide, you will promote the channel membership option to your subscribers more effectively. The key is to provide valuable content to your followers. This YouTube feature will not only add to your revenue but will also help in increasing your reach on the platform. If you are looking for other ways to expand your subscriber base on the platform, you consider the premium YouTube services provided by SubPals.

SubPals offers a wide range of services like free YouTube subscribers and free YouTube views, which can help improve your channel’s metrics. This ultimately helps promote the organic growth of your channel as the YouTube algorithm considers your engagement metrics for ranking your content. In our free YouTube subscribers service, we use our network to exchange subscribers between your channel and that of other YouTubers. This will help you in gaining new subscribers. If you want to know more about our services, contact us today!

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