Tax Tips for Non-US YouTube Creators

Social media platforms keep changing and Youtube is also now one of them. Constant updates are required so that the platform does not go out of vogue or become obsolete. With making the community more friendly Youtube has started levying taxes on people who have a Youtube channel. This was already a part of the U.S. based partnership program but now it extends to the whole world.

Non-US Youtube creators will soon have to pay taxes or their revenue can be held by the platform. This is the first time such a tax has been levied. Generally, if you have not submitted your tax info on the Google Adsense account. If you do not file your information a 24% tax will be levied on your earnings.

Here is how you can get started on this. 

  • Log in to your Google Adsense Account
  • Go to the Payments option in the navigation menu
  • Click on manage settings
  • There will be a U.S. tax info section where you can manage your tax info 

Complete the form in that tab and it will lead you to which online form you need to fill. The form is available in multiple languages and can be easily accessed by the account holder. 

How much tax do you have to pay?

The amount of tax will vary from person to person and be dependant on mainly three things 

  1. Whether the country you are in has a tax treaty with the U.S.A
  2. Whether you have submitted all your tax information
  3. How much of your audience is situated in the U.S.

The tax rate would depend on the kind of treat your country has signed with the States. For example, countries like Korea and Mexico have to pay a 10% tax while the UK has to pay 0% to the United States. Just living in a country that has such a treaty does not make you qualified for the tax benefit. But if you submit all your info that would. 

You have till 31st May 2021 to file the relevant information in your Adsense account. This will help Google identify the correct amount of tax on your earnings. If you fail to do so Google will tax you 24% of your earnings from Youtube.

Do I have to pay other taxes?

Yes, this is the amount of taxes that you will have to pay to the U.S. you are still eligible to file your own countries taxes. Get in touch with an income tax lawyer or study online about the taxes in your country. It is important that you file taxes for both the U.S. and your own respective country. 

To avoid harsh punishment by your own countries you should take legal advice from qualified professionals. It is also best that you take action on any of your concerns so that they may be resolved before the deadline. 

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What happens if you do not submit the info?

The default rate on worldwide earnings is 24%, this means you will surrender 24% of your income to Google as per the norm. Depending on the country you are living this can be a lot lesser if you fill in your own information. 

If the information is not provided Google will assume that you are a U.S. citizen and tax all your earnings. This would also include your worldwide viewership instead of the U.S. only audience. 

What about Youtube creators in the U.S

What about Youtube creators in the U.S?

According to Google most of the creators in the United States have already submitted all the relevant information beforehand. They were supposed to do this when they joined YOutube’s Partnership Program. No additional taxes will be levied upon these creators. Youtube taxes are a much-needed change that brings these new-age careers under a regulatory body. Since many countries do not recognize a social media career as a standout line of work most of the times the tax laws are vague.

This is Google’s attempt to make positive changes in people’s attitude towards social media stars. Youtube has seen a huge surge in the number of people using their platform and intends to make it a viable career path.

As social media grow influencers and vlogging will be the new in vogue professions. One must think of these professions from a legal standpoint too. For a lot of years, ambiguity has been there as to how will someone on social media pay their taxes. Being an American enterprise Google has taken matters into their own hands and decided to levy taxes. 

Such taxes will get these new-age professions under a legal framework and make it easier for everyone in the long run. 

What about Multi-Channel Networks?

MCNs are not exempted too. Whether YouTube creators are receiving payout directly from these MCNs or not they will still have to pay. Such creators will also need to file in the relevant information with Google or lose 24% of their earnings. 

Youtube has released several country-specific videos which tell you how you can file your tax information. It is easy to follow and tells you exactly how you can file all your tax-related information. Youtube analytics provide an easy way to find out what your earnings are from the US user alone. This will come in handy in future when you actually have to pay the tax.

How can one calculate US earnings?

It is very easy to see your US earnings. Here are few simple steps in which you can view them:

  • Go to your Youtube analytics page
  • Choose the Advanced mode
  • Select a range for the dates
  • Then you must click on Geography
  • A drop-down menu will appear
  • In this menu choose the ‘Your estimated revenue’ option
  • Look for the United States specifically
  • And voilà you will have all the information that you will need. 

The Outcry

Many people have already expressed discontent with this system of double taxation. The creator now is forced to pay two countries until they are in the U.S.A. This puts an additional burden on the creators to perform well even though the algorithm keeps changing constantly.

A lot of people have also objected to this new taxation system as Google already takes a chunk of their revenues. On top of that, the pandemic has made it tough for everyone. Watch times are down and ad revenue has never been lower. 

Releasing this policy at this time may not be conducive to creators that operate as a one-man team. But for channels with teams and assistants behind them, this tax rollout adds legitimacy to their jobs. This will also get revenue into the platform and ensure its longevity in the years to come. 

As an aspiring Youtuber if you wish to grow we highly recommend filing your information as soon as you start. This way you will be verified beforehand and will not have to surrender 24% of your YouTube earnings. Youtube taxes will become stricter in the future and it is up to you to keep up with such changes. 

Double taxation may not look good to people who live outside of the States but in the long run it is better for all. Complying with these laws will ensure a better Youtube experience for you as a creator. These laws are there to protect you and be a part of a community. As the Youtube community grows more laws will have to be introduced so that the video sharing platforms remain risk free and easily accessible for all. 

This is a transitioning phase even for the Youtube Hq, And they look forward to it. Google Adsense has enabled many families and individuals to make careers in the fields they love. Travel and fashion influencers have seen the largest boom in recent years and this trend will continue in 2021 too. Due to its reach Youtube is the optimal platform for sharing videos of any length. Whether it be long and informative or short and sweet you will find an audience for all. 

File in your information beforehand and avoid a higher tax on your earnings. You should be especially careful with the new laws as they can cause a lot of problems if not taken seriously. Youtube taxes will be levied upon all the YouTube creators and that will make Youtube a self-sustaining ecosystem for budding content creators. 

Make sure content is fresh and is in sync with Youtube guidelines. Youtube is making a conscious effort in making its platform safer and child friendly. They are committed to making a family friendly platform that can be enjoyed by all without any hassles. Giving you an immersive experience Youtube has now demonetizing content that may or may not be sensitive in nature. The chances of you finding something that you may dislike is low as the algorithm pushes content that matches your previously watched videos. 

Remember to file in your information in your Google Adsense account before the 31st of May 2021 and enjoy a lower tax experience.

How to Get Your YouTube Videos to Rank Higher in 2021

If you want your content to get more views and subscribers on YouTube, then you need to ensure that it ranks higher in their search page results. YouTube subscribers tend to focus more on videos that are available within the first few pages of the search results.

Usually, a viewer will type in keywords that point to the video or kind of videos they want to see. Keywords such as ‘funny cat videos’ lead them to the most popular videos that those keywords lead towards on the very first page. On the mobile app, this is seen through the first few videos.

The lower down the viewer goes in their targeted keyword search result list, the less likely they are to encounter content that bears a close resemblance to what that viewer is looking for.

Why Would You Want Your Videos to Rank Higher On YouTube? 

YouTube has emerged as a way to earn and profit from videos posted on the platform. Content creators can monetize their content on the platform, and many people have gone on to become full-time YouTubers.

Whether you want to ensure that more people watch your YouTube videos, or you’re looking for channel growth, a greater YouTube ranking is key to both those goals.

Video content is popular with social media marketing. With millions of users turning to video content to promote their businesses, talents and dreams, the YouTube space is now competitive.

Content creators who want their videos to be viewed need to ensure that their videos are ranked high or recommended by the algorithm. Creators who want to earn through their videos need to meet a certain view and subscriber count before they make a decent amount. Their YouTube rank is a contributing factor towards this success.

To understand how to rank YouTube videos and get real YouTube subscribers, it’s essential to understand how the YouTube algorithm works.

The YouTube Algorithm and Ranking 

Does the YouTube algorithm have anything to do with ranking and gaining popularity on YouTube? The answer is yes. If you ever log in to your YouTube account, you may notice that various videos are recommended to you. This happens even before you search for any video. Many of these videos aren’t content you’ve liked on the channel or even viewed. So what’s happening here?

The YouTube algorithm is designed to recognize what videos a viewer may or may not like. It uses machine learning to isolate trends in viewer behavior. Then, by making use of these trends, the algorithm reflects their interests in the form of recommended views. This also applies to YouTube Shorts as well. The algorithm is well-equipped to promote the discovery feature on YouTube.

But does the algorithm have anything to do with a higher ranking on the platform? Well, if you’ve noticed, then the videos recommended through the discovery feed tend to be popular videos. One more thing you may notice is that many of the videos are of a similar type.

A person who regularly searches for ‘funny cat videos’ or ‘funny video compilations’ may discover new content related to their interests in their discovery feed. Every time a video appears in the recommended videos section, it’s likely to attract viewership and traction.

How Can You Make Your YouTube Videos Rank Higher?

How Can You Make Your YouTube Videos Rank Higher?

To make your videos rank higher on YouTube, there are various things you can do. From optimizing your videos to including backlinks, you’ll need to focus on various areas to ensure your videos get seen.

With millions of videos flooding the YouTube platform, here is everything you should know about increasing the YouTube ranking for your videos:

SEO Optimization 

Search engine optimization includes isolating specific keywords related to your video content and using them in the metadata of the video. The algorithm can recognize these keywords. And when keywords that are directly related to popular content are used, they tend to get a higher YouTube ranking.

A good way to find popular keywords related to your topics of interest is to use the ‘YouTube Search Suggest’ option. Here, all you have to do is enter keywords related to your area of interest. The search platform will then present to you various keywords that are both popular and related to your keyword of choice.

This is especially useful for content creators who aren’t knowledgeable about keywords in general but want to incorporate SEO into their YouTube videos. Since you’re already being shown the keywords that are most often searched in relation to your suggested keyword, you know what people are searching for.

After this, you simply need to pick the keywords that best represent your content. You can use them while knowing that multiple people regularly type in those keywords into the YouTube search box. This means that by incorporating those keywords into your video content, those people can find your videos when they search for those keyword terms as well.

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Google Search Results 

You shouldn’t limit your rankings to the YouTube platform alone. Your YouTube rankings can go up even higher with the help of Google search results. The first page of Google search results usually has a section dedicated to relevant videos. That means that if your video is popular enough and properly SEO optimized, then your video could get featured here as well.

There are certain kinds of YouTube content that tend to be showcased on the first page of Google. These include:

  • How-to videos
  • Tutorials
  • Product reviews
  • Testimonials
  • Sports and fitness
  • Funny videos and compilations

If your YouTube videos fall within any of these niches, then it’ll be easier for you to be featured on the first page of YouTube search results. If you make other kinds of content, then don’t worry. Ultimately, the quality of your video content will also have a say in how high your content ranks. This is seen through videos from celebrities, musicians, documentaries, movie clips, etc.

Video Title SEO

Your video title is an important place for you to incorporate your chosen keywords. This has a direct effect on your YouTube ranking. It’s important to ensure that your SEO keywords are integrated into the content in a natural way.

You don’t want your YouTube subscribers to think that you’re going out of your way to use SEO. Instead, it needs to look like the video title naturally fits with the keyword. This happens best when the keyword and the video content are naturally linked to each other and on the same topic.

On YouTube, you get up to a hundred characters for your video title. However, on Google search results, this number drops to seventy. In order to ensure that your video title is properly displayed, keywords and all, both on YouTube and Google search, try to stick to seventy words.

Video Description

Your video description is also necessary to boost your YouTube ranking for your videos. You can add up to 250 words in the video description. Out of these, ideally, at least 25 words should be directly SEO optimized. Instead of cramping the words in to make them look like SEO-driven content, insert them to provide a more natural appearance.

Aside from your chosen keywords, there is other important information you can add to the video description as well. These include a small description of your company profile and a call to action regarding what you want your YouTube subscribers to do next. You can also add any resources that are directly related to your video.

If you run a commentary channel, for example, and you use sources to make your videos, you can link your sources in the description area. You can also consider making your video content shareable on social media.

You can do this by adding social media links to your video description. Talking about your videos on your social media profiles and raising awareness across platforms can also help you increase your video ranking. This happens as the Google algorithm views backlinks and shared content as more valuable and shareable.

Video Tags 

You’ll also get the option to add tags to your YouTube videos. These can directly help you improve your YouTube ranking. To do this, however, try to stay focused on your chosen keyword. Instead of adding keywords relevant to your video overall, add keywords to substantiate a focus keyword. This shows the algorithm that your video is focused on a certain type of content. This type is showcased through your chosen keywords.

One of the benefits of this step is that it allows you to feature on the list of Recommended videos. These are videos that are shown to YouTube subscribers while they are viewing a certain kind of content. A person viewing a cat video will see other cat videos recommended to them.

This is seen by assessing video similarity between two kinds of content. By using tags focused around certain keywords, you can improve the chances of your video appearing in the recommended videos section.


YouTube growth is centered around getting your videos to rank higher. By using these tips and tricks, you can get your YouTube videos to rank higher on the YouTube platform.

Can You Monetize YouTube Shorts? 

YouTube has been a platform that allows content creators to share their videos to viewers from across the world for years now. Over time, new features have been added that allow content creators to monetize their content. 

The YouTube algorithm has a major say in pushing a channel to the top, and thereby leading to greater earnings. Two key metrics that enable content creators to make more money off from their content are YouTube subscribers and YouTube viewers. A significant number in either of these areas, enable greater growth for YouTube channels. 

How Can You Make Money on YouTube?

Content creators can make money on YouTube in various ways: 

Views and Subscribers

YouTube subscribers and YouTube viewers play a major role in bringing in money for content creators. The greater the number of real YouTube subscribers you have, the more likely you are to gain more traction. Channels with a higher number of subscribers or views tend to earn more off of ad revenue. 


Influencers can also benefit off of the YouTube platform. Whether they be YouTube exclusive influencers, or multiplatform influencers with accounts of TikTok, Instagram and other social media platforms, ad revenue can assist here as well. On top of that, influencers also make use of merchandise sales as well as product promotions to boost their revenue. 


One way a channel’s subscribers can financially help the content creators is by purchasing merchandise. These can be anything from sweatshirts to mugs, necklaces to shoes. The merchandise available is shown in the top right corner of a video from the channel, on the mobile app. Viewers can click on any product they like, and will be redirected to the product’s page.


YouTube content creators can give their subscribers the option to become a member of their channel. This membership comes with a nominal fee. In return, it provides subscribers with perks in the form of stickers, loyalty badges, early access to new videos, and more. 

YouTube Premium

Viewers who have a YouTube Premium subscription can gain access to exclusive content. Content creators who contribute to the Premium platform can provide exclusive content to their subscribers, and earn at the same time. 

The usual distribution between YouTube and content creators when it comes to ad revenue is 45/55. This means that YouTube gains 45% of the earnings and the content creators earn 55% of the revenue. 

What are YouTube Shorts? 

In response to the massively popular short form videos on TikTok, as well as Instagram Reels, YouTube came up with YouTube Shorts. These are short form videos that must be less than 60 seconds in total. They have to be shot vertically, and need to be tagged with #Shorts. The #Shorts hashtag should either be visible in the title of the video or in the description of the video. 

YouTube Shorts have the ability to provide content creators with a large number of views and real YouTube subscribers. 

It’s important to note that at this point of time, YouTube Shorts cannot be monetized. That doesn’t mean that YouTube won’t change their policy towards monetizing shorts in the future. YouTube is known to change and update its policies regarding the content posted on the platform from time to time. 

In addition to this, YouTube is already looking at potential ways to monetize their #Shorts platform. But as of yet, nothing comprehensive has hit the market. This however doesn’t mean that you can’t make money off of YouTube Shorts. Essentially, while you can’t directly make money from YouTube Shorts, it’s still a platform that can lead to greater revenue. 

Everything You Should Know About YouTube Shorts

Everything You Should Know About YouTube Shorts

The main benefit of YouTube Shorts is that it allows content creators to bring in greater exposure to their channel and other videos. Two things to note of importance here are: 

  • The YouTube algorithm doesn’t make any difference between whether the Short posted is from monetized content or not. So even if you post a Short from non-monetized content, the algorithm won’t differentiate. This enables non-monetized content creators to gain greater exposure on the platform. 
  • YouTube Shorts have no bearing on a channel’s organic growth. The content being showcased to viewers depends on their interests. The algorithm judges whether a certain video would be interesting to a user and showcases the Short in that context alone. 

Similarly, if you post a large number of YouTube Shorts, the algorithm won’t count that against you. Using machine learning, the algorithm has been programmed to account for the types on content available on a channel. 

This allows content creators to repurpose larger videos in short form content. Content creators can also mix together clips from videos, as long as the length of the video is under sixty seconds. Recent updates allow content creators to also make use of music off of YouTube’s music library in their short form videos. 

That way, although content creators can’t get make money direct from their YouTube Shorts, it’s still an avenue that leads towards greater revenue. 

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Analytics and YouTube Shorts 

It is possible for YouTube Short creators to analyze metrics brought in from their videos. It’s necessary to note here that the views on YouTube Shorts don’t contribute towards the 4000 hours of Watch Time necessary for applying to the YouTube Partner Program. 

Content creators who truly want to earn from YouTube, ideally want to be a participant in the YouTube Partner Program. It provides access to better monetization features and channel growth. 

However, despite this, if content creators are looking to gain more YouTube views and real YouTube subscribers, then YouTube Shorts could be the answer. 

There are three ways to view analytics from YouTube Shorts. Two of these methods apply to desktop users, while one applies to mobile users. 

For Desktop Users Who Want Analytics on Individual Videos 

To do this, content creators will first need to log into YouTube Studio. Then, on the left hand corner of the page, locate the navigation menu. 

On the navigation menu, click on the ‘Videos’ button. Once the page has loaded, creators simply need to hover their mouse over videos to locate individual analytics for those videos. 

Menu options will appear while hovering over a video, in the form of a bar graph. Creators can turn to the right side of the page to monitor real time statistics related to that video. 

For Desktop Users Who Want to View Channel Statistics 

The initial method is the same as for individual video statistics. Simply log in to YouTube Studio, and then head on over to the navigation tab on the left of the page. There, creators will find a section called ‘Analytics’. 

This section provides details on Watch Time, views, total subscribers, as well as estimated revenue. If creators want to view more analytics and metrics, then they need to scroll down and click on the ‘See More’ button. 

This allows content creators to view various statistics related to their page, including analytics from YouTube Shorts. 

For Mobile Viewers Who Want to View YouTube Short Analytics 

Content creators first need to download the YouTube Studio app. Then, after opening the app, they need to click the ‘Discovery’ button on the top of the screen. 
This reveals traffic and sources of traffic for the Shorts videos. 

How to Make Money on YouTube With YouTube Shorts 

If a viewer views a YouTube Short and then goes on to watch another creator’s video, then no money is earned. 

However, if a YouTube Short is viewed as a normal video on YouTube, the money can be earned. This means that the video wasn’t viewed on the Shorts Video Shelf on the platform. In this situation, the Watch Time from the video does contribute towards the 4000 hours required to apply to the YouTube Partner Program. 


While YouTube Shorts aren’t monetized at this point of time, there are ways to make money off of them. The biggest boost to income that a Short can bring in is through greater YouTube viewers and real YouTube subscribers to the creator’s channel.

As YouTube continues to experiment with their YouTube Shorts, the possibility of monetization can eventually appear. However, as of yet, YouTube Shorts can be used to boost revenue in other ways on YouTube. Where viewers and subscribers view Shorts content directly, then those views can count towards monetization and partnership. 

So far, content creators stand to benefit from YouTube Shorts by increasing their exposure. The algorithm promoting Shorts content doesn’t differentiate between popular and unpopular, or monetized and non-monetized content. This allows new content creators to gain traction on the platform as well. This may change in the future, and YouTube has shown positive indication towards that. As of now, Shorts are a way to bring in more views and subscribers at this point of time. 

Content creators can use Shorts videos to increase their exposure on the platform. The increased exposure can net them greater revenue from their channel and videos through the already established ways to make money on YouTube.

Choosing the Right Niche for Your YouTube Channel in 2021

YouTube is the go-to entertainment destination for millions of users worldwide. Be it lifestyle or gaming, YouTube has it all. Naturally, many people would also want to start their own channels, gain a substantial subscriber base and gradually make a living out of it.

Once you nail the most important step of catching the interest of a prospective subscriber and get them invested in your channel, they will feel more inclined to watch your future videos. This is the beauty of YouTube, every channel – new or old- gets a fair chance at exposure to a large audience. If your content can make the cut, you could very easily go on to make this your full-time career.

However, due to its humongous viewership and demand, the amount of competition has also skyrocketed. As a result, many new users feel unsure about the niche they’ve chosen for their YouTube channel. Needless to say, it is fair to be unsure, the competition is tough and you need to do stand out. Here’s a little guide to choosing a niche that you can make your own, and we’ve also listed some of the most popular YouTube niche ideas you can choose from.

Why Your Channel Needs a Niche?

The most basic function of a niche is that it decides the kind of content your YouTube channel will put out. This basic function is also the most important as it not only decides your content type, but also your target audience. When you choose a particular niche of interest, you will attract an audience that is interested in that specific area.

A channel should therefore strive to stick to that niche for most of their videos because that it what their YouTube subscribers are there for. Once you start enjoying creating videos for your niche, worrying about YouTube views and real YouTube subscribers will become secondary. Instead, your growth will come naturally as a result of your passion for the channel content.

Your niche also does the job of setting you apart from rest of the competition. Before you start your new channel, it is always imperative that you decide on a specific niche.

How to Choose a Niche?

By now you know how important it is to choose a niche and what a major role it plays in benefiting your channel. Let’s look at some ways that can help you decide which niche is the one for you.

When starting a channel, many people have a rough idea on the type of videos they want to make. The content they are interested in becomes their niche.

Decide the Purpose of Your Channel

If you’re like most other YouTubers, chances are that you want to live a life making videos and making money out of it. Youtube has become a major income stream for many channels on the platform and it is only fair you’d want to do the same.

However, there are also many people who make and upload videos purely for fun. Sometimes, even the most carefree content creators who put out the most random videos amass a substantial subscription because it has a charm of its own. People are also attracted to such content because its a welcome change to the monotony of competing channels.

What this means is – you should first know whether you’re serious about your growth and content quality or if you’re just making these videos to pass the time.

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Are you Genuinely Interested in What You’re Creating?

Making videos on a topic you think would sell well, but is not of much personal interest to you, might sound great for the first few months. But if you plan to stay relevant for the long run, it might prove to be counterproductive.

Your passion for a topic plays the most important role in deciding how your audience will receive your videos. When you’re genuinely interested in your niche, it reflects in your content and attracts viewers. If your niche is a topic of interest to you, it will be exponentially easier for you to put out content.

Most people choose YouTube because they don’t want a boring office job. If you choose a niche that holds no special appeal for you, a few videos down the line- YouTube will just become another job. You don’t want that happening and having a niche you’re passionate about will diminish the chances of you getting bored with your content.

So, opt for a niche you like and churning out weekly videos will be the opposite of a chore.

Do You Know Enough About the Niche

Do You Know Enough About the Niche?

Passion is important, but so is knowledge. Even though you’re passionate about a subject, having knowledge equivalent to the average viewer could become a problem. People watch YouTube videos for the value they provide. If your videos don’t tell them more than they already know, they’re more likely to feel that watching your content is a waste of time.

However, on a positive note- amassing greater knowledge on a subject of interest is relatively easy. So even if you don’t know much about your niche, if you have enough motivation- you can get yourself acquainted with it on a deeper level.

Always remember to keep yourself updated about your niche and sharpen your knowledge at every possible chance.

Consider Your Audience

Having an substantial audience for your content is just as instrumental to growth as your content quality. For this, every YouTube channel should try to be mindful of what their audience is looking for. If you can deliver what they demand, there is no doubt that your channel growth will be organic.

If you’re creating content that no one is searching for, then most of it stands at the risk of going unnoticed. To tackle this problem, Google AdWords Keyword Planner and Google Trends will come in handy. The former will tell you about the most searched for keywords on the search engine and the latter gives an idea on the trending topics.

See all the popular keywords and topics that are in trend and are also related to your niche. After identifying such topics, try to incorporate these into your videos, titles and descriptions. By doing this, you’ll give your audience what they ask for and simultaneously gain considerable exposure.

Learn From Your Competitors

Whether you choose a broad niche or a narrow one, you will always have competitors striving for views. If your niche has high demand from the audience, you will also have many competitors. Having many competitors does not necessarily mean struggle. Take this as an opportunity to look into the content your competitors are delivering.

This will also give you a fair idea into what videos are better liked by your target audience.

Look into other YouTuber’s content, their viewership and channel subscription. Don’t hesitate from delving deeper and looking at every video’s likes, dislikes and comments. See which videos garner more likes and views, and what their viewers say in the comments.

Having a clear view on your target audience’s tastes will surely help you kick-off your YouTube career. You’ll know how to keep your audience invested in your content and you can even try to add more value to other videos available on the platform. YouTube audience always likes a fresh perspective and all you have to do is think of new ways/ ideas for presenting even an old topic.

Most Popular YouTube Niches

Like every other social platform, YouTube also has specific niches that have a higher demand. Though the audience for these niches is large, the competition is also cutthroat. You can choose any of these YouTube niches if you have ample interest:


Food content is one of the biggest niches on all of social media and not just YouTube. If you have a taste for good food or if you can come up with new recipes, making food videos could become your niche. Food content is not only limited to recipe creation, you can also try food blogging.


From game moment compilations to livestreams and reviews, gaming content has great demand these days. Tech content YouTubers usually review new products in the market, be it a new phone launch or a gaming PC.


Videos that teach DIY tutorials and other hacks always catch the interest of a large chunk of YouTube audience.


The popularity of many YouTube makeup gurus who started small and became mainstream icons is testamentary to the success potential of this niche.


This niche is dominated by people who are truly passionate about fitness, nutrition and sports. If you think your tips can help people gain their fitness goals, this niche might be ideal for you.

There is no shortage to the number of niches on YouTube. You could also try vlogging if you think you have the potential of keeping your audience engaged in your ideal life. In the end, it all boils down to your specific interests and how efficiently you attract the audience. You can only do this when you choose a niche that works for you.

How to Increase Your YouTube Views and Subscribers in 2021?


Video content creation is becoming a rage in today’s world. Moving on from blogs and articles, video content is the undisputed leader in the digital world at present. It has revolutionized the aspect of content creation beyond imagination. The option of bringing in more detail and the visual experience is captivating audience across the globe.
In a way, the rise of social media is a key factor that drives the growth of video content creation and sharing. The availability of high-end smartphones also paved the way for this. In any case, selecting the right platform for video sharing is very important. Yes, we are aware that YouTube is the perfect platform for the growth of your video content. Let us explore some unique tips for increasing your YouTube views and YouTube subscribers in this blog.

The Rise of YouTube

YouTube is the undisputed king of video content creation and sharing. As per the statistics in 2021, it has around 2.3 billion users across the globe. With 79% of internet users having a YouTube account, the total watch time is approximately over 1 billion hours daily. This massive appeal makes it a popular medium for entertainment and knowledge exchange. But beyond entertainment, YouTube’s growth as a marketing tool is the most interesting aspects. The influence of T.V commercials is slowly shrinking and making way for YouTube advertising.

The number of YouTube subscribers for a particular channel is very important from the perspective of video marketing. Similarly, the number of YouTube views for a particular channel is a key indicator of the growth of a YouTube channel. If you are an entertainer or a video influencer, understanding the secret for growing your real YouTube subscribers is inevitable for success.

YouTube Channel Monetization

The real success for YouTube creator comes from maximizing the reach across the globe. Nothing comes close to the fact that you are having fans and viewers from every corner of the world. But to leverage on this reach, you need to monetize your channel. This will attract advertisers and opens the door for earning income from YouTube.

For initiating monetization, the number of YouTube subscribers and video watch time are the two key parameters. The YouTube Partner Program (YPP) enables you to embark on this journey of monetization. But to become a part of YPP, your channel requires at least 1000 subscribers’ and 4000 hours of video watch hours. At this juncture, growing your YouTube subscriber base should a high priority. There are multiple pathways to achieve this, and we are more than happy to share that knowledge with you.

Creating the Perfect YouTube Channel

Nowadays, a YouTube channel can be considered as the most popular entertainment and education medium. So, as a YouTube content creator you should pay attention to the content and video quality. Consistency of video posting is also very important for attracting more YouTube subscribers. The major aspects for making your YouTube channel attractive are,

  • Always use a good quality camera
  • Use good quality sound capture systems
  • Make creative thumbnails
  • Create a professional logo
  • Invest in a paid video editing software

Tips for Increasing YouTube Views and Subscribers

Creating an attractive YouTube channel is only the first step towards your growth as a content creator. The real challenge is in actively growing your YouTube views and subscriber list. This is an area that requires both hard work and smart thinking. In today’s world there are multiple channels for prompting your YouTube content, thanks to social media. But that is territory with a lot of competition. Your channel need to standout for attracting maximum YouTube subscribers. Checkout some cool tips for increasing YouTube views and subscribers below.

Use the Potential of Social Media

Social media is free tool that provides endless connectivity with people across the globe. You should use the power of various social media platforms to the maximum. Every time you make a video, make customized quirky text that best explains the video. Different platforms have different audience and nature of content. You should customize the text content to fit this.

Additionally, sharing shooting location images, behind the scenes etc. through these platforms will create enough enthusiasm among people. This can be successfully converted into YouTube views. Also, personally encourage your top subscribers to share the details among their circles. This will create a multiplier affect exponentially increasing your YouTube subscriber base.

Create a subscriber community or fan page in these social media handles. Linking these handles to your YouTube account is also very helpful for creating automated posts. Apart from this, make use of paid promotion options on Facebook and Twitter.

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Solid Research for Your Episodes/Content

Your viewers love content that are unique and original. But creating such a content requires a lot of hard work. A solid background work makes a content stand out from the rest. This will create a positive impact among your YouTube subscribers prompting them to instantly share the content in their network. As a result, you can expect a sudden increase in your subscriber count.

Good You Tubers know their territory very well. Be it entertainment or news analysis, you should have deep knowledge in the subject you use. Doing a thorough research will be very helpful in creating nice content. Always compare your ideas with existing videos in YouTube. Analyze them to understand how you can create something unique without repeating the same content. Read through the comments below such video to capture popular viewer sentiment. Incorporating all these learnings will help you to create videos that your YouTube viewers want to watch repeatedly. 

Tips for Increasing YouTube Views and Subscribers

Consistency in Content Release

Initially, most people checkout videos randomly on YouTube. A key factor that converts casual viewers to your YouTube subscribers is consistency. A set of videos released consistently assures your viewers that you are serious about your content. This slowly builds up the subscriber community.

Most people fail in making a successful YouTube channel due to lack of consistency. In the beginning, it is difficult to be persistent at your efforts when the number of video views are less. But consistent effort slowly brings in more viewers to your channel eventually kick-starting your growth. Make a weekly calendar of topics/themes on which you want to produce videos. Allocate time based on this schedule and make sure to release video at the stipulated time. Eventually, this becomes a habit where your YouTube subscribers also wait for the video release.


In any aspect of growth –be it personal or professional, networking plays an important role. You can grow your YouTube viewers also with such collaborative efforts. It is also an intelligent way to use the existing competition to your advantage. Explore influential YouTubers and analyse their content. Pick a few such influencers and pitch the idea of collaborative content. Developing a collaborative content with fellow influencers will boost your YouTube views. There are high chances of new subscribers when the influencers themselves share the content in their network. This can prove to be milestone in the growth of your channel.

Another prominent method of collaboration is brand endorsement. You can create content that can highlight certain brand offerings. Such a brand campaign can also increase your viewership considerably.

Buy Real YouTube Subscribers

The normal method of growing YouTube subscribers is a time-consuming process. Instead, availing services of professional website will help you grow fast. There are multiple websites that offer real YouTube subscribers. As per the YouTube monetization policy, this a legitimate activity. But always make sure that you buy real YouTube subscribers instead of fake ones.

Always remember that obtaining fake profiles and chatbots are not going to help the growth of your channel. Also make sure that you buy the number of subscribers organically rather than purchasing in bulk. Make sure to take a step-by-step approach. Most importantly, due a proper due diligence of the website/agency that offers you the service.

Viewer Interaction and Feedback

All the famous YouTubers in the world has one thing in common. They all consider their subscriber base as family. Yes, a virtual family that fuels their growth. You should always carefully interact with your YouTube subscribers. Take time to read the comments posted under each video. Be open to both positive and negative feedback. Use the feedbacks to improve your future contents. Organize special giveaways and contests to constantly engage your subscribers. It is also advisable to create forums and fan pages in multiple social media handles.


Data is a very powerful tool. But it is of no use if we can’t decipher insights from them. The use of YouTube creator studio is very helpful for getting these data insights. It shows you the number of views, average watch time etc. These metrics are an important pointer towards the growth of your channel. Beyond this many analytic tools are available on the internet. From selecting your title to keyword placements, these tools can elevate your videos to the next level. They also make your videos easily searchable on the internet. This can increase your YouTube views exponentially. So wisely make use of this analytics and tools for growing your channel.


YouTube has revolutionized and indeed democratized video content creation. This naturally brings in a lot of competition also. But you can meet success by posting quality content regularly. Even then an organic growth in the number of YouTube subscribers and views might take some time. At this point, never hesitate to use the services of a trusted provider offering real YouTube subscribers. It is completely a legitimate process and can help faster growth of your channel.

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