How To Create Beautiful Video Backgrounds For YouTube On A Budget?

So you’ve decided that you want to start making YouTube videos. You’re already a fan of many content creators, and you have a decent idea of what you want to do. But there’s just one thing holding you back – your background. YouTube content creators don’t always start out with the best backgrounds. You may need to initially invest in your YouTube backgrounds.

Why are YouTube Backgrounds Important?

If you think about the kind of YouTube videos that gain the most real YouTube subscribers and experience growth, then you’ll notice one common pattern. All these content creators put effort not just into the content they are presenting, but the environment they are presenting in as well.

Would you rather watch a video presented well, on an attractive and relevant background? Or would you opt for a video where the background looks cluttered and messy, and keeps drawing your attention away from the actual content?

A good background isn’t always just for aesthetics. You may also need to use your YouTube background to present your content. This especially applies to corporate presentations. You may also need to use infographics or add videos and images to better present your idea in various kinds of videos.

There are four key ways that a good background can help you gain real YouTube views and subscribers. They include:

  • Better presentation, which gives you more subscribers and views
  • Professional looking content
  • Integrate videos and images to better present your content
  • Showcase your video editing skills

Depending on the reason behind why you need to create your background, there are different approaches you can take. You can either manually create a space that you can use as your background. You can also use a green screen, and then edit your preferred background into the video.

How Do You Create Beautiful Backgrounds for YouTube?

Before you start working on your background, you’ll need to have the following items handy:

  • Lights, preferably LED, to add brightness and clarity
  • A good video editing software
  • A good quality camera or smartphone

With these three pieces of equipment, you can rest assured that you can bring any kind of background you want, to life.

Even if you’re on a budget, there’s a lot you can do to create DIY backgrounds for YouTube at home. There are various approaches you can take, and kinds of backgrounds you can manufacture. Depending on where you choose to create the background, you may have ample space and locations available to you, or you may have none.

The good news is that there’s a solution for everybody, irrespective of the kind of background you want to create. Some of these methods may be more expensive than others, but you can easily accommodate them within your budget.

Here are five ways you can create amazing video aesthetics for YouTube:

How Do You Create Beautiful Backgrounds for YouTube?

1. Create a Space for Your Background

If you have a room or space available, then you can transform that area into your new YouTube background. There are various inexpensive ways you can transform your space. And with a little good video editing, you can ensure that the final video comes out looking good.

You can make use of inexpensive decor items, or DIY items you want to add to your space. If you don’t mind spending on items slowly as you gradually grow your space and background, then you can add grand touches to your room as well.
Even if you’re on a budget, it’s very easy to find inexpensive yet quirky items that can help you bring your space to life. If you’re making a commentary channel, then you’re bedroom could easily become you’re YouTube background.
In all these cases, it’s important to first take a picture and video of what your space looks like in its current setting. Then, from the perspective of the viewer, you need to add design the interior of your room. A simple search on the internet can yield great results when it comes to inexpensive items that can help you spruce up your space.

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2. Natural Backgrounds Using Different Spaces

If the idea of having just one YouTube background turns you off, then there are two options you could take. One is using a green screen, which we’ll talk about soon. And the other involves making use of different backgrounds and spaces around you to create dynamic backgrounds.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to get quality backgrounds without putting in a lot of work, this could be the solution for you. One thing you do need to consider however, is that you may not be allowed to shoot videos everywhere. So if you were thinking of going down to your favorite coffee shop to shoot your video, then remember to call them ahead of time.

Those who are seriously considering using different world spaces to create video aesthetics for their YouTube backgrounds should also take into consideration transportation. You’ll need to move all your equipment to these different locations every time. This can include over time, various cameras, lights and stands. This means having a vehicle handy, or knowing someone who can help you transport your equipment, could be very handy.

3. Solely Relying on Video Editing

What you see in the real world can translate to the camera very differently. If you only want to use your smartphone or video editing software, then that gives you lots of options as well. This is easily possible even within a budget, as various quality video editing apps are available on Play Store and App Store.
For your laptop or PC, consider getting the best video editing software you can. If you want the watermark to disappear from your videos, then you may need to upgrade your software.

Video editing software lets you add colors, lighting and effects to your videos. Even if the actual background looks different, it’s possible to turn your whole video brighter, darker, or give it a color tint. Keep in mind that your skills with a video editing software will get better with time, especially if you’re a beginner.

With a video editing software, you can easily create the background you want and transform your space.

4. Green Screen

If you want to completely transform your background without actually changing it in real life, then the chroma key technique could be for you. Chroma key is the technical term for green screen. In a green screen, the space you want to change is superimposed with the background you want. The green color of the screen is the space within which this change can happen.

So if you want to change your whole background, then the whole space being recorded by your camera should be covered with a green screen. What you can do if you can’t purchase a professional green screen, is use green muslin cloth instead.

Green muslin cloth is a good alternative, and the texture of the material will make it easier for your video editing software to superimpose the new content. You should take care to not wear anything green yourself though, as it could easily result in that space getting superimposed as well.

Green screen editing can give you professional looking YouTube backgrounds where no one can tell the difference between real and fake. It’s often used by news channels and in corporate presentations.

5. Use Lighting to Change Your Background

Another inexpensive way you can transform your YouTube background, is with the help of different lights. You can use the lights to create a space of any color you want. Smart LED lights for example, let you switch between multiple color options. You can also consider adding fairy lights, cure neon lights, and other touches to add more color to your background.

Sunset lamps and projector lights can also help you create beautiful video aesthetics for YouTube. This technique doesn’t require a lot of money, and you can easily transform your space using it. Given the many options available, you can also be flexible with your background and keep using different color options for different backgrounds.

Ambient lights in particular can create great video aesthetics.


These five techniques are some of the most common ways you can change and update your YouTube backgrounds. Quality video aesthetics can help you gain traction for your videos, and result in real YouTube subscribers. If you want to experience growth and gain YouTube views, then consider getting a good YouTube background.

A good video editing software is an absolute must if you want to create great backgrounds. You can even use free apps to gain great editing and video effects that can enhance your videos. If you follow these tips, you can ensure that you gain YouTube growth in no time.

You can also consider creating DIY backgrounds. With a little time and effort, you can easily create striking and creative ways to transform your YouTube backgrounds.

With so many options available to you, creating the ideal background for your YouTube videos is simpler than you think. Simply choose your budget, the kind of YouTube background you want, and create a plan that can help you bring your video aesthetics to life.

Your Guide To Making The Best Commentaries On YouTube

There’s no easier way to make your name on YouTube than with a successful commentary channel. Commentaries took off on YouTube within the past decade. Over time, commentary videos on all topics, ranging from politics to games, gained momentum.
Commentary videos can now be found on nearly every topic under the Sun. They are easier to make, in that you don’t necessarily have to go out of your way to create new content. By providing your opinions on existing work, you allow people to experience that piece of content through you. For commentary channels, it’s the narrator who becomes the main subject of the content itself. However, despite YouTube commentaries being easier to shoot, they can also be the trickiest kind of content to get right.

Why YouTube Commentary Videos?

Reviews have always been popular pieces of content. People often turn to reviews and testimonials before they decide whether they want to purchase a product. Similarly, people have also throughout history, been interested in the art of good storytelling.

YouTube commentaries present a unique niche, in that they combine these two to present opinions on various topics. As a YouTube commentary content creator, you also don’t have to worry about constantly coming up with new original videos. That’s not to say that you don’t have to take care to produce high quality content. Instead, the kind of content you’ll be creating will be providing the audience with three valuable pieces of information:

  • The content itself, what it means, and why you’ve chosen to comment on it.
  • Your opinions on the content. A fresh perspective that adds value to the original content invites the greatest success in the form of real YouTube subscribers.
  • What the audience can get from the content.

Your YouTube views reflect the number of people who were either interested in the topic or had already engaged with the content. Knowing this is crucial, as your commentary can’t be aimed towards a specific type of viewer. Everyone, irrespective of whether they had or hadn’t engaged with the content you’re commenting on, should be able to engage with you.

In this way, making YouTube commentaries can become more complex. However, planning your content bucket ahead of time and taking the time to immerse yourself in the topics you choose can help you stay on top.

Types of YouTube Videos for Commentaries

YouTube commentaries encompass every topic from movies and music, to sports and games, politics, puppies, fashion, horror and even environmental issues. YouTube commentary video content creators usually choose to work within a specific niche.
If you make commentaries based on game reviews, then ideally you should stick to that topic. This is as the audience who is coming to see your videos, is there to see a certain kind of content. So if your claim to fame was gaming commentaries, then suddenly switching to finance could be a bad idea. This is as you could slowly end up losing the real YouTube subscribers you had gained so far. On the other hand, many YouTube commentary channels do choose to pursue different topics, as long as they are similar and relevant to each other.

An example of this is a gaming commentator who branches onto movie reviews. The movies they review however, are the ones that are based on video games. This helps them draw the link between their existing content, and the new content they are creating, as they are branching out.

Commentaries are one of the types of YouTube videos that allow for faster growth on the platform. Here are the five most popular kind of YouTube commentaries:

Types of YouTube Videos for Commentaries

1. Movie Reviews

For a long time, movie reviews could only be found in newspapers, blogs and magazines. However, YouTube movie reviews make use of both clips from the content itself, pictures, music, as well as high quality narration.

This leaves people with a better idea of what they can expect if they choose to go in to see a certain movie, or watch a new TV show. With the rise of OTT platforms and people now looking for ways to choose new content to watch, YouTube movie reviewers had found their market.

If you’re thinking about making movie or TV show reviews to get YouTube subscribers and growth, then you need to be careful of one thing. That is, you should be wary of the copyright behind the material you are using. While it doesn’t always happen, YouTube controversies around movie reviews have been known to happen. This is mainly seen in the form of copyright strikes from the original content creators.

You can however, get around this. There’s a limited amount of video clips you are allowed to use of certain videos. As copyright law changes from country to country, you can find that not every movie or TV show is under the same scrutiny. However, always do your research and understand where you stand based on copyright. This will help you avoid getting your video demonetized or taken down. You can however, use a larger number of pictures without having to worry about copyright strikes.

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2. Product Commentaries

These content creators center their commentaries within their niche. They approach topics that they have an expertise in, and use that knowledge to help others. Say you wanted to buy a new phone, but you weren’t sure about the model you chose. A good product commentary video should be able to help you make up your mind on this topic.
They do this by providing key details, pros and cons, as well as how the product works in various conditions. Makeup and beauty commentaries often dominate this category.

Satire commentaries where the content creator pokes humor at unique or interesting products also gain popularity easily on the channel.

3. Real Life, Politics and True Crime

These topics have always fascinated people, and YouTube has given voice to those who want to talk about it. From serious opinions on politics to detailed descriptions of grisly crimes, YouTube is full of excellent content that regularly draws in huge YouTube views.

If you want to comment on these topics, then it’s important to remember that you do your research in detail ahead of time. Expect there to be some YouTube controversies, especially if your video is about politics. But these could also be great for your YouTube engagement.

4. Self Help and Psychology

Self help is another niche that has started to dominate on YouTube when it comes to commentaries. These videos also offer high levels of YouTube engagement, and can enable you to impact peoples lives in a meaningful way.

Content creators in this niche often do excellent background research, and put together ideas that can truly help people. It’s important to note however, that there is a distinction between a psychologist and a life coach. Someone who has no prior academic or professional training in psychology should not offer psychological advice.

If you don’t have any prior training in psychology, then you can present yourself as a life coach. This enables people to still receive the same help from you.

5. Humor and Satire

Humor and satire are some of the most popular kinds of content out there. They can be found on nearly every topic, but the key is to take that topic and place it within the humor niche.

This can be done by with the help of excellent writing, great narration and editing.

How Do You Make Good YouTube Commentaries?

If you have the gift of the gab, then making YouTube commentaries won’t be hard for you at all. Still, taking the time to plan out your video is essential if you want it to be a successful piece of content.

Aside from writing out your narration ahead of time, you should also consider ensuring that you have all the equipment you need. This could be the difference between your channel getting more YouTube views, and less.

There are some very simple ways you can do this:

  • Get good video recording equipment
  • Get good audio recording equipment
  • Have a professional video editing software ready
  • Take time to make better quality videos

Instead of trying to post as many YouTube commentaries as you can, choose to upload once or twice a week. This gives you the time to plan out and create better content.
For more niche subjects, you can consider uploading less frequently as well. But keep in mind that the more niche your topic is, the more difficult it can be to find an audience for your content. Choosing a niche where you can gain YouTube subscribers is also important.

The quality of your audio will be of prime importance when it comes to your YouTube commentaries. Your audio equipment should not pick up on any background noise.
When you think you’re ready to upload your YouTube commentary video, remember to sit down and go through it at least once. It’s always better to catch a mistake ahead of time and fix it, than to have it pointed out in the comments section.
With this, you have everything you need to start making your own YouTube commentary videos. So start today!

Everything You Wanted To Know About Paid YouTube Subscriptions

Doesn’t it feel good when you are provided with special treatment—every feature and service exclusively made keeping in mind your needs and desires? Truth be told, we all dream of availing of those premium services in life that are custom-made just for us, be it a motor vehicle, a house, or clothing.

Well, in the case of the applications, we have now entered a new era where these apps are also developed keeping in mind the needs of the users. Yes, of course, everything comes at a price, but the price you pay can ensure that you experience the best of all the worlds. However, it might take time for us to get used to paid apps. This is because we have had a habit of using most of them for free.

Are Free Apps Really Free?

But are free apps really devoid of any cost? A lot of tech-savvy people believe that when a piece of technology is shared for free, it definitely has a catch. The developers always find a way to generate revenue from such apps. For example, developers build apps and release them on the PlayStore for a minimum charge of 25 dollars, which is comparatively lower than other platforms. Next, they place ads in their Android apps with the help of tools like AdSense. That said, there are different types of advertisements which can be chosen according to the requirements of the developers. Once the ads are configured and the app is live on PlayStore, you can start generating revenue for your application.

However, the money factor is dependent on the user factor. The more users you have, the greater amount of revenue you can generate. The issue with free apps with a huge number of ads is that those developers may not be concerned about the user experience. So, you might end up getting no response when you report a bug or request a new feature of the app.

Are Paid Apps Better?

In the case of paid apps, you might experience a different scenario. Paid apps ensure that the developer is serious about user experience. This means the developer will consider your feedback and will try to provide a solution for the bugs that you have reported. They would possibly introduce new features in the future. Additionally, it is important to understand when developers receive payments for their apps, they do not throw a bunch of unnecessary ads to the users. Paid content, therefore, ensures that you end up getting an ad-free and smooth user experience.

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What is YouTube Premium?

That is why many of us prefer YouTube Premium. The Google-owned service had recently announced new features that can help creators to make money on this platform. Are you still wondering what YouTube Premium is? To begin, it is a monthly, paid YouTube subscriptions services offered by the company to improve the viewing experience of users on this platform. Being the largest video platform on the Internet, YouTube had come up with this idea to treat their customers with premium-quality features. For example, it offers YouTube Subscribers offline video streaming, ad-free viewing, and paywalled content made exclusively by popular YouTube celebrities. Previously, these features were only available to creators who got sponsored by users. For U.S. subscribers, it currently costs $11.99 a month, and this includes a YouTube Music Premium subscription.

A report by CNBC states that YouTube has partnered with Teespring, a custom merchandise company, to allow creators to sell their merchandise through this platform. This is definitely a treat for all those creators who wish to make YouTube their full-time job. Earlier, creators had to add links and ask subscribers to buy their merchandise.

In addition to this, YouTube Premium includes “Premieres”, which is a new live streaming feature. It enables creators to pre-record videos and upload them as live stream videos. Moreover, those watching the live stream can pay the creator to get their comment noticed through the feature called Super Chat. However, super chat is already present on the platform and acts just as a bonus in the premium version of the app.

If you thought it’s the end of the list, then you might be mistaken because there are a host of other features to consider.

  • Gone are the days when ads were a part of our lives. We do not want to see any more mobile phone companies persuading us to buy a camera phone that can make a chimpanzee look like a mermaid. With YouTube paid subscriptions, you can now enjoy your video watching sessions free from the interruption of ads.
  • As discussed earlier, you also get to see exclusive content from high-profile YouTubers. You can access original YouTube content along with some movies, documentaries, and TV shows.
  • Background play is another feature that can win your heart. Why, you ask? Suppose you on watching a video on this platform. But you close the app mistakenly. In YouTube Premium, the audio of the video will continue to play even if the app is closed. Moreover, if you are an Android user, then you can also view videos picture-in-picture if you are using other apps.

Wait, this is not the end of the list. We still have three more features to discuss.

  • A lot of us have been waiting for the feature to download playlists or videos to watch offline on our gadgets. In its premium version, YouTube has ensured that we get all that we desire. As a bonus, you can download music and listen to it while you are offline. Not to forget that background play is also available.
  • We also have YouTube Music premium, which adds to our musical experience by offering higher bitrate audios. Additionally, if you are travelling and have allowed the app to use your location data, it can play location-specific music for you. For example, if you are at the gym, you will be switched to a workout playlist. Brilliant, isn’t it?
  • Besides these, the paid subscription services have ensured that everybody is contributing to the creators. The ad-free feature prevents creators from earning advertisement revenue. However, Premium ensures that both viewers and creators are benefitted from its new offers. While users enjoy the ad-free content, they still contribute to their favourite YouTube creator with the help of YouTube Views. Growth of creators, therefore, is promoted by the premium services offered by the platform.

What is YouTube Premium

Why so Many Features?

According to CNBC, a lot of YouTube channels are facing demonetization issues concerning their content. The strict “advertiser-friendly rules make it harder for creators to host adverts on their videos. After facing backlash regarding this, YouTube has finally decided to make a move that would support creators. Moreover, creators were also believed to be facing restricted access to the advertising revenue, which is why many of them started using Patreon, a subscription company. Hence, it was YouTube vs Patreon in a competition for gaining and retaining customers.

How to Subscribe?

Are you wondering how to subscribe to YouTube premium? Well, you need not worry because the method is simple and easy. Upon opening the YouTube app, you will notice a symbol that reads the sign to your Google account. Choose your preferred Google account to start your membership and tap on the profile picture. If you are eligible, you can also start your free trial. Otherwise, you can tap on YouTube premium.
You can also make the necessary changes to the channels you have subscribed to. You can either change it to public or private. For that, you can simply click your profile picture and click settings which will show you an option called Privacy. According to your preference, tick the box for Keep all my subscriptions private and save the changes. If you desire, you can also earn money with the channel memberships that are offered by this application. To begin, you need 1000 subscribers.


To conclude, I would say that, with the advancement of technology, we are reaching a new level of perfection. Take, for example, apps like YouTube. The app ensures that users can get maximum benefits from its services. As a result, the creativity of creators and engagement of users has skyrocketed. Be it the exclusive content viewing or background play, YouTube has ensured that it never loses on its customers again. To be honest, this appears to be a good move. In this fast-evolving competitive world, it is necessary to provide customers with something unique. If you have noticed kids playing with toys, you would see that they get bored easily. That is why they demand newer more advanced toys after every 2 months.

Likewise, adults get bored by using the same application with old features. Either the app needs to be developed further according to the rising demands of the customers, or users will switch to something else. Therefore, companies like YouTube, need to come up with more engaging options that can retain the attention of users for a longer period. Besides this, it is also important for YouTube and similar apps to understand that every generation is more advanced than the previous one. Hence, upgrading features alone cannot ensure customer loyalty. Real YouTube Subscribers want real and unique content. Therefore, platforms need to come with unique ideas (concepts like automatically switching to location-specific music) that can grab the attention of users.

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