Your Guide to Getting Baby Boomers onto Your YouTube Subscribers List

Baby boomers are among some of the growing generations to use social media. Contrary to the mid to late 1900s when the only source of entertainment for this generation was radio, modern times have enabled baby boomers to take advantage of the Internet for recreation and finding information. Unlike millennials, this generation also has time and money, which they use to spend online. As a consequence, it is vital that marketing professionals consider ways to target this generation in order to maximize their outreach and sales opportunities.

Who are the baby boomers?

Baby boomers are a group of people born between the years 1946 and 1964. Post World War II, birth rates rose rapidly across the globe in what was observed to be the repercussion of the need to have stability and normalcy in life again. This desire was manifest in the socio-economic conditions of the time, which witnessed shifts in ideologies, the proliferation of businesses, innovations, and other discoveries.

The core values of boomers consist of professional growth, overall well-being, personal appeasement, recognition, and a healthy lifestyle. This generation finds comfort in surroundings which value their personal beliefs and ethics. Most boomers are currently either retired or in the workforce. According to research, boomers have over half of the household wealth and the largest portion of disposable income in the United States, making it very likely for them to be paying customers.

Social media preferences of baby boomers

It is reported that the proportion of boomers who have a television subscription service has declined from 87% in 2014 to 81% in 2020. However, more than half of boomers use their smartphones while more than one third use a different mobile device for communicating. Boomers are responsible for shaping much of the technology that we use today. This generation consists of information seekers that spend much of their time using digital means frequently.

A study revealed that nearly 35% of boomers use the Internet to establish professional networks. They are 19% more likely than other generations to share their thoughts. Not only do the majority of this generation use social media frequently, but they also have distinct opinions on which platforms they should use. As reported by Google, 54% of boomers watch online videos for news, information, and entertainment.

The fact that videos seem to be the most popular content type among boomers is no surprise. Unlike other content, videos are universally liked because they can reach beyond demographic factors and communicate emotions to which everyone can relate to. Among all video sites, YouTube is the most popular and preferred medium by boomers.

Statistics reveal that more than one quarter of the YouTube audience is the baby boomer generation. They spend almost 500 million hours watching YouTube, which is 10% higher than the millennial viewing rate. It was also found that more than 3,600 boomers used Google to search for YouTube every minute of each day. Considering this data, it is useful to first understand why boomers are watching YouTube videos and how marketers can use that as an opportunity to grow their subscriber base.

Why are baby boomers increasingly turning to YouTube?

All of us love YouTube, but baby boomers love it even more. In a survey conducted by YouTube on boomers, several of them revealed that YouTube helps them spend less time watching and gathering information than spending large amounts of time on longer content. Though approximately 10,000 boomers retire each day, their generation is looking to save more time, which they can achieve by using YouTube. Statistics show that boomers are 1.3 times more interested in watching a tutorial video on YouTube rather than reading instructions on a manual.

Further, boomers are turning to YouTube to learn a new skill. A surveyed boomer mentioned that unlike previous generations who had to ask their children when they had to learn something new, she could save energy by finding the same information on YouTube. Nearly one out of three boomers visit YouTube to understand a product or service better. Industries that have the highest YouTube views by boomers include travel, home appliances, entertainment, and telecommunication.

Baby boomers make up a fraction of YouTube subscribers who rely on video for news and entertainment. Watching TV recaps, highlights, and their favorite shows are among the most popular content with this generation. 68% of boomers watch YouTube videos for fun and entertainment, with channels like Star News and Fox News ranking at the top of the list. Knowing such habits and preferences of baby boomers presents brands with an opportunity to expand their list of real YouTube subscribers by finding ways to intentionally target and connect with this generation.

Ways to include more baby boomers as YouTube subscribers

Ways to include more baby boomers as YouTube subscribers

YouTube viewing habits of baby boomers indicate that this generation is attracted to various kinds of content available on the platform. As a result, marketing professionals can implement a wide variety of strategies to grow their composition of YouTube subscribers.

While approaching this demographic, it is helpful to remember that boomers do not prefer to be treated differently than other younger generations. Avoid using terms such as ‘mature’ or ‘senior’ audience when referring to them. Marketing executives note that boomers are not exclusively interested in spending time with people who are their age. Taking a multigenerational approach to video marketing was found to be successful when it came to attracting viewers belonging to this generation.

Further, it has been observed that baby boomers are very optimistic about their futures. This observation can be utilized to offer meaningful video content that describes how to make the most out of life. Based on such preferences, here is a list of strategies that brands can use to get more boomer YouTube subscribers:

Create videos around a specific topic/keyword

Developing content which highlights a single keyword or topic can lead to brand growth and popularity. This is a creative method of acquiring the most viewers for your YouTube content. There are several keyword tools which you can use to locate the most frequently searched keywords by boomers. You could customize your keyword depending on what is generating most views or the kind of product that you are selling.

While using this approach, make sure to select your keyword before creating the video content. This will allow you to construct your video focusing on that specific topic. It also helps you to remember to include the keyword throughout the content such that YouTube can pick it up when closed captions are provided. Upon selecting your keyword, search for videos highlighting the same so that you know who your competitors might be. For maximum engagement, optimize your video title, length and descriptions.

Generate articles and information based videos

Research indicates that the boomer generation is interested in reading textual articles online. They also display an interest in watching educational videos. Their social media preferences indicate that they use the Internet for information gathering in addition to entertainment.

Bearing these interests in mind, brands can increase the number of real YouTube subscribers by using content marketing techniques. Boomers read and share informative articles among their networks, and this could be a useful way to promote your brand. Ensure that your content has shareable links that are easily visible to your audience.

Improve your SEO

Older social media users tend to make use of search engines as a content finding source. Business development professionals can use this to their advantage by improving the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking of their YouTube videos. Google provides free and highly valuable tools that you can use to understand your ranking, optimize your site, and gather insights on your content.

Keep active email lists

Baby boomers rely heavily on email for communication. It is believed that 95% of boomers check their email regularly while 92% of them shop frequently online. By segmenting your mailing lists on the basis of age, you can send targeted messages for engaging with boomers about your YouTube content. MailChimp can help you segment your audience base and develop creative content. Constant Contact is another useful tool for providing a personalized experience to your users through email marketing.

Promote subscriptions

One of the most obvious ways to grow the number of boomer subscribers on your YouTube channel is to prompt your viewers. You can find out more information about who is viewing your content once someone subscribes to your channel. Make sure to ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel in every video that you upload. Stay engaged with those who have subscribed to your channel by posting regular updates. Do not pay for subscribers as it could lower your engagement rate and affect the authenticity of your channel in the long term.

Increase the frequency of uploading content: To grow an audience belonging to any generation, you initially need to post content frequently. Uploading one to two videos consistently each week can be beneficial in increasing engagement level. Ensure that your content is informative and creative and that your branding is clear. Use a device with good image and sound qualities to record your videos. Keep your subscribers informed about upcoming content, and make sure to upload your videos in a timely manner.

YouTube Product Review Videos: The Dos and The Donts

It’s the age of video and YouTube is the undisputed champion when it comes to video streaming platforms. Its status as the world’s second-largest search engine only goes to show how big video has become and content creators are leaving no stone unturned to cash in on the countless opportunities provided by the platform. While you’ll find tons of different content on YouTube, a great way for content creators to make it big as YouTubers is to create product review videos.

What are product review videos?

Product review videos, simply put, are videos that feature content creators reviewing products. The products featured in these videos can range from toys to gadgets to kitchenware to practically any product you can think of. They typically feature commentary that explains to viewers the various features of a particular product along with its strengths and weaknesses.

Why are product reviews so popular on YouTube?

Product review channels such as Unbox Therapy, Matthias, and Austin Evans have millions of real YouTube subscribers, which begs the question; why are these channels so popular? The simple answer to this question is that people around the world want to know about the products that they want to buy. The rise of online shopping has also contributed to the ever-increasing popularity of product review channels.

Before online shopping became a mainstream affair, people used to visit physical stores and could get a first-hand look at the products they wanted along with their features through demonstrations. However, there’s no scope for that when it comes to online purchases. Written reviews on e-commerce portals can’t be trusted completely as many of them are paid for by the brands. That’s why people have turned to product review channels on YouTube that offer detailed insights into numerous products and whether or not it makes sense to purchase them.

Are product review channels profitable for content creators?

Popular content creators with millions of YouTube views and subscribers earn handsomely from the platform, which has inspired up and coming creators to launch their very own product review channels. However, just because you’ve started a channel that deals with unboxing and reviewing products don’t mean that it’ll automatically become big. Read on as we delve deep into the dos and the donts of product review videos on YouTube.

The Dos

  • Focus on products you’re passionate about: The first thing that any aspiring YouTube product reviewer should do is to focus on a niche. If you’re wondering what niche you should focus on, simply look to the things in life that you’re passionate about. For example, if you’re passionate about playing the guitar, you could start a channel that deals with reviews of different guitars. If you’re passionate about food, you could review different restaurants and the food that they serve.
  • Don’t worry if the first few videos you make don’t generate a lot of views and subscribers. The point of doing something you’re passionate about is to help you stay motivated to create more and more videos. As you probably know already, YouTube ranks creators that post regularly higher than the ones that don’t, and there’s no better motivator than passion when it comes to doing more.

  • Get the right gear to record your videos: The gear you use to record your videos should be top-notch. But don’t worry, you don’t need to shell out a fortune to purchase high-end DSLR cameras. Even mid-range smartphones have more than decent camera quality these days and can record full HD videos. So, invest in one to capture those crystal clear videos. Also, get a tripod so that the camera remains in a fixed position during the shoot.

    Along with the video-capturing equipment, you also need quality gear to record your audio, as product review videos feature a lot of commentaries. If you have the money, it’s recommended to invest in an audio interface and a decent mic. However, if you want to start things on a low budget, normal clip mics would work fine as well.

  • Learn to use video production software: Once your video and audio have been captured and recorded, it’s time to put them together using video production software. Adobe Premiere Pro, Wondershare Filmora, and Sony Vegas are just a few examples of video production software that you can use to edit your videos. However, using them efficiently will take some time and the more videos you make, the more you’ll be able to experiment with the features offered by such software.

    Video production software can also be used to refine your videos. Play around with the brightness, contrast, and sharpness settings, or add filters to make the videos look better than their original versions. The possibilities and choices are endless, but you need to give them time to become an efficient editor.

  • Script your videos: You don’t want to start recording without rehearsing, as it’ll most likely end up with you searching for words and phrases to discuss a particular product. Editing such videos can be incredibly time-consuming. Instead, it’s much better to write scripts and follow them while recording the videos.

    A script doesn’t have to be a formal one; it can be written casually as well. It’s mainly meant to be a reference point for you so that you know the sequence of a video and record it accordingly. For example, the first section of the video can be a brief overview of the product you’re reviewing, followed by its unboxing and then its in-depth review. The last section could include your final thoughts about the product and whether it makes any sense for prospective buyers to purchase it.

  • Approach brands for complimentary products: Across the first few videos, feel free to review products that you have at home because you can’t expect any company to give you complimentary products for reviewing right off the bat. However, once you gain a few hundred YouTube subscribers, feel free to write professional emails to various brands, and request them to give you complimentary products to review.

    A common misconception of beginner-level YouTubers is that no company will give complimentary products if they don’t have millions of subscribers. However, the good for you is that it doesn’t work like that at all. It all depends on the quality of your existing videos. If a brand reviews your YouTube channel and rates it positively based on your content and your subscribers’ engagement with it, it’ll only be too glad to give you products to review. Ultimately, your review of the product, be it positive or negative, is promoting the brand.

Are product review channels profitable for content creators

The Donts

  • Make your videos overelaborate: You should aim to make your videos as crisp and concise as possible. Modern-day internet users, particularly those that are young, simply have no patience for videos that are longer than 10 minutes. So script your videos accordingly and don’t cross the 10-minute-mark at any cost.

    ‘Watch time’ is a significant factor that affects the growth of a channel. A viewer who leaves your 10-minute video after 5 minutes is worth more ‘watch time’ than a viewer who leaves your 20-minute video after 5 minutes. So consider that during the planning and scripting of your videos.

  • Record your videos in a noisy environment: Sounds fairly obvious, doesn’t it? However, many beginner YouTubers still make the mistake of recording their videos in noisy environments, resulting in their commentaries being drowned out. Think about it; what good is your product review if your viewers can’t make out what you’re saying?

    Ideally, you should create a designated space for recording your videos. You should also refrain from recording when there’s a lot of external noise that has the potential of interfering with the audio. Many top YouTubers invest in soundproofing but as quality soundproofing is an expensive affair, it’s better to wait for a quiet period to shoot your videos.

  • Forget to include CTAs: Your success as a YouTuber depends greatly on how many viewers interact with your videos through likes, dislikes, and comments, and become subscribers. No matter how well recorded and produced your product review video is you can’t expect all of its viewers to subscribe to your channel, share the video, and/or press the ‘like’ button.

    That’s why you absolutely have to include calls to action (CTAs) across all your videos. Also, persuade your viewers to push the bell icon next to the ‘subscribe’ button as pressing it will mean that they are notified every time you release a new video. This considerably increases your new videos’ chances of being watched.

The success of product review channels on YouTube has prompted a whole host of beginners to launch their respective channels, which means that the competition is fierce. However, if you get the basics right and keep working at it, you can expect success to come your way. A great way to gather product review ideas is to look at videos from the most popular content creators in your niche and observe how they structure their videos. Note down the things you like and try incorporating them into your videos as well.

Channel Ideas for YouTube

As the second largest search engine in the world, YouTube offers platform users a lot of variety. There are 2 billion monthly logged in users on the platform with creators uploading 500 hours of video content every minute. Over the years, YouTube has grown to be one of the best platforms for brand marketing, with more businesses realizing the importance of boosting growth through higher number of YouTube subscribers and YouTube views.

The fact that the platform is being used by more businesses today also means that there’s higher competition, so you need to make sure you stand out. A unique channel that offers value to views will help you get more real YouTube subscribers and boost brand growth. Here are some ideas for your YouTube channel that can help viewers resonate with you.


If your brand focuses on fitness, your YouTube channel needs to inspire your YouTube subscribers to get fit and lead a healthier lifestyle. You could create and upload complete workout circuits; post educational videos about fitness and common mistakes people make while doing certain exercises, and even review personal training equipment. If your brand sells fitness related products like workout equipment or even protein shakes, you could highlight them through the videos on your channel. Yoga is one area of fitness that has been receiving more attention over the years, and a separate yoga channel is also a great idea for getting your YouTube subscribers on the path to fitness.


If photography is your brand’s focus area and you’re a pro, set up a YouTube channel to share your knowledge with your YouTube subscribers. You could inspire budding photographers to take it up professionally by sharing all that you know about photography. You can talk about best cameras to be used, principles of great photography, and show them how to effectively use the right editing tools. You can even have a link to a paid photography course in the caption so that those who want to take it up more professionally can sign up for the course you’re offering.


PewDiePie may be the most successful YouTuber who built his channel on gaming, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive to achieve the same. If your brand is built on gaming and new game releases, create a channel to publicize it. You can showcase the latest games releases, review them, and even make a list of top games for your real YouTube subscribers. You can also create videos that present your opinion on the latest news in the gaming industry.


Does your business sell sports gear? Why not take advantage of YouTube marketing to help your products reach a wider base of targeted customers? You can make use of influencer marketing to showcase your products in action and even make use of unboxing videos on your channel that gets your audience excited. In keeping with the sports theme, you can also pitch in on the latest sports industry news and comment on sports events for your YouTube subscribers who are sports enthusiasts. Such video content will definitely help you get more YouTube views.


Have a business that sells pet care products and services? Make a YouTube channel for it and watch it steadily grow. Who doesn’t find animals cute? Use that to your advantage and create valuable content that can get your more YouTube views. You’ll be able to offer them value if you can show them why your pet care products are worth buying and how pet parents and their pets can benefit from these products. Let’s be real. Pet parents can go a little crazy over their pets (we’re not complaining), so you might as well cater to their needs correctly. Offer pet care tips, promote affiliate brands, showcase your own pet care products, and share your knowledge about pet care with your YouTube subscribers. Including a cute, furry, four legged model in your videos will only help you get more YouTube views.

Hair care

Many people have bad hair days when they wish they had a product or service that could turn that around for them. Starting a YouTube channel to feature hair care products is a great way to boost business growth. You could feature your hair care products or even review hair care products of affiliate brands. You could highlight products that are good for different types of hair, including curly, straight, or frizzy hair.


Ed-tech start-ups are becoming more popular and for a good reason. With the growth of the internet, information is becoming more readily available to individuals. If you’re in a position to be developing educational content that makes academic subjects easier for students, starting an educational channel on YouTube is a great idea. You can upload visually appealing lessons on the platform that are short and interesting. You can also create complete academic course guides and link it in your description for your interested YouTube subscribers to buy.

YouTube Channel About Food


If you’re in the food business, you’re already on the right path to growing a successful YouTube channel. Food channels are popular on YouTube and get plenty of YouTube views from around the world. You may want to feature your new food products or demonstrate your signature recipes in the form of a video. You could also review places to try and tie up with partner brands to recommend places where your YouTube subscribers can satisfy their food cravings. You could also expand your channel to include tips about the best utensils, plating different cuisines, and a lot more.


If makeup is a product your business offers, why not create a YouTube channel specifically focused on this? Makeup is a big deal and not a lot of people know how to get it right. They’re looking for advice from an authority on the subject and are more likely to end up being your YouTube subscribers. You can showcase your products through videos and even upload tutorials of complete makeovers while giving out tips on pairing the right makeup with clothing.


Ideating your channel based on music can take several forms. After all, YouTube is a great platform where many users come to listen to their favorite songs. If you’re a musician or have a business that involves the sale of musical instruments, making music your channel idea is wise. You’ll be able to showcase your instruments this way and even upload your own music for your YouTube subscribers. You can collaborate with other creators, partner with other brands associated with music, and even give your opinion on award shows or music through the ages. With such a channel, you’ll be able to connect with like-minded YouTube subscribers and keep them engaged with your brand.


The biggest fashion brands sometimes still struggle to get their content right on YouTube. While fashion may be something that impacts every individual’s life, it’s not something that everyone is intrinsically gifted with. Many people need help in this area, and your fashion products can serve this need. You can run product hauls on your YouTube channel and showcase your latest fashion line. You can even announce a new line for the season as a major reveal on your YouTube channel and make your YouTube subscribers eagerly await it in anticipation. You could even upload videos on outfit hacks, make an “Outfit of the Day” series, or comment on the latest fashion trends to keep your YouTube subscribers in the loop.


There are a lot of people giving nutrition advice online but not all of them are in a position to be doing this. If you’ve got a brand that focuses on nutrition and health, it means you’ve put in the effort to do your research on the topic. You can share this knowledge with your YouTube subscribers and empower them to lead healthier lives.

Digital marketing

In an increasingly digitized world, businesses need to focus on digital marketing to boost business growth. If you specialize in this area, consider launching a YouTube channel for digital marketing tips. It’s the need of the hour and you’ll see your videos getting several YouTube views. Upload content relating to search engine optimization, Google AdWords campaigns, and social media growth tips.

Personal vlogging

Vlogging is a great way to connect with your YouTube subscribers on a more personal level and showcase the authenticity of your brand. You can take your real YouTube subscribers on a journey and tell a story through vlogs. Showcase behind the scenes footage, the preparation for a major event, or your team at work. This will allow your audience to see you as more than just a business and help them build a lasting relationship with your brand.


Once you’ve picked an idea for your YouTube channel, you need to make sure you’re putting in the effort to plan great videos to upload on your channel. Have a clear goal in mind for your videos and shoot high quality videos that will keep your YouTube subscribers coming back for more.

Using YouTube Cards Effectively for Your Videos

Getting more YouTube views for videos and growing the number of YouTube subscribers is important for any business. YouTube marketing is taking over as an extremely important aspect of a firm’s marketing strategy. It offers businesses the opportunity to engage with their audience and boost the number of real YouTube subscribers.

Interaction with customers is important for any business. With more people using smartphones today to access YouTube content, annotations became problematic for creators as well as users. This is because they’re not mobile-friendly. The interactive YouTube Cards’ feature was launched to overcome the drawback of using annotations, as these can be accessed through the desktop as well as mobile phones.

YouTube Cards at a glance

YouTube cards are interactive elements that can be placed in the middle of or during the end of your videos, although it’s best to place them towards the end of your video. They can include titles, custom images, as well as call to action text and may be used for live streamed or pre-recorded content. They allow you to place external links to direct your YouTube subscribers to your website, other videos, playlists, and a lot more. There’s a maximum limit of 5 cards per video on YouTube and you’ll even be able to add cards for your real YouTube subscribers on your TrueView Ad Campaign videos.

Adding YouTube Cards to your videos

There are different types of YouTube cards you can add to your videos, but we’ll get to that in a bit. Let’s first go over how you can add YouTube cards to your videos easily with the purpose of increasing your YouTube views.

  • First, access your YouTube Video Manager and look for the video you want to add a card to. Once you choose the right video, select the edit option under the title of the video.
  • When you click on the Edit option, you’ll see the Cards tab in the navigation bar on top. Select the Cards tab.
  • Once the Cards tab is chosen, you’ll have to come up with a new YouTube card that can be added to your video. Select the Add Card option and choose the Create button located at the right-hand corner of the chosen video.
  • Once you do this, you’ll be required to fill out all the relevant details for the card you want to create. There are many different types of cards you can choose from, so select the right links based on what you want to direct your YouTube subscribers to.
  • Upload a custom image or choose from among the recommendations offered for your video. Make sure you have a custom message to add along with an optimized call to action text and title.
  • Select create card to add your YouTube card to your video. You’ll be able to make adjustments to the timing of appearance of your card once you add it. To do this, you can drag the card along the timer marker for your video until it reaches the point that you want.
  • A total of 5 cards can be added for each video and you can edit these cards and even cancel them whenever you want.
  • Ensure that you watch your video before publishing it so that you’re certain of the timing of appearance of your card.

Types of YouTube Cards

There are many types of YouTube cards that you can use to boost business growth. The specific card used will depend on what your goal is for the video and which card will help to achieve that goal the best. The different types of YouTube cards you can use for your videos are as follows:

Merchandise card

This card helps you to promote your merchandise on your video. You can direct your YouTube subscribers to your landing page where they can find the products featured in the videos or other related products on platforms like Eventbrite or iTunes store. You can even direct customers to your downloadable podcasts with this card. This will help you see a growth in sales or conversions for your business.

Fundraising card

With the YouTube Fundraising card, you can help raise funds for non-profit organizations and charities you support by directing your YouTube subscribers to projects on whitelist fundraising websites. Through YouTube’s partnership with platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo, you can make it easy for your YouTube subscribers to access donation pages directly. Your brand image can be enhanced with the use of such cards.

Fan funding card

This is a great card that can help you see growth in your channel and allow you to keep creating content that gets more YouTube views. Your real YouTube subscribers who enjoy your content will have the opportunity to make monetary contributions to support your work through the fan funding YouTube card. Your YouTube subscribers will be directed to a payment window when they click on this card. This card will enable you to get funded by your real YouTube subscribers.

Channel card

With this card, you can direct your YouTube subscribers to other channels you have on the platform or even channels of business partners. If you’ve collaborated with another channel on YouTube, this card will help you direct your audience to the collaboration, resulting in more YouTube views.

Video or playlist card

This card will allow you to direct your YouTube subscribers to other related videos on your channel or a video playlist uploaded to your YouTube channel. Cross-promotion of related videos is possible with this card. If you have a series on your channel that the current video is a part of, you can use this card to get more YouTube views on the previous or next video in the series playlist.

Associated website card

You can make use of this card to direct your YouTube subscribers to the website associated with your YouTube channel. This could be the website of your business, a link to your online store, or even a page where your real YouTube subscribers can sign up and remain in touch with your brand. Email marketing will also become easier if you’re able to collect contact details of your real YouTube subscribers by directing them to a particular link through your card.

Poll card

A poll card is a great way for you to collect public opinion from your audience on YouTube. It allows you to get feedback on your video content. You can ask your YouTube subscribers if they enjoyed the current video they watched or get them to pick what type of video you should make next. It’s a good way to stay connected with your audience while getting an idea of what your YouTube subscribers want so that you can plan future content accordingly.

Promote videos that have high SEO potential

Best Practices

We’ve already gone through the different types of YouTube cards and what they can be used for. Here are some tips and best practices to keep in mind when you use YouTube cards for your videos.

Promote new videos using cards

When you’re about to upload a new video to your YouTube channel, make use of cards on previous related videos so that your audience can be directed to the new content.

Promote videos that have high SEO potential

High SEO potential means that your video is more likely to appear in YouTube’s search. A key indicator of this is the audience retention rate, which is the percentage of the video that people actually watch. Include links to videos that have above-average audience retention rates to boost your discoverability on YouTube.

Feature your influencer marketed products

Linking to content of influencers that feature your products is a great way to increase the credibility of your brand and get people interested in buying your product.

Retain your audience on your channel just before they drop off

Check your audience retention rates for videos to identify ‘valley’, which is when your audience drops off. Insert a card before this point to direct your YouTube subscribers to other videos on your channel. This can increase YouTube views for those videos without losing your audience to another channel.

Make use of verbal cues to highlight your card

Reinforcing your card through verbal cues by asking your YouTube subscribers to click on it will help you get more clicks on your cards, which may have otherwise been missed.

Use the right custom message and teaser text

The teaser text is what appears before someone clicks on your card and the text appearing within the expanded card is the custom message. Include a call to action to grab attention and convey to your YouTube subscribers that the content is related and they can benefit from clicking on it.

Add cards towards the end of your video

Adding cards to the last 20% of your video will enable you to keep your YouTube subscribers on your current video long enough for them to grasp the message while directing them to your other content at the right time.

Keep aesthetics in mind

Space out multiple cards in your video and make sure there’s enough blank space left so that the added card doesn’t interrupt your video content.

Track the performance of cards

You must track card performance within YouTube Analytics to see if they’re working. You can check how many clicks the card got, videos on which cards are performing the best, and a lot more so that you can plan your YouTube marketing better.


YouTube cards can help you interact with your audience in a way that wasn’t possible earlier and achieve business goals more easily by directing your YouTube subscribers to relevant content. If you want to boost business growth through YouTube, you’ll want to make use of this exciting feature.

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