How To Make Your Youtube Content Safe For Young Viewer

With YouTube being a free for all platform there are some themes that may not be suitable for your children. We all know how lax the age restriction policy is on YouTube and your child can view content that might not be suitable for them.

This is precisely the reason why it is necessary to monitor what your kids are watching With political discourse and podcasts being more rampant than ever. There is a high chance that your kid might end up watching something that wasn’t meant for them. With many brands accusing the algorithm of favoring some content over others, it is best that you monitor what your child sees.

For this reason, YouTube Kids was released which has been a massive success. But it has also received flak for not vetting out everything that is posted. The Kids version of the app is a family-friendly variant that has age-appropriate content for kids.

With content being consumed on social media and other online platforms, cable TV is slowly being phased out. This is because with YouTube and its contemporaries you can get content on the go. This makes it great for anyone that cannot dedicate a time of their day to view new shows. 

You can monitor your child’s activity and also have a good insight into what they are doing. Here is how you can make YouTube safer for young viewers

Monitor what they are watching and when they are watching it

Closely checking on them and going through their history is a great way of knowing what they are up to. You can only let them access the app at certain times.

They should use the app only under adult supervision because this way you can monitor and supervise them in real-time. It is best to nip the problems in the bud rather than waiting for them to fester in the future. 

This will also help you keep your children safe online. The internet is a wonderful tool if used for the right purposes. But in the wrong hands, it is equally nefarious. Protect your kids from the darker side of it with close supervision. 


It is best that you tell your children about the wrongful things that can be present in the media so that they are aware of them. This way they can decide for themselves what is right and what is not. 

This will also teach the kids about morals and some things that are not for them. Give them the right guidance from a young age, and they will be able to steer clear of things for them in the future too. 

The Kids version is a great step in this direction; it makes the platform safe for kids of all ages. With YouTube hosting a lot of material for kids too, it is imperative that you understand that banning it is not an option.

On the other hand censorship like this can hurt them in the future where they are exposed to certain things. 

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Disable Search

By disabling search you can make sure that the kids do not roam around on the app. It will make finding content harder but it is for the betterment of everyone. Kids are inquisitive by nature and searching for random things may not have the best results. 

  • To disable search click on the lock icon in the bottom right corner of your screen
  • Enter the passcode and answer the question that is presented
  • Click on the gear icon, it represents the settings
  • Select your child and enter your Google password.
  • Now all you have to do is de-select “Allow searching”

Adjust content levels

Adjust content levels

With a variety of things available on the kid’s app, it is necessary that you select things that your kid will be able to view. It can be easy learner’s things or a much-unrestricted experience.

You can set the mode to “Approved content only” which ensures that your kids only watch videos that have been pre-approved by you. A number of collections are also available on the app that makes it a great place to find new things. Collections are pre-approved by YouTube and save you a lot of time in the long run. These videos have been vetted by YouTube experts that look through the video to make sure it is child-friendly. 

Click on the lock icon and enter your passcode. After you have done this answer the math question that is presented and click on the settings gear. Go to content level and then select Approved content only.

Watch history

The YouTube algorithm takes into account the kind of content that your kids have been watching and recommends new videos based on that. This way they can explore more videos in the same niche. But doing this a lot of time can lead to new videos time and again.

To pause this just click on the lock icon on the bottom right hand corner. After doing that just enter your password and answer a question. Click on the settings gear and select your child. At the end select pause watch history.

This is a great way of not letting the AI and YouTube marketing decide what your kids watch.

Custom Password

Kids are getting smarter these days and you as a parent should remain one step ahead of them. This can be easily done by setting a parents-only password. This is essentially a password for your settings so that they cannot be changed by the kids when they have the device. 

You should implement this before giving your kids so that they do not set these passwords up first. Just go to the lock icon and enter your passcode. Answer a simple math question and click on the gear icon. After this select your child and set a custom passcode yourself. It is a 4 digit PIN that will be needed to access the settings page from now on.

Block content

You want to create a safe viewing experience for children but some unwanted content can still slip through the cracks. You as a parent should be ever so vigilant to get rid of it quickly or just ban it in the first place. You can always report and block this content.

Reporting allows the YouTube authorities to review the material and make a decision themselves. You just have to click on the three dots that appear on the top right corner of your screen. Then click on the report option. You will get a variety of reasons to choose from. 

Restricted mode

This is a great way to block off mature content from your kids’ viewing experience. The AI will redirect all the mature or inappropriate stuff and make your kids viewing experience is filled child safe content.

There is no perfect solution for keeping your kids’ experience safe. All you can do is put up these safeguards so that they have a great experience no matter what.

Just click on the lock icon and enter your password. After this choose the settings gear and enable restricted mode. This will make the mode active and it will redirect potentially harmful content away from the app. 


Many times people are attracted to the thumbnail and may click on a video because of it. But in the age of clickbait more often than not child-safe content cannot be guaranteed because of it. YouTube for children is a great learning tool that helps them learn a lot but they can be easily distracted. 

Make use of free chrome extensions that can remove all the content except the video. This way your kid will not click on every bright and shiny video. This minimizes the chances of them watching unwanted content. YouTube likes and YouTube comments can also influence kids but extensions can easily take care of these things. 

Custom Playlists

YouTube content is vast and you can create a custom playlist of videos that have been vetted out by you. This way you can easily control what your kids are watching and keep them safe too. It is a great way to get the best videos for your kids and make sure that they are appropriate for them too. Just use the save button underneath every video and make a big playlist of things that are right for your kids.

Content filtering

This is also a great way to check what your kids are watching. You can easily use a monitoring device to see what your kids are watching. A content filter allows you to block content that you may not want your kids to see. 

You can have great options for not a lot of money. These are great tools for anyone looking to make their kids’ YouTube viewing experience safer than ever. 

YouTube is a platform that you simply cannot ignore. It is the new TV for kids and with tons of content on-demand it is important that you set up a few safeguards and boundaries. Not only that you can also influence and mold your kids’ personality and morals through these videos. Give them the advantage that they need to succeed in this world.

Ways In Which Small Retailers Can Use Youtube To Grow Their Business

YouTube may not be the first platform you think of when deciding to promote your small business. But you may be missing out on a lucrative marketing opportunity on the second largest search engine in the world. With over 1 billion hours of YouTube content being viewed daily, the potential for getting eyeballs on your small business through YouTube is immense. Here are some tips you can use for retail marketing via YouTube. We’ve done a step-by-step breakdown so that you start off your YouTube digital marketing journey on the right foot.

Channel Art

First things first – creating your YouTube account and updating channel art is super easy. But it is equally easy to do a mediocre job. So make sure you spend some time working on the basics. Your channel design is the first thing a viewer will notice and it must be as eye-catching as your content. There are two ways of using YouTube. You can either create a personal channel or a business channel. First, get your Google email address set up, and then sign in to your YouTube account. You will have the option of creating a brand account by clicking on the “business or other name” option. Enter the brand name you want to use for your business and click Create. To avoid confusion and build brand recall, consider using the same name as your business for your YouTube channel.

Once your account is created, it’s time for the fun stuff-customization. Click the “Customize your channel” option to update the layout, branding and information. Canva is a great option for small businesses that don’t want to hire a graphic designer for creating channel art. It’s easy to use and has a variety of templates that you can play around with. There are tonnes of other photo editing programs like Adobe Spark, Placeit, Snappa, etc., that you can use too. Post customization, you can choose to upload a channel trailer. Many businesses, small and big, use channel trailers to introduce themselves to the YouTube audience. An eye-catching trailer can also help you get those first 1000 YouTube subscribers and views, which is super important for gaining traction on the platform.
Make sure your About info is as comprehensive as possible. Include links to your business website, other social media handles, inquiry forms for prices, contact information, etc. Reinforce your brand identity by using a standard intro and tune for all your videos – something your viewers can easily latch onto. Maybe a catchy jingle that starts off all videos, a particular background for product demos and tutorials on your channel, standard graphics across all videos, etc. The idea is to create an easily identifiable brand image via videos.


Before updating content on your YouTube channel, you need to put in some work identifying and researching your target audience. Having a detailed YouTube retailing plan in place will also help ensure a consistent uploading schedule. Just one viral video can have an explosive and long-lasting impact on your YouTube subscribers’ growth. But even more important than those millions of views and subscribers is getting your content in front of the right audience.

Small channels need to focus on getting search views through targeted keywords. Use the autosuggest feature to discover long-tail, low competition keywords for attracting a specific audience. By just spending a few hours browsing results on the YouTube autosuggest feature, you can get a fair idea of what the audience in your niche is looking for. Google Trends is another free tool you can use to narrow down keywords for potential video content ideas.
Research shows that the first 15 seconds of your video are crucial for hooking in or alternatively turning off viewer attention. Once you get your content ideas in place, begin working on the presentation. Instead of a boring rambling introduction to your brand, use the first few precious seconds to get right to the point. Say you are a small knitwear company or jewelry brand. Start off your video by sharing that you will be teaching the viewers how to knit a scarf or pair handmade jewelry with trending fashions. A funny visual or dramatic start to the video are some other ways for making those first 15 seconds count.

Consistency of Content

Just uploading quality content is not enough. To get real YouTube subscribers as a small business, you need to maintain a consistent upload schedule. Webcasts and webinars are some content options that small businesses with limited resources can exploit. Break down brand tutorials, product demos and webcasts to create a series of videos out of them. A company video can seem like boring content. But you can mix it up by doing an intro video of your employees or long-time clients. You can even introduce your business origin and story in your own words by putting yourself in there.

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Call to Action

Adding a Call to Action to your content is such an obvious step but can often be missed. As a small business especially, you need to make sure that your videos and descriptions both contain an easy-to-access call to action. Make sure to end your videos by asking the viewers to subscribe, leave a comment/feedback, and visit your site. You can also plug in your social media handles, ask viewers to share your content there, and follow you for deals and giveaways. A mention of giveaways, rewards, and discounts makes for an irresistible call to action. But you can tailor your call to action with trial and error any way you want.

some tips you can use for retail marketing via YouTube

Increase Interaction

Once you have uploaded your videos, use the first few crucial hours to engage with the people who leave comments. Post a personalized reply to the first few people who reply to your video. Use the YouTube community tab to ask for specific feedback and pin the comments you like most at the top. You can even poll your audience for ideas on new content and get insight into what didn’t work. As a small business owner, you can even use comments to direct interested people to your website or other social media profiles. This way they’ll get a direct personalized link for purchase. And even if they don’t buy, your website and business will be brought to their attention.

Video Titles

Video titles should not be an afterthought. While you should definitely avoid a clickbait title, a good tile with easy recall value can help you gain views over time. YouTube titles can also make a huge difference to your channel searchability. Optimize keywords in your title to gain visibility and rank high on searches. Short obvious titles like “Product Demo” or “Knitting Tutorial” are not going to earn any clicks. Instead, be more specific with titles like – “5 Ways to Wear “. With an eye-catching thumbnail that illustrates the versatility of the dress, you are sure to grab maximum eyeballs.

Category and Tags

You have an option to add category and tags when uploading videos on YouTube. Use the functionality to add relevant and high-ranking/trending tags and manually add modifications of tags suggested by YouTube.

Useful Description

Maximize the use of the video description feature on YouTube. Provide a short and informative paragraph describing what users can take away from the content. You can even break it down into pointers to improve readability. Use bigger fonts, bolding and colors to make sure your description doesn’t get missed. Make sure to add a message to connect on other social media handles, subscribe and leave feedback.


Collaborations are a great way to cross-promote and the collaborations don’t need to be relegated to individual creators. As a small business, consider collaborating with other small business owners with YouTube channels. The more organic your collaborations, the more effective they will be in driving sales. For example, if you are a handmade pottery business, collaborating with a clothing business will not really make sense. Instead, you can collaborate with a small coffee/tea brand or second-hand furniture business. Pitch your wares to other small businesses and create an engagement vortex that will help you both.

Customer Testimonials

All small businesses understand the importance of building credibility in the over-saturated retail space. A great idea for video content that can help increase sales and boost reputation is testimonial videos. Video testimonials are also generally more impactful than written testimonials on your website and social media handles. Remember, the key is not to make it too obvious. You can integrate a testimonial seamlessly by collaborating with an influencer who is also a customer of your business. This will make the video read more organic and thus more effective.

User Accessibility

Conversations around accessibility have spread to the YouTube sphere as well and with good reason. Making your content accessible to a wide audience is also just good business sense. Make sure to enable subtitles on your videos by turning on auto-captioning. You may have to edit for accuracy. But it is actually pretty easy. For wordier videos, you can even hire a third-party agency for the captioning work. As captions are off by default, your regular viewers won’t be affected.

When talking about user-friendly content, annotations and pops-ups can be extremely distracting and take away from the video viewing experience. Avoid adding pop-ups to retain viewer attention, and place links to related content in the description instead.

Promote Your Videos Across Channels

You can use your company’s other social media handles to promote your video content on YouTube. Use a cross-platform social media marketing strategy for organic growth. Spread the word on all channels like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc., at the same time. And don’t forget to add a clickable link that directs the viewers straight to the video. A swipe-up link on Instagram will direct viewers straight to your channel and is a better option than just sharing the fact of upload. Make it easier to get those YouTube views by providing an easily shareable link. Your YouTube video can also be embedded on your business website, which is especially great for generic content like tutorials and demos.

Understanding How To Use The Youtube Trend Of “#Unpopularopinions” To Increase Your Subscriber Count

Are you a YouTube newcomer or a struggling creator with middling success? If you are, and need some content advice, read on.

Every small and mid-size YouTuber knows that all it takes is just one viral video to skyrocket their subscriber base. Finding a topic for that one unicorn then becomes a major obsession for creators. Most YouTube studies show that an almost sure-shot way to improve your video visibility, ranking, views and subscriber base is by creating videos around trending content.

One such trend that has been around for a few years and doesn’t look like it’s going to go away any time soon is “Unpopular Opinions”. You may have even seen unpopular opinions being shared on other social media platforms like Twitter and Tiktok. There are many reasons behind the burgeoning popularity of this trend. Below we’ve listed some reasons why you need to jump on the YouTube “Unpopular Opinions” train and how you can use it to grow your subscriber base.

Trend Spotting

Any quick google search will show that trend spotting is an essential skill to master for aspiring YouTubers. The fact is that viewers follow the flock. And by creating content around a trend, you are basically ensuring that they will follow YOU. It just so happens that Unpopular opinions and hot take videos are killing on the platform. Not only that, they are also extremely easy to create.

Unlike videos around fashion hauls, interior makeovers, makeup, food vlogs, travel etc., “Unpopular Opinion” videos require zero investment. Since they are essentially the opinions of a single person, the research is also minimal. It’s your take on an existing opinion and therefore doesn’t need to be proven with graphs, stats, etc. The less time a creator needs to spend on his video, the more he/she can use to spend on the marketing, editing and keyword search.

Make use of existing tools like Google Trends, YouTube Trending and VidIQ to search which kinds of unpopular opinion videos are currently ranking higher. Play around with the trend to find your own take.

Social Proof

It is very important for any YouTuber with interest in long-term growth on the platform to master an understanding of subscriber psychology. This basically means that they need to research the triggers that compel people to click and subscribe. Social Proof is one such phenomenon that refers to people’s desire to follow what other people are following. They determine something’s importance based on how many people are doing it, watching, it and creating it. If you create content around trending topics like Unpopular Opinions, which many viewers have already indicated an interest in, you are likely to lure them in for more.


Trends basically show what a large section of the YouTube viewer base is interested in watching and is going to search for when they come on the platform next. Chances are that by timing your content just right, you may win some views your way. Unpopular opinions are spread across genres and niches. Once you have identified that sharing unpopular opinions is a trending topic, create a unique, untapped angle for your niche.

Say YouTube is saturated with “Unpopular Opinions” regarding fashion trends, don’t create yet another video sharing your unpopular opinions on that topic. Instead, use the broad theme of “unpopular opinions” to share your opinions around a niche that is relatively unexplored. For example, dark academia has become all the rage across YouTube and Instagram. If you are a chronic YouTube viewer or creator, you may have noticed modified versions of the trend gaining equal ground. People have been sharing their own riffs on dark academia in the form of grey academia, light academia and pastel academia. In order to stand out from the millions of videos on Unpopular opinions, make yours about a smaller niche. Since competition for that will be lower, people searching for unpopular opinions on that topic will be able to find your videos easier.

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In this somewhat dark post-Covid-19 world, nostalgia marketing and nostalgic content have become more popular than ever. People want to escape into a simpler time and simpler world. Similarly, by researching popular marketing or branding trends, you will get an idea of other content that consumers are being triggered by or yearning for. Use that information to create your Unpopular opinion videos. So, for example, cottage core has become a legitimate interior design trend that is almost ripe for mocking. Creating an unpopular opinion around this very popular trend is sure to get you eyeballs.

Doing research into other creators’ take on the trend will also give you an idea of what you can do differently. This is especially important for creators in the process of building their subscriber base. People with existing fan bases can afford to be lackadaisical and repetitive. However, when you are a small creator, you can’t risk being caught aping successful creators.


Stand out by delivering uniqueness

Even with unpopular trends, you need to bring something new to the table. Unpopular opinions and hot-take YouTube videos are a dime a dozen. Do your own riff on this over-exploited trend by sharing the reasons behind your unpopular opinion. Do a deep dive into the topic you are sharing an unpopular opinion on and use it to make your case. Just sharing a hot take sitting on your couch with some clichéd reasons won’t get you a tonne of love. What will, however, is a video that really goes into it, explores the topic in-depth and comes up with some indisputable reasons why.

Viewers love scandal and clickbait. But they also love a good fact sheet. Say you are sharing your unpopular opinions on the Kardashians. If you are not a fan and just share the opinion for the sake of a video, your viewers will definitely see right through it. Unpopular opinions on this controversial family will get you views without a doubt. But by adding receipts, statistics, proof etc., you’ll make your content fool-proof and evergreen.

Be a little controversial or scandalous

Don’t be afraid to be unlikable and push some buttons when creating unpopular opinion videos. By their very name, unpopular opinions aim to skewer popular conceptions and research shows that clickbait-ey, scandalous content gets eyeballs. Use this knowledge to make your unpopular opinion on a person or topic that has a huge fan base. You know what we mean – K-Pop bands and musicians like Taylor Swift have strong and vocal fanbases that are ready to fight for their stars. These are the ones you need to target.

Look, we realize this could backfire if fans descend on your channel en masse and create havoc in your comments. However, the potential for a windfall is equally great. There is no way the “army” will be unable to resist an unpopular opinion on K-Pop, neither can the Swifties avoid coming out in huge numbers to defend their queen. In addition, you are guaranteed sympathy points from non-fans. People love a good underdog David and Goliath story. And by taking on the stans, you will definitely get noticed. Just remember to be honest and not drag down people only for views.

Be sympathetic

Creating an unpopular opinion video about a popular opinion that isolates demographics or viewers is a sure shot way to get some love from these ostracized souls. For example, most people fear aging and irrelevance, introverts worry they are not cut out for success, and fat people think they don’t deserve love. Crating unpopular opinions that are sympathetic to the targets of popular opinions will get you some major props and views from said people.

So where Youtubers are busy creating content on how to combat aging, skincare advice for aging skin, losing pandemic weight, lend a sympathetic ear to your viewers. Go against the grain and create an unpopular opinion video around why aging is great, fat equals happy and introverts are actually the most successful in the world.


People can tell when creators are just jumping on the bandwagon, and that’s when trends get beaten to the ground. There is something to be said for topic fatigue. I mean, how many unpopular opinions can a person watch and for how long anyway, right? Sooner than later, people will wean themselves off and start desiring other content. Trends, by their very nature, are cyclical. To win real YouTube subscribers and grow your channel, be authentic when sharing your unpopular opinions and make sure it’s a subject you actually feel strongly about. Loving pineapple pizza is not an unpopular opinion worth expounding upon in a YouTube video. It’s a been there, done that opinion, and nobody is looking for a hot take on that.

Aim for evergreen content that is click-worthy

Sharing unpopular opinions about cliches will not get you clicks. The fact is you need a robust topic to sink your teeth into to qualify as a video topic. For example-an unpopular opinion about Pineapple Pizza is not substantial enough for a 15 minute or less video. I mean, how much is there really to discuss on the merits of pineapple pizza? Opinions like these are best shared on Twitter or short-form videos on Tiktok. Your unpopular opinions need to have more meat to attract subscribers on YouTube.

Make it interactive

Get your fans and existing subscribers involved. There’s nothing like the power of a chorus line. Use it. Ask your fans to share their most unpopular opinions or create a survey to get some data in place. And then do your take on their hot take. Another way to pique people’s interest is doing an unpopular opinion on videos shared by existing big creators. If you are a small creator looking to gain subscribers, try piggybacking off another creator’s success.

This is how tea channels and channels that discuss popular creators like Jenna Marbles, Logan Paul and PewDePie have gained such massive followings. Or fashion channels that recreate trends of other popular creators end up getting high views. Everyone loves a good catfight and, more than that, they love to see the little man win. Doing an unpopular opinion on X creator’s unpopular opinion might win you subscribers just based on the underdog phenomenon.


Even an unpopular opinion trend needs to keep up with trends. Sharing unpopular opinions on things that have already been discussed by other creators will not do much good for your channel. But by latching onto something in the zeitgeist, you can potentially gain virality. For example, the Friends reunion is highly anticipated.

Doing an unpopular opinion video on why the show is overrated when the buzz is at an all-time high could really work in a creator’s favor. The same goes for seasonal unpopular opinions. During Christmas and Halloween, YouTube videos will be filled with Halloween costume try ons and Christmas cooking content.

Using seasonal occasions to create unpopular opinions is a great strategy. Use popular holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s and Halloween to create content that is atypical. Instead of creating videos on Christmas gift unboxing, gingerbread house decorating, etc., share your seasonal unpopular opinion. In the middle of all the good cheer, sharing an unpopular opinion like ‘I hate Christmas – Here’s Why’ is sure to become click worthy. A scrooge-like figure is ripe for entertainment. And your followers will love the levity around all the seasonal cheer. After all, holidays aren’t fun for everyone. People may be away from families, from friends, single. These are the people you are targeting. Chances are you’ll win the merrymakers your way too.

Do a riff on unpopular opinions

Irrespective of niche, creators are sharing their unpopular opinions and raking in the YouTube views and subscribers. In order to stand out, you don’t have to do the tried and tested typical unpopular opinion trend where somebody gets on their soapbox and rants on a subject. You can modify the trend and still milk it for views. For example, share an unpopular opinion about unpopular opinions, explain the trend in a YouTube video and the psychology behind it. Rank unpopular opinions or react to people’s unpopular opinions about you. You can even share your opinions in real-time through YouTube live streaming. Go through unpopular opinions during a live stream and share your real, unedited, unfiltered thoughts. Maybe get your friends and community on it too, and get a group around to share their unpopular opinions debate style.
Unpopular opinions are undoubtedly a godsend for new creators who do not have many resources to create content. Much like the low production value vlog videos on YouTube, all you really need to create Unpopular Opinion videos is to have a strong opinion. That’s it. However, make sure not to jump in blind and make a detailed plan before creating unpopular opinion videos. Due to their ubiquity and ease of making, many people are jumping on the trend. However, to get real views and subscribers from your YouTube opinions, you need to be strategic. And finally, make sure to pepper in unpopular opinions with other kinds of content, so your channel doesn’t become stale. The idea is to keep your viewership guessing to get those YouTube likes. If all you share are unpopular opinions, viewers will eventually lose interest and may even unsubscribe.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Millennial & Gen Z YouTube Video Consumption Patterns

Different generations have different consumption habits. Whether it be social media or targeted offline advertising Millennials and Gen Z respond in a way that is very different from the previous generations. 

Youtube has been a very popular video app since its inception in 2004. Appealing to both companies and individuals alike Youtube has been a major part of almost all Gen Z and Millennials’ lives. You as a brand will have to diversify your content so that it can appeal to these younger generations. 

Although they may be young, Millennials and Gen Z make up the majority of the workforce and will shape the future. This is why you should pay attention to video trends so that you can click with them. Generational relatability will let your brand be in vogue and be relevant as the customer changes.

Both these generations consume more video content than the previous generations which makes video marketing king once again. Now that we have established that video is still the best medium for reaching out to people here are few things that separate both generations. 

Gen Z

Aged 7-22 this group was born when social media was in its nascent stages. As they grew up social media started becoming a norm for every household and as adults, they are experiencing the peak of it. Youtube and Instagram are particularly popular amongst Gen Z and most tend to use it on a daily basis. 65% of them use Instagram daily and 62% are on Youtube daily too. With the boom in mobile technology, these apps are now available in the palm of their hands. 

Patterns and Habits of Gen Z

Gen Z spends 37% of their time on Youtube and 35% of it on Netflix. With video being the main medium of consumption advertising on these platforms would be a sound marketing strategy. They spend their time mostly following influencers like David Dobrik, Emma Chamberlain, and PewdiePie. These are the new age celebrities who influence the whole generation on various topics. From fashion to health tips and gaming. Influencer video marketing has been on the rise and has seen great results for most brands. You can think of them as mini brand ambassadors that drive engagement and viewership. 

Consider partnering with influencers for your marketing strategies as they add relevance to your brands. You will reach a far larger audience as compared to the ads on the platform. They also trust the influencers more as they are a sign of credibility. 

Learning from Youtube

80% of Gen Z say that they have used the video platform to gain knowledge on something. Whether it be school-related or DIY or something they are passionate about, Youtube has helped them in one way or the other. 68% say that they have learned or improved a skill by simply watching videos on YouTube. This drive to improve every day has been present in people since time immemorial but people never had access to such information. 

Gen Z thinks of Youtube as both an entertainment and knowledge resource. With many lessons available on the platform many use it for clearing their doubts and also strengthening their concepts. The growth that they have seen is great.

Taking a break from everyday stress

Most of Gen Z has admitted that the school puts a lot of pressure on them. To relieve the stress they log into Youtube and try to relax. With Youtube having their favorite celebrities and relaxing music they can tune out of their realities for a bit. 

New Media and Gen Z

They are used to being around a screen but TV has lost its relevance for them. They stay updated on current topics and get all their information from social media sites. This makes it tough to market to them with traditional mediums. 

Watching and sharing Youtube videos is now a part of their social activity and makes them feel more connected. 

And it is not only viral videos that are being shared. These could be anything from how to tie a knot or comedy sketches. They share these videos with their parents too to strengthen their bond. Many influencers have advocated for sharing of videos inter-generationally so everyone understands each other’s point of view. 

This sharing of videos makes people come close together and have a common topic to start a conversation. Being relevant is very important to Gen Z and sharing YouTube videos is one way of doing it. Being up to date on the various trends and their favorite influencers helps them in socializing and connecting with people their age. 

YouTube Channel Evaluation service
Do you need a YouTube expert to complete an in-depth evaluation of your YouTube channel & provide you with an action plan?


On the older side of the spectrum but with much more purchasing power the Millennials are also a great group to target. They are the ones who witnessed the birth of social media first hand and know its importance. 

The generation that streams most of its shows Millennials as a targeted demographic can do wonders for your brand. 70% of millennials have used to learn new things or improve upon their skill set in general. With an open-source knowledge base like Youtube being available many have revived their hobbies and have gotten better at them too. 

47% of the Millennials watch their favorite things either on Netflix or Youtube. This makes Youtube a very lucrative opportunity for advertising your goods or services.  

New media and Millennials

Since they were there at the birth of social media they can be called the transitory generation. They witnessed the death of the landline and dial-up internet first hand and embraced mobiles and wi-fi too. More than half the millennials get all their news from online sources. 

Youtube has been a great source of being relevant for both teens and young adults. With many news agencies now having their own Youtube channels it is only a matter of time before old mediums are completely forgotten. Since a lot of time is spent on these video-based apps it is necessary that you advertise here for maximum impact. 

New media and Millennials

TV or Stream

Although many Millennials still watch traditional cable TV the numbers are very low. Smartphone engagement is on an all-time high which makes them very receptive to your ads. In a study conducted it was found that 66% of millennials are annoyed by promotional videos. 

Overall, Millennials spend a lot of time on their phones and if your ads are targeted towards them then they need to be quick and educational. Having a strong disdain for promotional videos it is best that you make ads in such a way that they show the product in action right from the get-go. 

Marketing to Gen Z and Millennials

Gen Z and Millennials react differently to ads but are not very different when it comes to trends and engagement. Although Millennials have more purchasing power right now, in a few years Gen Z will be in the same spot too. 

With Gen Z it is best to make videos in a format that is popular amongst them. They still look for peer approval and would easily follow trends too. See what their favorite influencers are doing and make a video in that style.

You will be surprised as to how efficient such a video can be. They will take some time to make but once you get it right many people will start engaging with your ads. 

How to market to both

Similar to be put in the same category but not similar enough to have the same kind of videos, marketing to Millennials is different. They still respond to ads that were popular in the early 2000s and do not mind the plug. But despite this they still want ads to not feel like ads and not ruin their watch time. This has been a common theme in 21st-century ads. If your ad is disruptive and cuts in between their favorite show there is a very high chance that they will not pay any attention to it. 

It is in your best interest to target these demographics as they are the future. They will influence all decisions in the future and having good credibility and trust amongst them is a great way to increase brand awareness. 

Youtube Subscribers and Youtube Views are also some metrics that the newer generation use to see how good the company is. They will spot it quickly if you do not have real Youtube subscribers and it is best that you have a follower count with organic subscribers.  

As mentioned before video marketing still remains king in this world, it is only that the platforms have changed. Brands have been quick to adapt to these changes but with extreme competition, it is best that you also experiment with things.

Things that might strike a chord with Gen Z might be different from ones that might appeal to Millennials but it is up to you to find something for both. Work with your video production team and get a better idea of what might appeal to the younger people. It is important to understand these things for making a high-impact ad and once you get it right, try to keep up with these video trends.

Your Guide to YouTube Marketing for a Business that You Legally Cannot Sell Online

Businesses have to navigate through various hurdles when marketing online. But if you are in one of the contraband categories then Youtube marketing becomes especially hard. You will have to come up with clever ways to market your product.  

Marketing your product will not be an easy task as your videos can be flagged. But if you are a little crafty with them then you can easily bypass these rules and grow your channel.

These are a few tips that can help anyone looking to grow their Youtube channel and get more views and subscribers

What do you want to get out of the channel?

In short, define your goals. You should have a clear idea as to why you are making the channel and what you want to get out of it. Whether it be brand awareness or increasing sales you need to make your videos in such a way that it is apparent what you are trying to do.

Define the target audience and get them to your landing pages. Getting more views can be beneficial if you are trying to establish your brand in the public eye. Having a goal in mind helps you get a head start and streamline all your videos together. It is normal to deviate from the theme from time to time. 

This will minimize confusion in the future and also let you navigate the waters easily. Marketing things like sex toys and alcohol can be tricky so it is best you do not take a lot of risks. 

Channel Aesthetics

An often overlooked part is your channel name and aesthetics play a very large part in marketing and branding. Name the channel in such a way that it is easy to find or unique. People should not have any difficulty remembering the name of the channel and the brand associated with it. 

Work with a branding specialist and copywriter to get more ideas. Your channel icon, art, and about section are the new first impressions. People will glance at all these metrics and decide whether they want to stay or not. Make sure your channel art is vibrant and full of life.

Youtube has guidelines and full walkthroughs as to how you can get a great channel art that is compatible with their guidelines. A simple design that will be consistent with your company’s branding will be a better fit than a complicated design. Also, make sure you have the right to use the image that you are going to be using. Make sure everything looks good on your end and remember that your channel art will look different on different devices. 

About Section

Essentially this is the first part of your sales pitch to make a viewer stay when they click on your channel. This is a great section to tell people more about your company, your ethos, and what you like to do. Link your company’s website here so that people can sign up for your newsletter and exclusive deals. 

Use the correct image sizes and follow all the YouTube guidelines for the best result. If you do not do that your images can appear to be distorted or not within the frame.

Uploading Videos

Making videos can be tricky but if you show how your alcohol can be used to make cocktails or related to gun safety then it is possible. There are many channels that have made a mark by making educational videos on various topics just using their own products.

For example, the Tipsy Bartender has made a multimillion channel by uploading tutorial videos on cocktails. He uses his own brand of alcohol and sneakily markets them like this. 

Keep in mind that if you are starting out do not worry about production quality or your setup. Better video production gear can be bought later on. 
Most people need to connect with the brand, and they do not care much about the production value.


If you have tutorials or related videos you can club them together to make playlists. Putting related videos makes it easier for viewers to get an in-depth look into a topic, and they do not have to search for the next part. In a playlist, the next video will play automatically giving them a seamless experience. 

Playlist encourages people to watch more of your videos which in turn increases your views. The autoplay features can do wonders for you as it plays one of your videos after the other ends. You can also feature playlists on your channel page so that they are easy to find. 

YouTube Channel Evaluation service
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Share the videos

Organic search alone will not make up the bulk of your views and likes in the long run. It is best that you advertise each of the videos you are posting on other social media handles too. Cross-platform posting really helps people know more about you and gets you engagement too.

Make sure all your social media handles are synced and you upload the notification of the video as soon as it is available. You can also email the video link in your newsletter and let people know. 

As the topic becomes more popular you will see more and more people searching for it organically and seeing the playlists. Make sure you feature a few of them on your channel page for maximizing your views.

Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Youtube has a built-in analytics section that gives you detailed information on many aspects. Whether it be which demographics your video is popular in or how long the average user is watching your video. It is a great way to know your audience.

Use this data and cater to the demographic that responds well to your videos. This way you can get an idea of how long the video should be and how you should style them. In general, a highly engaging and short video does better than a video that is long. But certain tutorials can have better audience retention. 

Audience Engagement

This is something that companies overlook sometimes. You should not just upload the video and forget about them. Try to reply to a handful of people and clear their doubts too. Do not take too long to respond as people will find a solution themselves then. 

Within the first few hours reply to most questions and if they have any more doubts ask them to email you. This way you can establish credibility amongst the public and also start developing a community.

When people see brands responding or engaging with people on the internet they start trusting you. They then also think that your customer service will also like that and buy your product or services without any hesitation. 

Video Accessibility

Make sure the video is available worldwide. You can also add captions and subtitles to make the video more accessible to deaf or hard of hearing viewers. Not only does this make the video easier to access for people with disabilities but also makes your community more inclusive.

For long people have forgotten about everyone who has been affected by disabilities. Including them in your community and taking special actions to support them can go a long way when it comes to social media. 

Decide who will have access to the channel

If you are the only one who is working on the videos then it makes sense to have full control. But if you have a marketing team in place then it makes sense to give one of them access too.

They can respond to the comments and engage with the audience on your behalf and build a brand image. Remind them to be courteous and try to answer all their questions. Ask them to redirect the audience from the video to email or the website. 

What does it take to be successful?

Youtube views and Youtube Subscribers are two metrics by which people will judge your company. Having more of them instils trust in your buyers and have a reputation in the market. Remember never to buy followers or likes as it can hurt you in the long run. 

Always aim to get real Youtube subscribers as they will lead to organic growth and help your brand build a reputable image. Be consistent with your upload and keep the Youtube guidelines in mind always.

Your alcohol, sex toys or tobacco business still has a chance of growing on Youtube. Creative marketing tricks like these work great for any brand and will give you an edge over your competitors easily. Having a network of loyal clients helps you in the long term. If your growth is genuine and your product/service is up to the mark then you can have a long career in the field. 

A successful Youtube channel does not happen in a few days. It takes months to build up an audience and make people know more about you and your brand. You as a brand should not give up and constantly keep uploading your videos. Whether they are educational or sales-related, remember to space them out so that your feed does not look like one big sales pitch.

We will be more than happy to answer all your questions and clear all your doubts. For all your Youtube Marketing needs feel free to contact us.

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