YouTube’s Newest Features and How to Use Them to Your Benefit!

Growth is an integral part of every company. Businesses, small and large, look for opportunities to promote themselves and ensure that they continue to be a part of the competition. There are several promotional methods that companies adopt to expand. While large-scale businesses invest in advertisements in every channel, small businesses find investment to be a challenge.

The recent past has seen a lot of changes in the way we lead our life. The digital world is dominating every industry, from news and entertainment to education and advertising. The introduction of YouTube in 2005 and its growth into a promotional platform was unexpected by many. The platform is a haven for entrepreneurs and small businesses and YouTube subscribers from all over the world benefit from this platform.

YouTube has been an essential part of numerous real YouTube subscribers. Creators, who produce new video content and support the channel became a significant part of the platform. The content created by them increased the YouTube views and in turn, the number of users of this platform increased year over year. In support of the users, especially the creators, YouTube introduced several features. Here are some of the new features recently rolled out by YouTube for its creators and users!

For the creators

There are four new features that YouTube has recently launched that has been rolled out to the video creators. These features were previewed in the latest edition of YouTube’s ‘Creator Insider’ and were introduced to enhance videos and allow the creators to moderate their channel. If you are a creator, here is how you can use the new features to your benefit.

When is your audience online?

One of the four new features of YouTube was launched in April 2020 in a limited preview, and later was rolled out to all channels. In this feature, the creators are given access to data that allows them to know when their viewers or audience is online. It pinpoints which hours of the week the audience is most active in the channel. The feature helps the creators to determine the most ideal time to broadcast a live stream to increase YouTube views. Creators or channels that use this feature can choose and schedule the most suitable time to publish their content, based on when the audience is online. Though the feature sounds to be the best option to increase viewers, YouTube has announced that there is no conclusive evidence stating that it’s a good tactic.

Review inappropriate comments

Comments are a huge part of YouTube. It lets the creators know that their audience has an opinion to share. Not every person has the same opinion about content. While some viewers shared positive opinion on video content, others shared inappropriate content which would tamper the dignity of the channel. Soon as the ‘Hold Inappropriate Comments for Review’ was launched, YouTube flagged comments experienced a 75% drop. The contents were sent to be reviewed, and flagging them as inappropriate was an optional setting before. The new feature makes holding inappropriate content to review a default setting on YouTube with an aim to help the creators manage the comments and improve the quality of the conversation. When the setting is changed to default, creators will receive a notification on their YouTube Studio that the settings have been changed. The feature is available to all channels. YouTube aims to introduce 13 more languages to improve its accuracy in flagging down inappropriate comments.

Schedule community posts

YouTube is a platform that has improved its services to its users over the years. Not every new feature introduced by them is the brainchild of the experts sitting in their headquarters. YouTube respects its users and accepts valuable feedback that is considered to be a vital part of their growth. One such feature is the ability to schedule community posts, which are now available on your desktop’s web main application. It allows you, the creator to draft a community post to specify a future publishing date. The feature was heavily requested by most of the creators.

Video chapters

One of the new chapters that will soon be rolled out to all channels is the video chapter feature, which allows the creators to break down the video into different chapters. Breaking the video into different chapters allows the creator to enhance and improve the viewer experience. As a creator, if you want to use this feature, you must add a timestamp to your video description and make sure that the first one starts at “0:00”. It is also vital to remember that your video must have at least three chapters and each chapter must be no less than 10 seconds. You can opt-out of this feature as well. All you have to do is make use of anything but “0:00” as the first timestamp in your video description.

YouTube's Newest Features For the users

For the users

It is not just the video creators that support the growth of YouTube. Without users, the platform would not have experienced the growth that it has seen over the years. YouTube subscribers show their support as well, and hence, the following features were introduced to enhance their viewing experience.

Video chapters

The video chapter feature not only helps creators to improve the content they produce but also enhances the viewing experience. The feature makes it convenient for the viewers to jump to a specific section of the video and/or re-watch a certain part they wish to, and more. The new feature is introduced to all YouTube subscribers and includes a list that can be found by clicking on the chapter title in the player. Clicking on it will give a complete list of chapters that are included in the video with a thumbnail that allows the viewer to find the chapter easily. The feature not only saves time by jumping to the part that the viewer wants to watch but also improves the viewer experience immensely.

Streamline player

YouTube has made several changes over the years, and every change is to the benefit of its audience. One such change is the replacement of the caption button to a more prominent location on the player. The Caption Button (CC) was recently moved to the top of the video player (Mobile). The change was made to make it more accessible and easier for the user to switch it on and off as and when needed. In addition to the Caption Button, the AutoPlay button has been repositioned as well. It is placed beside the Caption Button. The repositioning of the buttons was made to ensure that users find it easy to find the controls instead of maneuvering through the player while the video is still playing.

Gesture controls

User experience is a vital part of any application, and in an attempt to improve audience experience, YouTube introduced gesture control in their apps. The gesture control feature gives more control over the video to the audience. It allows the viewer to exit the full screen by swiping up or down. Swiping up plays the existing video in landscape mode and swiping downplays it in portrait mode. In addition, simply tapping on the timestamp allows the user to switch back and forth into the video.

Suggested Actions

Several features of YouTube are still unknown to many users. Keeping up to date with every component of the application may be difficult for most users. In an attempt to help users, YouTube also introduced ‘Suggested Actions’, a feature that improves the video viewing experience. The suggested actions prompt the users to play a video in VR or rotate the phone for a better experience. For instance, if the video you are watching is better viewed on landscape mode, you will receive an action that will say ‘Rotate.’ These suggestions can be easily dismissed by pressing the ‘X’ that is displayed along with the suggestion. Right now, there are only a few suggested actions to help the viewers, and YouTube plans to introduce more.

Bedtime reminders

It is easy to get stuck inside the world of videos, and difficult to come out of. As a viewer, you may be in awe of all the videos that interest you, and continue to watch them without realizing that you have been at it for several hours. You can prevent getting stuck inside YouTube with YouTube’s Bedtime Reminders feature. The feature allows you to set reminders that prompt you to stop watching videos. These reminders can be set at any specific time that is most suitable for you. You can also prompt the feature to remind you about taking a break.

YouTube constantly updates its features and introduces new ones to enhance the experience of its creators as well as viewers. Real YouTube subscribers can take make use of all the new features to their benefit. The new features introduced by YouTube are aimed to offer their support to both the creators and YouTube subscribers. It will allow the creators to offer a better viewing experience to the viewers, and in turn benefit the creator, the viewer, and YouTube itself.

What is YouTube Premium, and Does it Benefit the Creators?

Every online platform works around the clock to revamp its website to offer various benefits to its audience. In 2018, Google took one step up to revamp YouTube by introducing YouTube Premium. It was launched in 16 countries in addition to the United States. YouTube subscribers had two options, YouTube and YouTube Premium. But what is YouTube Premium? How does it benefit the creators?

YouTube Premium

The increasing video viewership led to the upsurge in activities in the digital world. The increase in activity on the web led to service providers offering better connectivity. Faster and dependable internet connection paved the way for the introduction of several video sharing websites that cater to the needs of their audience. The increasing competition pushed the sites to offer better services to their viewers. The biggest and the most popular video-sharing platform YouTube offered numerous free contents under YouTube, and to improve the viewer experience; they introduced YouTube Premium.

YouTube Premium is a paid subscription membership offered by Google to real YouTube subscribers. The increased number of YouTube views on the free version that includes ads led to the new plan wherein YouTube subscribers can enjoy all-encompassing, advertisement-free services from the channel. Here is what you get for your subscription.

Ad-free Videos

Advertisements can be annoying, especially when they appear in between an interesting video. YouTube Premium offers ad-free and break-free content on any device.

Background Play

Locking your screen does not end the entertainment. With YouTube Premium, you can listen to videos, music, and podcasts even when the screen is locked.

Offline Playback

Videos can be downloaded to be viewed later. Offline videos are a blessing to many You-Tubers.

Premium Music

The subscription also gives you ad-free access to YouTube’s dedicated music application YouTube Music, as well as its catalog of abundant songs.


It also offers advertisement-free access to YouTube original movies and television shows and exclusive access to all premium content.

The perks offered by YouTube Premium are good indeed. But many believe that it is one of their strategies to increase channel growth. It is vital to know whether subscribing to Premium is good or bad. Is the premium package good for you?

What is good about YouTube Premium?

The benefits of YouTube Premium offered to real YouTube subscribers have already been mentioned in the offer. A monthly subscription offers background play of music and videos, downloads, access to YouTube Originals, YouTube Music Premium, and all advertisement free. Many of the users are wise enough to use ad-blockers on their personal computers. They enjoy ad-free content. But what about mobile phones? It is not only difficult but at present, it is next to impossible to avoid advertisements while watching videos on YouTube using a mobile application. The implementation of unskippable ads and double pre-roll makes it difficult to escape advertisements.

The benefits of Premium is best enjoyed by YouTube subscribers who regularly depend on the platform for their video content. It is hard to understate how great the benefits are if you spend a significant time on YouTube. Subscribing to Premium is also a good choice for those who watch the content using their mobile phones. In addition, can you imagine the pleasure of watching uninterrupted content on the big screen on your television? You will not only be free from watching advertisements; you will not be interrupted by any trailers from YouTube Originals as well.

Music lovers can benefit greatly from subscribing to Premium. The subscription gives them access to YouTube Music that has a huge catalog of songs. The never-ending list of songs included in YouTube Premium allows you to find any obscure song you can think of. Even the snobbiest music fans would be pleased by the variety of genre and artists in the list, and for them, YouTube Premium would be worth for YouTube Music alone.

Is there anything bad?

What is YouTube Premium, and Does it Benefit the Creators?

The first ad-free subscription was offered in 2015 under the name YouTube Music Key. It removed advertisements from all videos on all devices. The subscription lets you stream music as well as music videos ad-free. Google later changed the name from YouTube Music Key to YouTube Red. When YouTube Red was launched, all marketing efforts concentrated on Originals. Premium simply offers more benefits. Like any other platform, there are quite a few things that need improvement.

While YouTube Premium offers access to all Original content, it is not exclusive to them. Free YouTube account holders can view most of the Originals but with advertisements interrupting them. To add to the list of concerns, the quality of the content is deteriorating as well. The platform favors celebrity content and pushes aside content offered by YouTubers, and squandering the immense potential of YouTube creators. Unfortunately, creators are being squished by celebrity content. Several creators have the potential to out-do celebrities, and YouTube can keep competitors at bay by collaborating with such creators.

There are a lot of hidden talents that need to be exposed to the world. The recommendations offered by YouTube Originals are mostly by celebrities and established creators. The recommendations subtly increase the YouTube views but not promote creators who have the ability to offer content that can bring in more audience into the platform. YouTube Premium offers immense benefits to subscribers, but what about creators?

Does YouTube Premium help creators?

The Premium features are just right for video fanatics, but creators will applaud the subscription for a different reason. While viewers can expect an advertisement-free viewer experience, access to the original content, and a few other features, creators get what they always wanted. Did you know that YouTube creators can generate some extra money with YouTube Premium?

How can you make money as a creator?

What is more important to a creator in addition to being appreciated for their talent and efforts? With YouTube Premium, they get what they always wanted; ways to increase revenue on the channel. Revenue sharing is an advantage that is not mentioned enough. YouTube shares the revenue earned with a Premium subscription with creators. The revenue share is based on every view they receive from real YouTube subscribers. It includes demonetized videos as well!

No matter the portion of the revenue sharing, YouTube distributes revenue earned from YouTube Premium based on ‘Watch Time.’ Creators’ earning is based on the time spent by the subscriber on their content. Higher the watch time, the higher the revenue. For instance, if one channel receives higher watch time from Premium subscribers compared to other channels, it earns a larger chunk of the revenue as well.

Just as it does with advertisement generated revenue earning, YouTube takes 45% of revenue from the creator’s Premium earning. But every video that is available for free is also available under YouTube Premium. So, if a Premium YouTube subscriber watches a creator’s video, it contributes to ‘Watch Time,’ and the creator earns a share of the revenue generated by YouTube Premium.

One must not underestimate the potential of YouTube Premium. The concept is relatively new, and YouTube audiences and YouTubers are still warming up to it. As much as increasing Watch Time may sound like a difficult goal to reach, YouTube audiences are on the lookout for new videos. YouTube may be promoting celebrity videos on Premium, but the audience is searching for more than just celebrities and unwavering content. They need more!

YouTube is also beta-testing a new feature that allows Premium subscribers to send money to their subscribers during live streaming. At present, YouTube is adding Super Chat credits to its Premium account using which viewers can donate to creators. The feature is likely to be permanent, given which creators could earn their worth.

To wrap up, is the amount spent justified?

As much as YouTube Premium offers several benefits, does it justify the amount spent on the subscription? It is the only critical qualm that users have against YouTube. Unless the subscriber is taking full advantage of the features, the amount spent for a month’s subscription is a waste. Ad-free viewing does offer a pleasant experience, but only an avid user can take full benefit of the amount paid.

YouTube Premium must be someone looking for a decent music streaming service in addition to the ad-free content. The unending list of music from different artists and genres is worth every penny. You cannot go wrong with your subscription if you use YouTube regularly and you have no other subscriptions or substitutes such as Netflix or Hulu. A dedicated user can benefit immensely from YouTube Premium.

Does YouTube Premium justify the talent of the creators? The question is a little difficult to answer. As much as creators can benefit from revenue sharing, the question still stands whether they will receive the exposure they deserve. YouTube is more inclined towards celebrity videos, which are promoted often, believing they can increase their viewership. But changing times are changing the likes of viewers as well. YouTube subscribers are showing interest in newer content. Creativity is the key to increasing YouTube views, and creators are doing just that. If the newest feature that allows Premium subscribers to donate revenue to creators rolls out, it would immensely contribute towards the growth of the much-deserved creators of YouTube.

How AI and ML can Help with Increasing YouTube Subscribers?

Have you heard of anyone who is not aware of YouTube? Over two billion users log on to YouTube each month and watch videos amounting to more than a billion hours daily. Content creators upload more than 300 hours of video on to YouTube each minute. Considering the amount of content, activity and number of users, it makes considerable sense for YouTube to recognize the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Content creators are beginning to use these technologies to acquire and YouTube Views and increase YouTube subscribers.

AI and ML are gaining good ground in several areas of marketing. It’s amazing to know that over 61% of marketers use AI to help them identify trends, while several others are exploring other AI applications.

YouTube marketers increasingly depend on AI and ML for higher ROI. Read on to know how you can engage and win more audiences by incorporating AI and ML in your YouTube videos.

Role of AI in Video Marketing

Considering the number of content creators out there, it becomes extremely challenging to attract and maintain followers. There are a thousand or more videos whose content could be similar to the ones you have to offer. So, it is challenging to carve a space and succeed.

Having said that, this platform is still one of the best ways to reach out to your target audience, win real YouTube subscribers and earn money.

AI technology has gone on to become a valuable addition to every YouTube marketer out there helping them grow, evolve and make good money.

Artificial Intelligence and Video Marketing

As of March 2020, YouTube videos made up of 74 per cent of internet traffic and was about to increase to 82 per cent by 2021, as per Cisco. AI can help you provide customized content to your target customers and improve your video marketing strategy to scale higher.

AI data enables video developers to understand and estimate their target customer’s interest. It will help them to avoid creating redundant content and create videos that would interest them. More than 52 per cent of marketers are of the opinion that videos provide more ROI in comparison to other marketing strategies.

Data analytics, ML and AI guarantee you higher efficiency and result based on the data that is collected. A few benefits include:

Enables required data extraction

High-tech tools, along with big data, produce excellent video content. The content sourced and created using AI and ML is filtered. This ensures that only relevant information is stored and the required data is dug out for use. Tools like “mysimpleshow” have proven how AI and ML can be used to create cutting edge YouTube videos.

Provide details of watch time

Watch time is the amount of time that a viewer has spent watching your video. Watch time enables you to understand what kind of content your audiences prefer to watch. This is contrary to the videos that they only click and leave almost immediately. YouTube uses this to help collate the list of suggested videos. The algorithm gives importance to overall watch time and viewing sessions over videos with more clicks. If your videos are watched beyond the first click, YouTube automatically suggests those videos more to your target audience.

Providing videos of interest through watch history

YouTube suggest its users videos similar to the ones they mostly watch. The suggested videos are an excellent technique that can help in retaining the audience’s interest. The data used here to offer the audience the content they enjoy watching is collated with the help of ML and AI.

Reaching out to wider audience

Video marketing has a far reach, and the users access it not only for entertainment but also for knowledge. YouTube is undoubtedly the best site for videos with nearly 5 million videos being watched daily. Companies are working hard to get noticed and win the attention of their target customers.

AI, ML help improves personalization

Video marketers create personalized content to gain the attention of their customers. Incorporation of AI and ML technologies help create videos that are relevant to customer requirements and needs.

Real-time video update

AI alone can enable corporate to acquire real-time feedback on their videos. An AI platform is extremely flexible when it comes to making minute changes and tweaks in videos depending on updated data.

Access to reports to help analyze content

Implementation of AI and ML technologies will give you access to YouTube analytics. This will help you analyze and see which videos are performing well. You can create similar videos or make required changes based on the watch time and view-through rates.

It is easy to make decisions when you know which of your videos has low watch time and view-through rates. Decrease or recurring dips will enable you to understand why people refuse or leave your videos mid-way.

The technology also gives you audience engagement reports. This will enable you to figure out the videos that get people to comment, like and add them as their favorite.

Optimizing Videos Using AI & Ml

Optimizing Videos Using AI & Ml

Now, we come to how you can optimize your videos to gain more audiences, YouTube views, and increase YouTube subscribers.

Create striking thumbnail and title

The first thing that your viewers notice about your videos is its title and thumbnail. Make sure that you attract them through this. You can do that by:

  • Creating thumbnails that are descriptive by nature and show a quick video snapshot.
  • Use striking and accurate titles that talk about exactly what your content is all about.
  • Translate captions, descriptions and titles. You might have to buy translations or get your community to add subtitles.

How to get viewers to continually watch your videos?

  • Create striking introductory videos and couple it with branding and different techniques to help build and hold viewers attention throughout.
  • You can build your real YouTube subscriber base by making sure that they are notified of any new videos you upload. They will also be provided with the playlists they can watch.
  • Engaging with your viewers is critical and helps in building a community and strong fan base. Get them to comment and interact with you and involve them in your content creation.

Organizing and programming YouTube content

Creating a customary release schedule of videos will enable you to get your viewers to watch all video sets of videos together over one single video. It is also possible to schedule your videos for publishing at a later time.

Optimize your content with accurate metadata which includes title, description and tag. This is essential so that your videos are indexed well and in order. Make sure you optimize your watch time so that you can gain more views and real YouTube subscribers.

Engage your audience with AI tools

Since YouTube is highly dependent on AI for content delivery, you must make sure that you maintain good engagement metrics. This will ensure that your content is always at the top of all feed.

Here are some common tricks you can do using AI to help you gain more YouTube views and audience.

Get unpredictable: It becomes difficult to keep your viewers entertained throughout the video at all times. This is harder today since there are many videos, apps and social media platforms that are constantly trying to woo the audience to them. Being unpredictable will ensure that your viewer pays attention to your video from the beginning to the end. While you might follow a certain format while creating videos, it is essential to break it once in a while. AI can help you find new techniques to engage with your viewers.

Interact with your audience: YouTube allows you to interact with your viewer, which is most certainly its strength. It is critical that you engage with them doing a Q&A, chatting with them live and replying to various comments. You must do this if you want to become a successful YouTuber.

Incorporate a Data-Based Approach while creating content

It is essential that you learn exactly what your target customers or users want. You must know how your target audience will react to your content. It is necessary that you adopt an evidence-based approach. You must integrate data into every step while creating content and marketing them.

The data of viewership, like, dislike, details of shares per 1000 views will enable you to create content that your viewers will enjoy.

It is pointless how happy your audience is with you if you do not know how to raise your bar and viewership. This can be accomplished by learning more about your target customers. AI and ML gives you data that will help you understand the age, location, and even occupation of your viewers. You will hence be able to understand where exactly they are coming from and what interests them. There are innumerable ways to get more YouTube views and increase subscribers once you are aware who enjoys watching your videos the most.

AL, ML – Key To Successful YouTube Content Creation

Artificial intelligence and machine learning is crucial in content creation today and even more relevant in the future. You can boost your SEO strategies using these techniques, grow and evolve.

Convert Your Anonymous Viewers into YouTube Subscribers with These Key Tips

YouTube is a platform filled with unlimited opportunities. While it may seem fun and exciting to its viewers, those who run a YouTube channel know how difficult it is to get subscribers. Your video may get a thousand YouTube views, but the probability of a random viewer tapping on the subscribe button is comparatively low. While it is always an easy option to acquire free subscribers, the question ultimately lies in the authenticity and engagement of your channel.

So, we have a few tips that can help you convert anonymous views into real YouTube subscribers. Check them out!

1. Ask viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel

It might seem quite obvious but yes the easiest way to convert your YouTube views into subscriptions is by simply reminding your viewers to click the subscribe button. However, how, and when you ask them to do so is equally important. The best time to ask your viewers is when you tell them how the channel is supporting them. Whether it is a funny video or an informational one, the ideal moment to convert your viewers into subscribers is when you give them exactly what they desire and wanting to know more. But again, take care of not overdoing it otherwise the trick may give opposite results!

2. Give a hint of your next video

If a viewer has stayed with you till the end of your video, it probably means you’ve done your job right. Now that the viewer found your video engaging, there is a full chance that he/she would also be interested in checking out your next work. So make sure that you tap on this state of anticipation and pique your viewers’ curiosity by giving a hint of what’s coming up next. Convey points like why it’ll interest them and why it should not be missed. This trick can be your magic wand! Try it out.

3. Build a relationship with your audience

Your viewers are like your family. If you make them feel a part of your life, engage with them, and interact with them, they will also reciprocate the same. There have been numerous cases where YouTubers have gotten into trouble and it is their strong YouTube community that helps them get over it all. Moreover, just as your family supports you in what you do, your audience is also more likely to engage and recommend your videos to others if you treat them well. There is also an added benefit. We know how after a point in time you may run out of ideas for your next gig. Here also, it is your community that will feed you new content ideas time and again. This way you’ll actually understand what your viewers want and make more such videos. No doubt this will earn you YouTube subscribers!

4. Consistent branding

Just as you are able to recognize a brand by their logo, your viewers recognize you by your thumbnails that act as your video’s cover on YouTube. So what can you do to make them look attractive as well as professional? First of all, you can be consistent with your text, color palette, and frame composition. This will help the viewers to immediately identify that this is your video. Secondly, make sure that your thumbnail looks like something that would make the viewer open the video and watch it all. Basically, it should make them curious. To convert your YouTube views into subscriptions, you need to attract them to your content first.

5. Host a Contest

If you want to have a rise in your YouTube subscribers within a short duration, host a contest with simple rules. You may ask your viewers to simply like a particular video, subscribe to your channel, and tap the bell icon to participate. While you do this, make sure that you are giving something that is very attractive to your viewers. They may not only participate themselves but also recommend it to their relatives who might be interested in participating. Although this will definitely gift you with some real YouTube subscribers, there is a possibility that your new subscribers might go back to become only viewers after the contest is over. So, this tip is useful to convert your anonymous viewers into subscribers but for a short duration.

Build a relationship with your YouTube audience

6. Show your gratitude

We know how ecstatic you feel when you reach a milestone. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve just reached a milestone of 100 subscribers or 1k subscribers. Each victory is a memorable one and something to celebrate. While you enjoy this achievement with your friends, make sure to thank those who made it possible- your viewers and subscribers! Thank them and show how immensely grateful you are to them from the bottom of your heart. As a wise man had once said, the three golden words for every successful relationship are sorry, please, and thanks. Make sure to use the third one, and your YouTube community shall only grow and grow.

7. Be consistent

Remember that person who used to be a close friend but with time grew distant because of lack of communication? The same happens with your online community as well.
Online platforms may look pretty and glamorous on the front but can be very competitive. If you want to remain relevant and available to your audience, it is necessary that you remain consistent in posting videos. If you do not post content on a consistent schedule, there is a high probability that your subscribers may forget you. Hence, it is imperative that you stay in contact with your YouTube subscribers to win more and retain the ones you have. Also, if you don’t stay in touch with your viewers and subscribers, there is a high chance that you may also lose updates on what is in demand. Therefore, consistency is the key!

8. Engage in cross-promotion

Online presence on one platform is not enough today. Your audience is everywhere- on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. Make sure you identify where your target audience is and establish an identity at that place. You need to be visible where your audience can see you and engage with your content. Moreover, promoting your videos on multiple platforms will also enhance your reach ability and viewership. This will in turn increase the chances of you getting new subscribers.

Today, there are a number of features on social media platforms such as Instagram that you can use to publish your videos. Posting content here can also increase the rates at which your viewers share your content with others. If you attract followers or likes on these platforms, there is a high probability that these people will also subscribe to your channel to never miss out on your next video.

9. Collaborate with YouTube channels and celebrities

Partnering with other YouTubers and popular celebrities can go a long way in reaching your target audience. As you must have already seen, popular YouTubers always collaborate with each other to produce new content. By working with others, you will benefit from their audience and learn valuable things from them. The bigger the YouTuber, the better collaborator choice he/she is. The simplest task you can do with other YouTubers is host a chat show and their fans will definitely check it out!

10. Find the correct Keywords

For your YouTube channel’s growth and wide visibility, it is important that you use the right keywords. This is because YouTube is a large online platform. In fact, it is the second-largest search engine in the world. Therefore, it is essential for you to know what does a user search for on YouTube. For this, you need to research and use proper keywords wherever you add any text like in title, description, and tags. Optimizing your content will enhance your exposure on the web. As more viewers come in contact, more chances of them subscribing to your channel.

11. Optimize your end screen

Optimizing your end screen can help you attain real YouTube subscribers. To do so, you can add a subscribe element to the screen. This will again act as a reminder for your viewers to subscribe to the channel. You can also carefully select and add suggested videos from your channel clicking which the viewers will be directed to the same.

12. Use watermarks

YouTube offers you an interesting feature where you can add on the screen throughout the video. This acts as an extra subscribe button clicking which the viewer gets an option of subscribing to your channel.

We have said much about how you can grow your YouTube channel by converting anonymous viewers into subscribers. However, no matter how many tips you follow, the quality of your content should be your utmost priority. These tips can help you gain viewers and subscribers only if your audience finds your content appealing. Therefore, keep creating amazing content, and don’t forget our few tips for an amazing career as a YouTuber.

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